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Naked photos of female lawmakers by Vested Id 10/18/2019, 11:02pm PDT
    The nekkid age of government thanks to the internet by I couldn't be happier 10/19/2019, 11:53am PDT
    Finally lawmakers I can get behind NT by Mysterio 10/19/2019, 9:25pm PDT
    INBOX <siren><siren><siren> by Vested Id 10/22/2019, 2:54pm PDT
    Iron Cross tattoo on her crotch by Vested Id 10/24/2019, 2:44pm PDT
    Not being from Madison, I'm not sure how to react NT by Gotcha 10/27/2019, 11:01am PDT
    It's over by Vested Id 10/27/2019, 3:45pm PDT
        Re: It's over by Mysterious Stranger 10/29/2019, 3:30pm PDT
            Re: It's over by Vested Id 10/29/2019, 4:01pm PDT
                It's very uncommon for the whore to pay you afterwards, but it does happen. NT by Injustice 10/29/2019, 5:17pm PDT
                Blaming the MSM & jazz cigarettes for the gallons of jizz you've jerked to this. NT by Conservative Values 10/29/2019, 6:55pm PDT
                    Why did people ignore this story? by Vested Id 10/29/2019, 7:10pm PDT
                        We were at Halloween parties this weekend, not fapping at home to revenge porn NT by wheezing "whore! whore! whore!" 10/29/2019, 8:15pm PDT
                            Hmmm NT by Let's do the math 10/29/2019, 8:52pm PDT
                            And now we have some catching up to do. NT by Injustice 10/29/2019, 9:07pm PDT
                            Halloween's tomorrow boomer NT by Enjoy Trunk or Treat 10/30/2019, 7:57am PDT
                                Want to make sure I have this straight by Mysterious Stranger 10/30/2019, 8:06am PDT
                                    got his ass NT by fist pump 10/30/2019, 8:11am PDT
                                        The anonofag retards supporting each other is the most heart warming part of NT by caltrops 10/30/2019, 10:57am PDT
                                            Sick burn on those anonofags, anonofag! Booty Bump! NT by I hate anonofags because I am one 10/30/2019, 12:53pm PDT
                        Also the fucking OP's not work safe and you didn't label it, moron! NT by MM 10/30/2019, 3:48pm PDT
                            Yeah I did, what the fuck? NT by Vested Id 10/30/2019, 4:15pm PDT
        Well now we know why you bristle so much over making fun of incels. NT by Mischief Chad 10/29/2019, 5:34pm PDT
            The Katie Hill story fell into an interesting blind spot for a lot of people NT by Vested Id 10/29/2019, 5:51pm PDT
                "Interesting blind spot" by Mysterious Stranger 10/30/2019, 6:08am PDT
                By "blind spot" you mean "Who gives a shit?" by Mischief Maker 10/30/2019, 6:27am PDT
                    She's a female Anthony Weiner NT by Vested Id 10/30/2019, 11:30am PDT
                        *snicker* he said Weiner! Did you see these pix of her cooter??? NT by All conservatives are 13 years old. 10/30/2019, 12:55pm PDT
                            Something really big just happened NT by Vested Id 10/30/2019, 1:45pm PDT
    Coda by Vested Id 10/29/2019, 5:58pm PDT
        Re: Coda by Mysterious Stranger 10/30/2019, 6:05am PDT
            Re: Coda by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 12:56pm PDT
                From Thomas Jefferson to JFK, most of America's least worst politicians were NT by literal drunken sluts. 10/31/2019, 2:41pm PDT
                    In spite of all our aspirations for equality, boys aren't sluts NT by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 3:22pm PDT
                        Nonsense. Franklin was one of our fine nation's founding sluts by Roop 10/31/2019, 3:51pm PDT
                            He was a letch NT by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 4:08pm PDT
                                *fetch NT by Mysterio 10/31/2019, 9:03pm PDT
                            *lech NT by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 4:30pm PDT
                                He stores his soul in a phallactery worth 120,000 GP NT by Founding Father Folio 10/31/2019, 4:52pm PDT
                Krystal Ball weighs in by Mischief Maker 10/31/2019, 6:14pm PDT
                    Report it up front and save women like Ms. Hill the grief by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 7:10pm PDT
                        So you can get more jagoff material? NT by *fap* *fap* *fap* 10/31/2019, 7:55pm PDT
                            Who is jerking off? NT by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 10:08pm PDT
                                That's a pretty open-ended question. NT by Just the way I like them 8) 11/01/2019, 4:00pm PDT
