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Notre Dame is on fire by laudablepuss 04/15/2019, 12:25pm PDT
    Why do you care? Because Victor Hugo wrote a book featuring it? You mock NT by Christians as crazy lunatics 04/15/2019, 12:30pm PDT
        "The world would be better off without Catholics in it NT by but I LOVE their flying buttresses! 04/15/2019, 12:54pm PDT
        btw, can you point to where I mocked Christians? I don't recall doing that. by laudablepuss 04/15/2019, 3:08pm PDT
            Eh, I'll give you a pass by laudablepuss from 2003 04/15/2019, 4:38pm PDT
                OMG by laudablepuss 04/15/2019, 5:10pm PDT
    Is there anyone else to talk to here? NT by laudablepuss 04/15/2019, 1:49pm PDT
        Re: Is there anyone else to talk to here? by in Euronews 04/15/2019, 2:20pm PDT
            He'd like them to put some water on that shit till there's no more fire. by pinback 04/15/2019, 3:01pm PDT
        Don't be like that, go to Easter Mass, puss NT by Our Lady 04/15/2019, 2:37pm PDT
        Good news — Seems like most of the building survived NT by Blackwater 04/15/2019, 8:16pm PDT
    I bet Muslims did this NT by All Jews Must Pay Me Jizya 04/15/2019, 8:45pm PDT

Bernie released his taxes today. by Mischief Maker 04/15/2019, 6:30pm PDT

And now by in Euronews 04/13/2019, 6:27pm PDT
    Julian Assange's cat reported safe NT by in Euronews 04/14/2019, 10:01am PDT
        We apologize for the earlier post. We experienced a glitch by in Euronews 04/14/2019, 9:05pm PDT

Do you want to see what a blue map of the US looks like? NT by Bernie's running 02/19/2019, 10:47am PST
    FUCK YEAH! NT by Mischief Maker 02/19/2019, 11:01am PST
    Nice. I am now a Bernie Bro. by Ulrachi 02/19/2019, 6:39pm PST
    O'Doyle Rules NT by The Mischief Makers 02/19/2019, 7:07pm PST

The Newspocalypse arrives at Huffpo, Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, Vice... by blackwater 02/02/2019, 4:41pm PST
    This article goes a little easy on Facebook by Fullofkittens 02/03/2019, 7:49am PST
        Re: This article goes a little easy on Facebook by blackwater 02/03/2019, 12:28pm PST
            Breitbart is wholly kept afloat by Rebekah Mercer's money, btw. NT by Mischief Maker 02/03/2019, 3:26pm PST
                And Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post because of its GREAT CASHFLOW right? NT by People buy papers to push messages 02/03/2019, 7:26pm PST
                    (ABC owned by Disney) (NBC owned by Comcast) (Breitbart owned by Mercers?) NT by MM: FNUCKING BIASED AS SHIT!!! 02/03/2019, 7:29pm PST
                        And all of them infiltrated by the CIA NT by while PR agencies rule the world 02/03/2019, 9:20pm PST
                    We got DICK PICKS! NT by National Enquirer 02/08/2019, 7:06pm PST
                Everyone's favorite 90s friend chimes in by "Mischief Maker" 02/03/2019, 7:41pm PST
    Newseum Building to Be Sold to Johns Hopkins for $372.5 Million NT by Vested NYd 02/08/2019, 8:22pm PST

