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Started a new game (attn: Pinback) by Last 08/10/2021, 8:07pm PDT
    I think I'll start a new one as well. by pinback 08/11/2021, 4:45am PDT

A question for LAST. by pinback 07/28/2021, 8:21pm PDT
    I agree, they are virtually useless by Last 07/28/2021, 10:54pm PDT
        Re: I agree, they are virtually useless by pinback 07/29/2021, 7:22am PDT
            I asked on the Steam forums. The consensus is that since Mission Accomplished d NT by oesn't do anything, its a waste. 07/29/2021, 10:29am PDT

Screenshot of the Day (7/10/2021) by pinback 07/10/2021, 5:13pm PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/11/2021) by pinback 07/11/2021, 7:10am PDT
        I made this my wallpaper immediately, and will never change it. NT by pinback 07/14/2021, 7:53pm PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/14/2021) by pinback 07/14/2021, 7:52pm PDT
        Piss Circuit Board NT by Andres Serrano 07/14/2021, 8:27pm PDT
            Thanks! NT by pinback 07/20/2021, 1:38pm PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/15/2021) by pinback 07/15/2021, 4:15pm PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/16/2021) by pinback 07/16/2021, 1:44pm PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/17/2021) by pinback 07/17/2021, 6:55am PDT
    Screenshot of the Day (7/18/2021) by pinback 07/18/2021, 2:04pm PDT
        Those are some beautiful cubes. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/18/2021, 7:08pm PDT
            Thanks! NT by pinback 07/20/2021, 1:37pm PDT
    When the game changes from Factorio into Elite Dangerous by pinback 07/19/2021, 4:26am PDT
        These are great btw NT by Gerry 07/20/2021, 8:01am PDT
            Thanks! NT by pinback 07/20/2021, 9:38am PDT
        SPLOOOOOOGE NT by Install NT 07/20/2021, 12:18pm PDT
            Thanks! NT by pinback 07/20/2021, 1:37pm PDT
    What a lovely new world! Time to turn it into an industrial hellhole! by pinback 07/20/2021, 9:37am PDT
    I got tired of waiting to replicate Mk. 2 conveyors. So I built this. by pinback 07/20/2021, 9:40am PDT
    Out Of Gas. by pinback 07/20/2021, 3:47pm PDT
    It's lonely out in space. by pinback 07/21/2021, 4:43am PDT
        Re: It's lonely out in space. by Manny Manfred 07/21/2021, 5:27am PDT
            It is not. NT by pinback 07/21/2021, 6:49am PDT
    Similar to a previous shot, but more beautiful (and way more sails). by pinback 07/21/2021, 6:42pm PDT
    A lovely summer day. by pinback 07/22/2021, 12:29pm PDT
        damn I wish I had time to play this NT by Fullofkittens 07/22/2021, 3:39pm PDT
        Does it have a sandbox mode? NT by Derp 07/22/2021, 4:37pm PDT
            He is referring to this, the strangest review on Steam: by pinback 07/22/2021, 5:11pm PDT
    Green Day by pinback 07/22/2021, 7:27pm PDT
    Screenshot of home system by Last 07/23/2021, 9:37pm PDT
        Damn. by pinback 07/24/2021, 8:52am PDT
    Eclipse by pinback 07/25/2021, 12:05pm PDT

BLUEPRINTS by pinback 07/23/2021, 1:44pm PDT
    (Also one iron deposit cannot support 27 smelters, turns out.) NT by pinback 07/23/2021, 1:45pm PDT
    Unsolicited suggestions by Last 07/23/2021, 2:34pm PDT
        I like those. Towers don't store as much though. by pinback 07/24/2021, 8:54am PDT

I am angry nobody here is talking about this. by pinback 07/10/2021, 1:42pm PDT
    I finally hit a plateau in the learning curve by It's good 07/10/2021, 8:25pm PDT
        I'm looking forward to the blueprint system. by pinback 07/11/2021, 7:08am PDT
            200+ NT by It's good 07/11/2021, 9:37am PDT
                Have you "won" yet? by pinback 07/11/2021, 1:54pm PDT
                    currently making photons for white science by played 7hrs today. [in a low place] 07/11/2021, 6:49pm PDT
                        One minor improvement by It's good 07/12/2021, 1:40pm PDT
                            I had to google what that meant. That's cool! by pinback 07/12/2021, 2:14pm PDT
                                NT NT by Last 07/12/2021, 3:03pm PDT
                                    Hey, you're the guy on my Steam friends list always playing DSP! by pinback 07/12/2021, 4:11pm PDT
                                    Last has been here? by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/14/2021, 7:23am PDT
    Found a new biome today by Last 07/20/2021, 11:40am PDT

Pinback's DSP Tutorial by pinback 07/11/2021, 1:57pm PDT
    Re: Pinback's DSP Tutorial by Mysteriobama 07/13/2021, 5:24pm PDT
        Re: Pinback's DSP Tutorial by Mysterio ???? 07/14/2021, 5:29am PDT

This is criminally underpriced. NT by pinback 07/05/2021, 6:33pm PDT

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