        I take it everyone thinks Redstate should get the Gawker treatment for this. NT by Mischief Maker 10/31/2019, 6:14pm PDT
            For their restraint? NT by Vested Id 10/31/2019, 6:25pm PDT
    Apology tour by Vested Id 11/17/2019, 6:36pm PST
        Apparently -all- of this was a result of her husband's abuse NT by Women have no agency 11/17/2019, 8:01pm PST
            The only one on my side is the bloodsucking nazi :( NT by Vested Id 11/17/2019, 8:17pm PST
    New York Times op-ed by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 1:51pm PST
        Is anyone enjoying this case study of institutional capture? by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 2:30pm PST
            Dude, it was a thruple. The husband was a willing participant. What's to judge? NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 3:00pm PST
                What the hell are we talking about here? Just a "thruple"? by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 3:08pm PST
                    She's not. She stepped down on Pelosi's orders. NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 3:11pm PST
                        She has the party's blessing. by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 3:36pm PST
                            What, do you want her to be guillotined or something? NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 4:17pm PST
                                I want her to be contrite, say she's changing her ways, and disappear for a bit by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 4:46pm PST
                                    In other words, you want her to be cancelled. NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 4:54pm PST
                                        Either this is an ator or you're being extremely obtuse NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 5:14pm PST
                                            "I want her to be contrite." For what? by "obtuse" 12/07/2019, 7:32pm PST
                                                From dragging her staff into her disgusting sex life NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 8:01pm PST
                                                    What'd she do, have his lawyer pay a porn star hush money? That kinda staff drag NT by "obtuse" 12/07/2019, 9:27pm PST
                                                        People knew what they were getting with Trump NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 10:08pm PST
                                                    I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Mischief Chad 12/08/2019, 8:17am PST
                                                        Re: I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Mysterio Prime 12/08/2019, 9:42am PST
                                                        Re: I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 9:15pm PST
                                                            You know what I think's really going on in this thread? by Mischief Chad 12/08/2019, 10:06pm PST
                                                                I think you're a bigot and by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 10:10pm PST
                                                                    I'm disappointed in all of you. by Injustice 12/08/2019, 11:29pm PST
                                                                *10 hour jerk sesh to sissyification JOI* "feeling icky yet, rapetiles?" NT by Mysterio 12/09/2019, 7:44am PST
                                                                    It's all true. Rod Dreher save me! by MM 12/09/2019, 3:52pm PST
                                How 'bout not voting for new ethics rules that prohibit fucking Congress staff.. by ...while fucking Congress staff. 12/08/2019, 6:36pm PST
                                    Re: How 'bout not voting for new ethics rules that prohibit fucking Congress sta by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 9:24pm PST
                MM's 'sex at dawn' fantasies gone in a puff of banana bubbleberry vape smoke NT by Mysterio 12/07/2019, 4:36pm PST
                    Thanks, stupid. NT by - 12/07/2019, 4:57pm PST
                    It's been years since I mentioned that book. You've been stewing all this time? NT by Mischief Chad 12/08/2019, 8:39am PST
    The tequila worm turns by Vested Id 02/12/2020, 3:34pm PST NEW
        Re: The tequila worm turns by Hah 02/13/2020, 5:43am PST NEW
            "The real difference maker is Russian interference." NT by Unironic post (et tu Caltrops) 02/13/2020, 10:12am PST NEW
                I'm outraged a woman received money from Bloomberg NT by REAL POST ACTUAL POST SOMEONE ACTUA 02/13/2020, 10:25am PST NEW