I will bump this thread every time liberals do something NT by to own the cons 07/25/2018, 5:20pm PDT
    Becoming more anti-Russia than Joe McCarthy NT by to own the cons 07/25/2018, 5:37pm PDT
        Joe McCarthy was anti-communist. And he actually accomplished stuff. NT by Mischief Maker 07/25/2018, 5:55pm PDT
            Marxist purge, when? NT by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 6:02pm PDT
            rehabilitating McCarthy's career NT by to own the cons 07/25/2018, 6:26pm PDT
                Re: rehabilitating McCarthy's career by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 6:29pm PDT
                    Ouch NT by JOE THE MONEY MAN 07/25/2018, 10:10pm PDT
            Russia is not communist today. Russia-obsessed libs accomplish nothing. NT by Playing dumb to own the left? 07/25/2018, 6:49pm PDT
                No no no! I want MM to tell how the Left is going anti-communism! NT by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 7:17pm PDT
                    Oh dear, how embarassing! Good thing you're a mysterio! NT by MM 07/25/2018, 8:03pm PDT
                        Okay! by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 9:00pm PDT
                            Re: Okay! by MM 07/25/2018, 9:13pm PDT
                                That's even the face I make! by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 9:14pm PDT
                                    Whatever you do, please don't shut the fuck up and go back to lurking! by MM 07/25/2018, 10:04pm PDT
                                        Are you crying? You sound like you're crying! Don't cry, by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/25/2018, 10:09pm PDT
            No Russian ever called me a White Male. NT by Munson Bradson 07/27/2018, 7:09pm PDT
        I see what you meant here, but this is poorly phrased. I'll send you a link by Richard Linklater 07/25/2018, 7:28pm PDT
    Being bad at math despite having an economics degree by to own the cons 07/27/2018, 2:58pm PDT
    Smashing a Hollywood star then doing a rambling TMZ interview with your heroin by addict g/f to own the cons 07/27/2018, 3:39pm PDT
    Embracing the Chinese two child policy by to own the cons 07/27/2018, 5:18pm PDT
        Your punchlines are going to flop once Twitter goes out of business by Who are you, Vested Id? 07/27/2018, 5:23pm PDT
    Creating an insane stalking page about a moderate liberal journalist who wrote by on trans issues to own the cons 07/28/2018, 12:26pm PDT
        Normalizing and empowering the trans community is an agenda imperative. NT by Munson Bradson 07/28/2018, 3:11pm PDT
            Minority rule is a two way street by Most Intolerant Wins 07/29/2018, 9:40pm PDT
                Re: Minority rule is a two way street by Munson Bradson 07/30/2018, 1:49am PDT
        Fucking insanity NT by Vested Id 07/28/2018, 6:06pm PDT
        Insane, deranged creep. NT by Way to go, Patreon! 07/30/2018, 12:02am PDT
            Are you guys gonna keep bumping this subthread until I respond? NT by MM 07/30/2018, 9:41am PDT
                We are apparently living rent free in your head. You do not occupy mine. NT by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/30/2018, 2:56pm PDT
                    No one was talking about video games all weekend. Just bumping this subthread. NT by Mischief Maker 07/30/2018, 4:45pm PDT
                        Mid-summer ennui, I personality had nothing Caltrops worthy. by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/30/2018, 5:21pm PDT
                            More posts about your kids defeating adults on Fortnite, please. by I hate Caltrops 07/30/2018, 7:37pm PDT
                                Good to see you back man. by Joe McCarthy, Hero of the Left 07/30/2018, 7:47pm PDT
                        Choices on Caltrops: 1. Blowing MM for being a woke indie gamer 2. Politics by 3. Mock people for liking Tetris? 07/30/2018, 5:56pm PDT
                            Dude, I'm not the one stopping you from creating fun amazing threads right now. NT by MM 07/30/2018, 5:59pm PDT
    Co-opting Abolish ICE to own the... by ....Chapo Trap guys? 07/30/2018, 7:30pm PDT
        Isn't that the guy who tried to get sincere on their election night podcast by Vested Id 07/30/2018, 9:11pm PDT
        That's out of context. by Mischief Maker 07/31/2018, 5:30am PDT
        Starting a DSA Fight Club, being an internet tough guy by to kick the shit out of the cons 08/07/2018, 6:40pm PDT
            Street fight is what? by 1v1, maybe 2v2, fisticuffs 08/07/2018, 10:34pm PDT
    Kink-shaming bigfoot-porn-writing white supremacist GOP candidates by to own the cons 07/31/2018, 6:04am PDT
    Embracing ugly architecture by to own the cons 08/01/2018, 2:01pm PDT
        Durandal 1 hour ago Embracing brutalism to own the cons NT by laudablepuss 08/01/2018, 3:21pm PDT
