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How to play Diablo in 2018. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/16/2018, 10:02pm PST NEW
    Or: it's on gog now by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/07/2019, 8:41am PST NEW
        The one feature that would get me excited about a new Diablo. by Jerry Whorebach 11/06/2019, 5:50am PST NEW
            It's still Early Access, but Jupiter Hell sounds right up your alley! by Mischief Maker 11/06/2019, 6:25am PST NEW
                Not realtime, though. NT by pinback 11/06/2019, 1:57pm PST NEW
                    It can be if you don't play like a coward! NT by Cyril Badman 11/06/2019, 6:32pm PST NEW
                Looks fun! And I finally got a new computer. by Jerry Whorebach 11/07/2019, 8:33pm PST NEW
            Luckily, one man still dares to make grid-based shit in 2019 by blackwater 11/06/2019, 4:18pm PST NEW
    Now on your phone. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/20/2022, 12:49am PDT NEW

Hades, a 2019 take on Diablo from the people that did Bastion, Transistor, & Pyr by saltlord 06/28/2020, 10:46am PDT NEW
    If it's a Bastion/Diablo ARPG with the emphasis on action you want: Victor Vran. NT by MM 06/28/2020, 11:30am PDT NEW
        Yeah, sorry old me, but this game kicks Victor Vran's ass. by MM 04/02/2021, 10:21pm PDT NEW

You are all a disappointment. NT by Like Diablo Mobile 11/21/2018, 2:08pm PST NEW
    But unlike Diablo Mobile you get exactly what you paid for. NT by Rim Shot 11/21/2018, 2:57pm PST NEW

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