New pictures show Stephen Hawking enjoying the hospitality of Jeffrey Epstein by blackwater 01/10/2020, 4:23pm PST
    "Epstein was like a landing page with customer logos from LinkedIn, MS &Harvard" by hacker news 01/10/2020, 4:31pm PST
    Sorry, but no. I know what you're trying to do. by Ulrachi 01/10/2020, 5:26pm PST
        I'm not trying to do anything except blow your mind with the weirdness of Earth by blackwater 01/10/2020, 6:52pm PST
        Hawking, a cautionary tale about unlicensed masseurs NT by Vested Id 01/10/2020, 8:37pm PST
        "It's just a lil' BBQ" on a private island with high society by LSJ Shipping Co. 01/11/2020, 11:44am PST
    Perhaps his comments on wanting to visit a black hole were misconstrued? NT by Elvis Mug 02/09/2020, 7:11pm PST NEW

France fines Apple €25 million for slowing iPhone software by Caltrops News Network 02/07/2020, 4:10pm PST NEW

English gunman's rampage set off by Thai whore's rejection! by Quétinbec 06/06/2010, 11:15am PDT
    Re: English gunman's rampage set off by Thai whore's rejection! by Drainer 01/22/2020, 2:12pm PST NEW
    Wuhan, China to shut down due to NEW virus by Oh 01/22/2020, 5:22pm PST NEW
        Re: Wuhan, China to shut down due to NEW virus by Furcifer 01/23/2020, 11:04pm PST NEW

What, We Worry? by Alfred E. Neumann 10/22/2019, 11:24am PDT
    Ah, WeWork. Uber for desks. NT by HAKEEM THE DREAM 10/22/2019, 12:41pm PDT
    He really is the epitome of startup failure. by - 12/22/2019, 9:18am PST

Bloomberg with the dumbest series of statements in modern politics by Mysterio Prime 12/05/2019, 8:43am PST
    I like him by Mysterio 12/05/2019, 1:48pm PST
        Same by Vested Id 12/05/2019, 6:21pm PST
            Yeah, it was alternate. NT by Horus Truthteller 12/05/2019, 8:16pm PST
        His healthcare plan is slapping the soda bottle out of your mouth, peasant! NT by Mischief Maker 12/05/2019, 8:23pm PST

Roger Stone is going to jail by Mischief Maker 11/15/2019, 11:49am PST
    We'll see NT by Don T 11/15/2019, 12:47pm PST
    Gamers rise up by Arthur Fleck 11/15/2019, 3:02pm PST
        Hahaha yeah NT by laudablepuss 11/16/2019, 6:57am PST
        Yeah, without Roger Stone, Weird Mike and Bumble Jack are kinda out of a job. NT by Mischief Maker 11/16/2019, 7:03am PST
            He doesn't seem like a bad guy. by Motormaster 11/20/2019, 12:13pm PST
                Agreed. NT by Drag Strip 11/20/2019, 12:13pm PST
                You know it, boss NT by Dead End 11/20/2019, 12:14pm PST
                ill find some younger pics of him NT by Wildrider 11/20/2019, 12:15pm PST
                In jail he's probably one of the better guys yah NT by Breakdown 11/20/2019, 12:37pm PST
                A perv and a closet case, would fit right in here by Vested Id 11/20/2019, 2:00pm PST