    Hiring an angry shrill Korean woman who hates white people ironically by to own the cons 08/02/2018, 2:39pm PDT
        Affirmative action hire with no sense of irony by to own the cons 08/02/2018, 8:34pm PDT
    Pretending to be illiterate while holding a sign advocating abolition of Israel by to own the cons 08/03/2018, 8:33pm PDT
    Ridiculing QAnon truth-seekers in the rain by to own the cons 08/04/2018, 5:25pm PDT
    Putting cheap bounties out on ICE agents by to own the cons 08/09/2018, 12:56pm PDT
        Whatever happened to free speech by Vested Id 08/09/2018, 1:06pm PDT
            Calling soliciting contract murder free speech NT by to own the cons 08/09/2018, 1:17pm PDT
        Not showing the actual tweet, because it's obviously not serious by to own the libs 08/09/2018, 3:46pm PDT
            lol is this defense what you're seriously going with? by Popehat 08/09/2018, 5:40pm PDT
                Being ok with death threats against government employees NT by to own the cons 08/09/2018, 5:42pm PDT
                    Gutting public sector unions then claiming to be the protector of public workers NT by to own the libs 08/09/2018, 6:43pm PDT
                        Wrong thread. (USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST) NT by Bradley Svedka 08/09/2018, 7:16pm PDT
                    Popehat has a long history of being a free speech maximalist. by blackwater 08/09/2018, 10:31pm PDT
                Stumbling into an objective measure of comedy by Vested Id 08/09/2018, 6:23pm PDT
                    Sorry, what does this have to do with anything? NT by Non Sequitur, Esquire 08/09/2018, 6:37pm PDT
            Oh this adobe_flash_player_dmg, what a CARD! by Matt Christman 08/09/2018, 10:42pm PDT
    Dropping ICE as a client for ethical concerns in favor of the PRC by to own the cons 08/09/2018, 7:24pm PDT
        Ironically, Chinese immigration laws are really draconian. by blackwater 08/10/2018, 2:32pm PDT
    Running on a pro-gun control platform and shooting your treasurer by to own the cons 08/14/2018, 11:19am PDT
    Showing up to punch Nazis and break reporters cameras and being all out of Nazis by to own the cons 08/14/2018, 11:40am PDT
        Proud a you, WaPo by Vested Id 08/14/2018, 1:25pm PDT
            What's the Alt-Right vs. Antifa body count right now? NT by Heather Heyer 08/15/2018, 2:00pm PDT
                1-0? Or should we measure in blood? by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 2:07pm PDT
                    Oh, it was self-defense now? by Heather Heyer 08/15/2018, 2:19pm PDT
                        Are Antifa violent? by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 2:25pm PDT
                            Re: Are Antifa violent? by Heather Heyer 08/15/2018, 2:32pm PDT
                                Yes: who brought the violence? Who brought violence to demonstrations? NT by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 2:33pm PDT
                                    Who brought weapons? by Heather Heyer 08/15/2018, 2:38pm PDT
                                        How did this escalate?!? NT by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 2:48pm PDT
                                        There were the AR15 carrying antifa dudes (fronted by a professor and the don't by forget the bike lock bandit antifa 08/15/2018, 4:41pm PDT
                                        I will protect you madame by Plz fuck me 08/15/2018, 5:19pm PDT
                                Unprovoked violence? by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 2:46pm PDT
                                    Maybe because the cops always step back and don't do shit to stop the violence? by Heather Heyer 08/15/2018, 3:04pm PDT
                                        I don't know what the fuck that's supposed to mean by Vested Id 08/15/2018, 3:13pm PDT
                    Wouldn't it be super funny if we're being played? by the emotionally damaged. 08/15/2018, 7:40pm PDT
    Bunch of Atheist trolls trot out a Baphomet statue in Alabama NT by to own the cons 08/18/2018, 1:36pm PDT
        Satanists are edgelord libertarians, definitely not liberals. NT by Mischief Maker 08/18/2018, 1:59pm PDT
            True! dot dot dot comma BUT! by the emotionally damaged. 08/18/2018, 2:15pm PDT
                "Libertarians Socialists?" NT by Mischief Maker 08/18/2018, 2:40pm PDT
                    Can I be a left of center without being a socialist anymore? NT by Not in the Democratic camp, no. 08/18/2018, 2:52pm PDT
                        No. The 3rd way was an abject failure. Centrists are going to get us all killed. NT by Mischief Maker 08/18/2018, 3:23pm PDT
                            facepalm.jpg by the emotionally damaged. 08/18/2018, 3:40pm PDT
                                Oh boy! Cartoons! by Mischief Maker 08/18/2018, 3:55pm PDT
                                    Dude, I'm not going to argue the merits of a post capitalist United States. by those "cartoons" are ancient 08/18/2018, 4:20pm PDT
