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Speed Brawl, Tharsis NT by free right now 09/19/2021, 8:53am PDT
    I'm the world's greatest Tharsis player, AMA! NT by pinback 09/19/2021, 12:05pm PDT
    Speed brawl is unusual but worth it NT by Mischief Maker 09/19/2021, 12:09pm PDT

Shenmue III - Epic exclusive, no refunds to KS backers by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/11/2019, 7:45pm PDT
    Re: Shenmue III - Epic exclusive, no refunds to KS backers by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/12/2019, 6:03am PDT
        Re: Shenmue III - Epic exclusive, no refunds to KS backers by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/18/2021, 9:21pm PDT
    They keep fucking it up by Grebble 09/20/2019, 10:50am PDT

Rebel Galaxy, Void Bastards, Yooka-Laylee free each week of August NT by free games watch 08/18/2021, 12:59pm PDT
    /scribbling down on the list of cunt devs working with the organ harvesters by Mysterio 08/18/2021, 2:59pm PDT
        where do I apply for the position of cunt developer NT by cunt expert 08/18/2021, 7:11pm PDT

Plague Tale: Innocence free this week on Epic NT by Free games watch 08/06/2021, 5:43pm PDT

This week's free game is all three Arkham games and all three Lego Batmans. by Free Game Patrol Team 09/20/2019, 12:26pm PDT
    Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny are both free this week. by Free Game Patrol Team 12/10/2020, 10:29pm PST
        Stop doing this. Stop it. NT by I Hate Epic 12/11/2020, 5:51pm PST
            Epic compensates developers based on the number of free copies claimed. NT by YOU'RE WELCOME, DEVELOPERS. 12/11/2020, 7:30pm PST

Epic's reponse to Apple by Yaris 09/19/2020, 2:10pm PDT
    Slapfight by Love in the Time of Peak Fortnite 09/20/2020, 6:42pm PDT

Into the Breach free this week NT by fags 09/03/2020, 2:54pm PDT

They are suing Apple. by Mysterio 08/14/2020, 3:21am PDT
    Apple terminated Epic's developer account. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/28/2020, 5:07pm PDT

PH BOY A SALE by Yaris 07/23/2020, 10:02pm PDT
    Pho Boy is me NT by Pho Boy 07/24/2020, 11:13am PDT
    Re: PH BOY A SALE by CattleHumper 07/24/2020, 1:47pm PDT

GTA5 crashes the store by Yaris 05/14/2020, 5:17pm PDT

The Borderlands 3 launch is a debacle by Yaris 09/13/2019, 8:44am PDT
    They don't even have forums yet? What the fuck are they doing? NT by Entropy Stew 09/13/2019, 3:41pm PDT
    Who tested that at any point? by Randy Pitchford's Basement Theater 09/13/2019, 3:45pm PDT
    From the same braintrust that couldn't play their own trailer by Exclusive Rick n Morty Shotgun 09/13/2019, 6:55pm PDT
        I feel like Epic should have been a partner by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/13/2019, 7:52pm PDT
            You're probably right by SHIP IT! 09/14/2019, 1:45am PDT
    Remember: Borderlands 3 is terrible and they are traitors NT by Yaris 03/13/2020, 3:18pm PDT

"Diabolical" which looks dumb as hell is the latest to suck Tencent money by Grebble 02/23/2020, 10:43am PST
    I don't like this pattern of crowdfund-to-sellout by Téngxùn Yóuxì 02/23/2020, 1:34pm PST
        Re: I don't like this pattern of crowdfund-to-sellout by Grebble 02/23/2020, 1:57pm PST

Rocket League having support for Linux and OSX removed by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/26/2020, 12:37pm PST
    Tencent's malware most engineered for Windows ;) by Téngxùn Yóuxì 01/26/2020, 1:44pm PST
    I hope it's not because they have inside intel about macOS dropping OpenGL. by Fullofkittens 01/26/2020, 7:14pm PST
        Actually, yeah that's a great point! by Téngxùn Yóuxì 01/26/2020, 9:18pm PST

Region differences are a struggle for the EGS by Kenji Carter 12/02/2019, 9:59am PST

Sweeney tried to get the Darq guy to fuck Steam by Yaris 08/19/2019, 6:50am PDT
    Identifying the bootlickers by Yaris 08/19/2019, 6:58am PDT

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