Harry Knowles - disgusting blob, sexual predator by Rafiki 09/28/2017, 6:39pm PDT
    Hey now, you can't forget about his musing on the tv-series Heroes by Sfia 10/01/2017, 3:26pm PDT
        Or when he fell asleep during Inception because of an all-nighter by skip 10/01/2017, 5:00pm PDT
            It is difficult for a man to accept that he is a sexual zero. NT by Mysterio 10/01/2017, 8:57pm PDT
                He's married by Vested Id 10/01/2017, 9:02pm PDT
    Harvey Weinstein - disgusting blob, sexual predator NT by skip 10/14/2017, 5:36pm PDT
        All outlets would tell you Weinstein kicked this all off. Caltrops knows better by Roop 12/07/2017, 2:47pm PST
    Robert Scoble - disgusting blob, sexual predator by skip 10/27/2017, 4:11am PDT
        You can go to to see if your personal data has been leaked. by Garak Cunt-Killer 10/27/2017, 6:57am PDT
            Ask Scoble if their accusations are true harassment and go to rehab for your NT by online porn addiction 10/27/2017, 11:35am PDT
    Louis CK - disgusting blob, sexual predator? by Saltlord 11/10/2017, 6:55pm PST
        Someone fucking explain to me why Polanski was immune to this. NT by Judge Barry 11/10/2017, 7:01pm PST
            Disgusting blob and sexual predator Donald Trump wasn't president. NT by Mischief Backlash 11/10/2017, 7:09pm PST
                And the media hadn't begun profiting from continuous focus on disgusting blobs by Saltlord 11/10/2017, 7:49pm PST
            1978 and 2017 are very different. Let me know if you need further explanation. NT by HISTORY BUFF 11/26/2017, 10:15pm PST
                It wasn't even creepy to hit on teens then! Right?...right?? NT by Roy Moore 11/27/2017, 10:04am PST
                    fuck no! NT by Jerry Lee Lewis 11/27/2017, 4:50pm PST
                    Don't worry buddy! I got your back. I'll just discredit the Post. NT by James O'Keefe 11/27/2017, 7:49pm PST
                Roman Polanski is a fugitive from justice who cannot return to the United States NT by binkbot 11/27/2017, 7:26pm PST
        To be perfectly honest, it ruins his work. by Mischief Maker 11/24/2017, 7:27am PST
            Horace & Pete is still watchable NT by Saltlord 11/27/2017, 3:03am PST
                It was never watchable NT by Vested Id 11/27/2017, 9:42am PST
                    It was great, you have terrible taste. NT by Saltlord 11/14/2019, 3:07pm PST
                        It's great if you have no taste by Vested Id 11/14/2019, 3:16pm PST
                        Re: It's great if you have no taste by Vested Id 11/14/2019, 4:17pm PST
                            Don't really care, your opinions are without value. NT by Saltlord 11/14/2019, 5:25pm PST
                                I'll expand by Vested Id 11/14/2019, 5:40pm PST
                                Clip by Vested Id 11/14/2019, 8:04pm PST
                                    You got me on that episode. NT by Saltlord 11/14/2019, 8:32pm PST
            I think comedians are different than musicians on this by Fullofkittens 11/27/2017, 7:21am PST
                I dunno man, I think comedians might be more fucked up than musicians by Roop 11/27/2017, 9:13am PST
                    Re: I dunno man, I think comedians might be more fucked up than musicians by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2017, 11:36am PST
                        But his jokes didn't revolve around groupies. by Mischief Maker 11/27/2017, 11:54am PST
                Re: I think comedians are different than musicians on this by Vested Id 11/27/2017, 10:24am PST
                    This bugs me a lot more than the masturbation jokes by fabio 11/27/2017, 4:49pm PST
            (Pushes button in art gallery that yells NIGGER in CKs voice) NT by What about that one 11/27/2017, 10:03am PST
        Picking sides by Mysterio Lollerson 12/09/2017, 6:39pm PST
    Doctor Who (the character, not the actor) by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 11/27/2017, 11:35pm PST
    Matt Lauer - sexual predator, comic book villain by Rafiki 11/30/2017, 6:20pm PST
        not to defend or condone Lauer by Fullofkittens 11/30/2017, 7:36pm PST
            That's the weakest defense ever. NT by Of course laudablepuss made it 11/30/2017, 7:45pm PST
                Man, someone was on laudable's dick so bad they can't even read. NT by The Happiness Engine 12/01/2017, 3:56pm PST
        I invite you to Twitter where this has been answered many times over by Vested Id 11/30/2017, 8:18pm PST
            That doesn't answer anything, it just tells me a lot of people had a rape button NT by Rafiki 11/30/2017, 9:24pm PST
                Although Lauer is a turd, having a moral panic about door close buttons is silly by blackwater 12/08/2017, 11:06pm PST
        RAPE BUTTON! NT by the Caltrops dream, at long last 12/01/2017, 8:38pm PST
    James Levine - disgusting blob, sexual predator by skip 12/10/2017, 7:06am PST
    Mario Batali - disgusting etc., or Knowles in a toque NT by Vested Id 12/11/2017, 5:09pm PST
    Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose - public TV personalities, sexual predators NT by skip 12/18/2017, 6:19pm PST
        Tavis Smiley almost seems pissed off by Roop 12/19/2017, 12:09am PST
    Scott Baio - disgusting blob, sexual predator NT by No, not the star of "Zapped" too! 02/08/2018, 3:28pm PST
        Maybe not. This was someone Nicole Eggert couldn't wait to work with again by John Gulp 02/08/2018, 6:14pm PST
    Re: Harry Knowles - disgusting blob, sexual predator by Kirahu Nagasawa 02/08/2018, 6:50pm PST
        Kotaku wrote an article about this by Kirahu Nagasawa 02/13/2018, 9:21am PST
            Games journalism continues to be reprehensible and terrible by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/15/2018, 7:48am PST
    John Kricfalusi - disgusting blob, sexual predator by blackwater 04/03/2018, 8:29am PDT
    Broke my heart to find out Stepin Fetchit beat his wife with a broomstick. :( by Thanks Wikipedia 11/14/2019, 10:34am PST

deadspin writer bashes barstool for not doing what destroyed by deadspin & gawker 11/12/2019, 7:17pm PST
    It's just sad by (=SUM(f/g=a?) 11/12/2019, 8:18pm PST
    You think unionizing destroyed gawker? Not a Peter Thiel-funded lawsuit? NT by Mischief Maker 11/14/2019, 2:17pm PST

? Maga, can you hear me? ? NT by Eric Ciaramella 11/08/2019, 9:52pm PST

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