                                        If America had EU-level taxation it would be more like Belgium or Italy by than Denmark or Sweden 08/20/2018, 5:29pm PDT
                                            Give the state as much power as possible and watch them replace you with somalis NT by That fixes the Aryan problem 08/20/2018, 9:39pm PDT
                                    Always fun when you share something people have been mocking on Twitter by Vested Id 08/18/2018, 10:07pm PDT
                                        Has this one made twitter or reddit yet? by the emotionally damaged. 08/18/2018, 10:37pm PDT
    Banning journalists from your Townhalls by to own the fact-checking cons 08/18/2018, 7:56pm PDT
    Trying to kick a guy off a show you are a guest on by to own the cons 08/19/2018, 4:13pm PDT
        Around blacks I can't relax NT by The Resistance 08/19/2018, 8:26pm PDT
    Pretending your BFF didn't commit sexual assault by to own the patriarchy 08/20/2018, 6:44pm PDT
    Beating the shit out of a guy waving an American flag at an Antifa rally by to own the fascists 08/21/2018, 11:28am PDT
    Telling Catholics to chill out on the pope covering up sex abuse by to own the cons 08/28/2018, 2:19am PDT
        literally a Babylon Bee headline by to own the trads 08/28/2018, 2:51pm PDT
    Accusing a grandchild of Holocaust survivors of being a Nazi based on her hands NT by to own the cons 09/04/2018, 4:51pm PDT
    Bringing guns to school by to own the cons 09/12/2018, 11:37am PDT
    Getting yourself jailed after doxxing 5 senators NT by to own the cons 10/04/2018, 8:15pm PDT
    Endorsing immigration restrictions in Europe to own the cons NT by and to run for president in 2020 11/22/2018, 8:34pm PST
        Can you give context to these? NT by Lurker d00d 11/22/2018, 9:05pm PST
            He's talking about Hillary Clinton NT by Vested Id 11/22/2018, 9:11pm PST
    Trying to get the scalps of high school students to protect anti-semites NT by to own the cons 01/20/2019, 7:39pm PST
        Black Israelites are off the chain (vid) by Trigger Warning (MM do not click) 01/21/2019, 2:03am PST
        Game over (only took days) by Vested Id 01/21/2019, 8:51am PST
            These assholes don't know what doxxing means. by Mysterio Lollerson 01/21/2019, 10:20am PST
                ...except it turns out he was approached by the others involved NT by stop posting like an SA goon fag 01/21/2019, 11:20am PST
                    Guys! If you watch the WHOLE VIDEO what he is doing is just what you or I would NT by Mysterio Lollerson 01/21/2019, 3:28pm PST
                        The best part of your replies is that you're doubling down when everyone else on by the net is posting mea culpas 01/21/2019, 4:10pm PST
                Re: These assholes don't know what doxxing means. by Vested Id 01/21/2019, 11:50am PST
                    Re: These assholes don't know what doxxing means. by Mysterio Lollerson 01/21/2019, 3:30pm PST
                        His name is Nick Sandmann. Have at it. by Oh 01/21/2019, 3:34pm PST
                            Are you sure about that, Reddit? by the net is posting mea culpas 01/21/2019, 4:14pm PST
                                I want to make sure I understand this. You guys really can't be this dumb by Mysterio Lollerson 01/21/2019, 4:49pm PST
                                Re: Are you sure about that, Reddit? by Oh 01/21/2019, 4:51pm PST
                                    I was wrong. I sincerely apologize. by the net is posting mea culpas 01/21/2019, 4:57pm PST
                        You're really getting revenge on all the kids who gave you wedgies and swirlies by 5 golden manbabies to u sir 01/21/2019, 4:08pm PST
                            wow, you're really pushing the Something Awful references. by Mysterio Lollerson 01/21/2019, 4:47pm PST
                                I distance myself from this guy. by Oh 01/21/2019, 4:56pm PST
                                    Threatening to burn down a Catholic high school NT by to own the papists 01/22/2019, 4:56pm PST
                                    That was me, bitch. NT by Grrrr! 01/23/2019, 9:13am PST
                            wow who could this person be sticking up for Vested Id NT by it is a mystery??? 01/21/2019, 5:07pm PST
                            hahah, imagine the insult of the day being NT by "You follow muskrat__john" 01/21/2019, 6:25pm PST
                                on Twitter there's this thing called "Retweets" that allow things to "go viral" NT by as the kids say, grandpa 01/21/2019, 7:52pm PST
                                    on Twitter there's this thing called "Retweets" that allow things to "go viral" by "You follow muskrat__john" 01/21/2019, 8:46pm PST
        Just deplatform the old Indian dude, the punkasses, and everybody in the crowd NT by Roop 01/21/2019, 5:31pm PST

