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This is on big sale and I will buy it for you if you promise to play it. NT by pinback 09/13/2022, 3:40pm PDT NEW
    Are you talking to me? I already played it. It was okay. NT by MM 09/13/2022, 4:11pm PDT NEW
        Well, if you already have it, then I'm not talking to you. by pinback 09/13/2022, 4:28pm PDT NEW
            None at all! by MM 09/13/2022, 5:26pm PDT NEW
                I will scream at you tomorrow, but for now... by pinback 09/13/2022, 5:45pm PDT NEW
                    Re: I will scream at you tomorrow, but for now... by Mysteriobama 09/13/2022, 6:09pm PDT NEW
                    It's... not. Honestly I'm just in it for the ringworld aesthetic. NT by MM 09/13/2022, 6:33pm PDT NEW
    Frostpunk taught many pinbacks about governance & autocracy - makes them emo NT by Dickless Gary 09/13/2022, 4:52pm PDT NEW
        I don't know what that means. NT by pinback 09/13/2022, 5:06pm PDT NEW
            You're my favorite. by Dickless Gary 09/13/2022, 5:35pm PDT NEW
                And you're mine. I just have no idea what your post meant. NT by pinback 09/13/2022, 5:46pm PDT NEW
                    Give us a hug. by THE FARTMASTER 09/13/2022, 7:38pm PDT NEW
    You're all getting off-topic. This is a videogame I will buy for you. NT by pinback 09/13/2022, 6:35pm PDT NEW
        I just bought it. Can you send me money? by THE FARTMASTER 09/13/2022, 7:37pm PDT NEW
    I thought I owned it, but I didn't and I was too frightened to admit it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/13/2022, 8:49pm PDT NEW
        Couple of things. by pinback 09/14/2022, 3:51am PDT NEW
            Frostpunk by O'Mickey Mash 09/15/2022, 9:33am PDT NEW
                ???? was the thinking emoji. That is what I posted. What is happening by O'Mickey Mash 09/15/2022, 9:35am PDT NEW
                    Because this website sucks. by pinback 09/15/2022, 11:02am PDT NEW
                        Frostpunk has a "Unity" feeling to it that a lot of games have. by i_hate_goons.vbs 09/17/2022, 9:41pm PDT NEW

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