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Magnetic Scrolls games got a remastering that is amazing. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/19/2022, 9:31am PST NEW
    Text Adventuers: 3000 by Tuey 01/19/2022, 9:01pm PST NEW

People that support NFTs are the dumbest grifters imaginable. Please post exampl NT by Tuey 12/27/2021, 6:36am PST NEW
    Hamburgers by pinback 12/27/2021, 7:03am PST NEW
        :( NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/28/2021, 7:12am PST NEW

Clive Sinclair has died. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/16/2021, 4:55pm PDT NEW

Forrest Fenn's trEaasure wuz found NT by Horus Truthteller 06/08/2020, 9:52pm PDT NEW

I passed the bar. by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 10/03/2013, 2:44pm PDT NEW
    Congratulations. Please keep us posted on your ambulance-chasing quentinbec styl by goatfuck newbie 10/03/2013, 3:17pm PDT NEW
    Congrats! by E. L. Koba 10/03/2013, 3:23pm PDT NEW
    One of us! One of us! NT by Mischief Maker 10/03/2013, 3:36pm PDT NEW

Next Thief game to have hilarious title by Jerry Whorebach 05/11/2009, 9:22am PDT NEW
    Basically any other letter would have worked better, though still retarded. NT by mark 05/11/2009, 1:04pm PDT NEW
        Especially the fucking F! by Fussbett 05/11/2009, 1:36pm PDT NEW

Is this the new Enter the Matrix Forum? NT by Bill Dungsroman 02/04/2005, 2:12pm PST NEW
    I once shoplifted some playstation games by Mysterio 02/04/2005, 4:15pm PST NEW
        Just in case anyone doubted that mysterios were 100% retard. NT by Creexul :( 02/04/2005, 5:06pm PST NEW
            You don't have the balls to shoplift. NT by Mysterio 02/05/2005, 2:01am PST NEW
        Re: I once shoplifted some playstation games by Fullofkittens 02/05/2005, 8:28am PST NEW

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