Paying for the wall with porn by Blackwater 01/22/2019, 3:02pm PST

All crime solved in LA, onto the dine and dashers by Geryk 01/21/2019, 9:08pm PST
    They were going to add another 5 years because he ate the steak with ketchup by Blackwater 01/22/2019, 12:17am PST

Nice site... would be a *shave* if something happened to it... by Gillette 01/15/2019, 5:44pm PST
    Is this about the razor ad that's a slap in the face to neckbeards? by Injustice 01/16/2019, 5:37am PST
        Very good analysis NT by Vested Id 01/16/2019, 6:36am PST
        Not to complain or anything by Roop 01/16/2019, 10:09am PST

The adventures of Randy Pitchford by THE LOCUST 01/11/2019, 5:02pm PST
    Not a good look, but I suspect that all of it is lies. NT by Simo Häyhä 01/11/2019, 11:16pm PST
        The lawsuit kind of makes everyone involved look like a shitstain by blackwater 01/15/2019, 4:50pm PST
            Given Pitchford hopped on the Woke shortbus a few years ago i could see it NT by Aliens Colonial Marine survivor 01/15/2019, 5:17pm PST
                Re: Given Pitchford hopped on the Woke shortbus a few years ago i could see it NT by Mysterio 01/15/2019, 7:58pm PST

That woman who fucked Jhoh and wrote a New Yorker article got a book deal NT by Mmmm, Venus Gummi 01/09/2019, 1:41pm PST
    Who was that again (and who are you talking about) by Vested Id 01/09/2019, 6:49pm PST

Twitter suspends Gavin McInnes and Proudboys accounts, no reasons given. NT by Will Trump be a 3 term president? 08/10/2018, 6:14pm PDT
    Maybe the proudboys will start masturbating again and settle the fuck down. by Mischief Maker 08/10/2018, 6:34pm PDT
        You're a piece of shit NT by Leave the site 08/10/2018, 6:41pm PDT
            At least I'm not shitting out a butt plug on camera! by Mischief Maker 08/10/2018, 6:55pm PDT
                Vice is huge by Mischief Maker 08/10/2018, 7:16pm PDT
                    Gavin sold his chunk of vice a long time ago. Now they pander to you. NT by You mope. 08/10/2018, 8:24pm PDT
                So? NT by People not triggered by "nigger" 08/10/2018, 7:52pm PDT
                Holy shit, the narrative spinning and you want to talk degeneracy now? NT by The Left, literally lying filth 08/11/2018, 2:57am PDT
                    Oh settle down, they can still do their silly fight club thing on myspace. by MM 08/11/2018, 5:10am PDT
                        The difference between Milo and Gavin is one of them loves throbbing nigger by Newlywed Cock 08/11/2018, 11:43am PDT
            He's just Democrat. They love and trust Corporate America now, O and fuck Labor NT by Roop 08/11/2018, 10:47am PDT
                Yeah, that's why I've been bringing up antitrust in every one of these threads. NT by Mischief Strawman 08/11/2018, 10:49am PDT
                    I wasn't talking about you. But that's why you're a fool for being Democrat NT by Roop 08/11/2018, 11:27am PDT
                        Wait... you were calling Gavin McInnis "just a democrat?" by Mischief Maker 08/13/2018, 6:44am PDT
        Or maybe the left's appetite of silencing is boundless. by Will Trump be a 3 term president? 08/10/2018, 8:22pm PDT
            Here's your talentless hero Jared Holt celebrating some slimy SPLC action by Real millennial left wing politics 08/10/2018, 8:53pm PDT
                Never heard of that guy before, but if breitbart hates him he must be cool. NT by MM 08/11/2018, 5:02am PDT
                    Taking SPLC at their word despite labelling Maajid Nawaz Quilliam "extremist" NT by to own the cons 08/11/2018, 1:06pm PDT
                    Never heard of the guy that MM has presented before. NT by Laudable, plz go 08/11/2018, 2:50pm PDT
    Gavin quits the Proudboys after public assaults, gets fired by Glenn Beck anyway NT by Mischief Maker 12/10/2018, 9:39am PST

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