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The first episode of the new show is ok. Ardino or something? by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/17/2022, 12:13pm PST
    All the critics are putting it on their best-of-year lists. by Fullofkittens 12/18/2022, 9:21am PST

$4.79 sale NT by Steam! 12/16/2022, 8:00pm PST

Mandalorian is great NT by Oh 11/15/2019, 2:40pm PST
    Tom Chick hates it. by Djinni Chronicle 11/22/2019, 7:57pm PST
    Up to episode 4 and it's still great. by Oh 12/03/2019, 6:05pm PST
        No it's not by Vested Id 12/03/2019, 6:22pm PST
            That's all fine by Star Wars Fan 12/04/2019, 1:58am PST
                That's a bad take. by Horus Truthteller 12/04/2019, 6:22am PST
            Re: No it's not by Horus Truthteller 12/04/2019, 6:21am PST
    Re: Mandalorian is great by Oh 12/04/2019, 9:30am PST
        The deus ex ending for 3 was a little eh by Ichabod 12/04/2019, 1:09pm PST
            Re: The deus ex ending for 3 was a little eh by Horus Truthteller 12/05/2019, 6:22am PST
    Re: Mandalorian is great by Oh 12/06/2019, 2:18pm PST

How is this game? Anyone grab it? NT by Mr. 3000 11/15/2019, 8:36pm PST
    It's tough to make original IPs by Ichabod 11/21/2019, 6:21am PST
    Loving it so far by Entropy Stew 11/21/2019, 7:14pm PST
        Also: maybe a little uneven in pacing? Not enough to really bug me, though by Entropy Stew 11/21/2019, 7:16pm PST

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