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"The hardest thing about Elden Ring is giving a fuck." NT by Razorfist, on Twitter 05/19/2022, 3:20pm PDT

Who's getting this one? NT by Oh 02/24/2022, 2:29pm PST
    Dark Souls of the Wild by Rafiki 02/24/2022, 11:45pm PST
        Is the open world PVP? NT by Oh 02/26/2022, 9:28am PST
            No, and I take back what I said about co-op being available right away by Rafiki 02/26/2022, 2:01pm PST
                Disregard that, I suck cocks by Rafiki 02/27/2022, 10:45pm PST
        Re: King's Field Souls by Entropy Stew 03/27/2022, 12:22pm PDT
    Activating a save point is called "Touch Grass" NT by Mischief Maker 03/27/2022, 5:57pm PDT
        Touch Grace NT by Ackchyually 03/29/2022, 3:33pm PDT
    Best game I've ever played. Better than sex, too. NT by Oh 04/19/2022, 10:37pm PDT
        nigga how you know NT by how you even know that 04/20/2022, 8:53am PDT
            Well, you know sex? He's saying this is better. by Mysterio 04/20/2022, 11:03am PDT

Level with me: can I be a hot wizard lady in this? NT by IMPORTANT 03/26/2022, 5:10pm PDT
    Someone help this man. And me. NT by Harry Ballsacksman Gold 03/26/2022, 11:32pm PDT

If I lost interest in Souls and Bloodborne, would this change my mind? NT by not Steven Crowder 03/09/2022, 9:32pm PST
    I would also like to know. by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/10/2022, 8:41am PST
        I got burned by the "Bloodborne is worth buying a PS4 for" people by not Steven Crowder 03/10/2022, 10:55am PST
    no NT by Rafiki 03/12/2022, 8:27pm PST
    Probably not by Worm 03/14/2022, 5:53pm PDT

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