I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
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Is this the official gay emo livejournal quotes forum? NT by Creexul :( 12/09/2004, 12:57am PST
    It's based on a book, fuckwad by GO GET A LIFE 12/09/2004, 1:07am PST
        Books are for faggots. What is this doing in here? *snowglobe* NT by Creexul :( 12/09/2004, 2:46pm PST
            Nice allusion to Equilibrium NT by Bitch 12/09/2004, 8:07pm PST
                Equilibrium, yeah. :( NT by Creexul :( 12/09/2004, 9:38pm PST
                HAHA UR STUPID *Zyklon B* NT by McMoo the Anti-Drug Cow 12/10/2004, 10:27am PST
    Can it be the "dumb shits on Twitter screaming at each other" forum? by Mysterio 03/10/2019, 12:57pm PDT
        I think she makes a good point. by pinback 03/10/2019, 3:02pm PDT
            No she doesn't NT by No irony please 03/10/2019, 4:38pm PDT
                Well, I think she does, but I realize the Caltrops echo chamber for what it is NT by so I'll show myself out 03/10/2019, 5:44pm PDT
                    Don't forget to let the door handle slam up into your asshole on the way out NT by or back in 03/10/2019, 5:47pm PDT
                    What is the good point? by Vested Id 03/10/2019, 6:07pm PDT
                        Whoa whoa whoa by Mysterio 03/10/2019, 6:13pm PDT

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