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Slashdot posters weigh in on "Silicon Valley workers feeling nervous" by Mysterio Lollerson 03/17/2016, 9:32am PDT
    It's not about being able to eat, it's about fighting the SJW agenda! NT by Mysterio 03/17/2016, 9:54am PDT
    It's uniquely American. by Worm 03/17/2016, 10:25am PDT
    The internet was always a great place for me to make judgmental comparisons by Welcome to Omsk 03/17/2016, 11:39am PDT
        Maybe if these tech people hadn't spent years by fabio 03/17/2016, 12:03pm PDT
            Your point has been lost in your terseness, help me out? There's two possibiliti by Welcome to Omsk 03/17/2016, 11:39pm PDT
    If someone uses the phrase "special snowflake" you're obliged to ignore them by Vested Id 03/17/2016, 12:21pm PDT
        Do you believe we have better discussions here? by Mysterio 03/17/2016, 1:29pm PDT
            Pretentiousness and pandering will be slapped down viciously. NT by Mischief Maker 03/17/2016, 1:31pm PDT
            "oo ee oo ah ah, ding dong walla walla bing bang" NT by laudablepuss 03/17/2016, 2:02pm PDT
                Sorry I can't resist by laudablepuss 03/17/2016, 2:44pm PDT
                    Re: Sorry I can't resist by fabio 03/17/2016, 3:37pm PDT
                        You must feel really silly after learning that SV votes Democrat all the time. NT by blackwater 04/21/2016, 5:59pm PDT
                        You better not have lumped me in with the Mysterios. by Mysterio Lollerson 04/21/2016, 7:46pm PDT
    /. removed anonymous posting...... so I guess I'm back. NT by Dan Driedelberg 12/24/2019, 9:37am PST

Captain Autism on murdering and torturing dogs by I am Captain Autism 12/06/2019, 11:29am PST

Lowtax now on Divorce #2 by i_hate_goons.vbs 11/26/2019, 1:16pm PST
    Does Mrs. Lowtax come from a soccer playing country? Because I have a joke about NT by three red cards and no green card. 11/26/2019, 2:05pm PST
    What part of his 1998 posting oeuvre anticipated this turn of events? NT by Mysterio 11/26/2019, 7:28pm PST
        Room for a Hat Trick? by Leonard Crabs, Defense Attorney 11/26/2019, 8:07pm PST

Maddox, by "Thought Leader" 07/05/2019, 9:43pm PDT
    Last Time I'll Have a Book Deal in the Universe Dot Com by George's Burger King Crown 07/05/2019, 10:04pm PDT
        Re: Last Time I'll Have a Book Deal in the Universe Dot Com by - 10/29/2019, 5:45am PDT
            Re: Last Time I'll Have a Book Deal in the Universe Dot Com by Furcifer 11/10/2019, 5:41pm PST

List of absolute retards at reddit's kotakuinaction2 by Mysterio Prime 10/28/2019, 5:06pm PDT
    California‚Äôs government vs. Silicon Valley by blackwater 10/29/2019, 11:21pm PDT

Fortinbras was right about Tom Ley by - 10/23/2019, 6:53am PDT

I just got my first ban from Resetera. They're running a tight ship! by Jerry Whorebach 01/20/2018, 5:25pm PST
    Are we at war with Resettia now? by Puddy the PS3 Poohbah 01/22/2018, 1:32pm PST
        Don't go to war on my account. by Jerry Whorebach 01/22/2018, 6:46pm PST
            Great avatar by laudablepuss 02/06/2018, 3:38pm PST
    My first post back gets a warning and "1 infraction points." by Jerry Whorebach 02/03/2018, 7:09pm PST
        They will ban you if you say anything good about the Kingdom Come guy by Oh 03/11/2018, 12:15pm PDT
            Vavra should tell his followers they can discuss him all they want on NeoGAF. by Jerry Whorebach 03/12/2018, 2:01am PDT
                Hey man. That hurts. by Kenji Carter 03/12/2018, 9:21pm PDT
                    I wish I could go back and rewrite that post :( by Jerry Whorebach 03/13/2018, 1:00am PDT
            I really hope patch progress doesn't scale inversely with him maga posting again NT by Worm 03/12/2018, 9:21pm PDT
    That place is an absolute fucking shithole. NT by John Gulp 02/06/2018, 11:10pm PST
    Bait thread attracts bans by It's pretty bad 06/24/2018, 7:57am PDT
        They have achieved perfection: by truly blind justice 06/24/2018, 3:54pm PDT
        This is not your thread for complaining about a forum you don't even post on. by Jerry Whorebach 12/04/2018, 2:02am PST
    Second ban, duration pending. Am I coming back from this one? by Jerry Whorebach 12/20/2018, 5:15pm PST
        Every single poster in that thread is a guy, right? NT by Mysterio Lollerson 12/20/2018, 6:12pm PST
            The term you're looking for is 'fluid' NT by Woke Mysterio 12/20/2018, 8:00pm PST
                Because, I mean, holy shit - by Mysterio Lollerson 12/21/2018, 2:36pm PST
        It was a permanent ban. :( NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/03/2019, 11:18am PST
            I have to appreciate the irony of banning a disabled man for ableism. by Jerry Whorebach 01/04/2019, 6:46am PST
    Look at these cunts. by Ulrachi 08/19/2019, 1:53pm PDT
        Whoops. I see now this is not the ResetEra sucks thread. Sorry Jerry. NT by Ulrachi 08/19/2019, 1:57pm PDT
            I guess it might as well be, I think its original purpose has run its course. by Jerry Whorebach 09/14/2019, 2:46pm PDT
                I could expand on that story. by Jerry Whorebach 09/14/2019, 3:56pm PDT
                    I'm disappointed no one wants to argue this. What kind of right-wing shithole by Jerry Whorebach 09/16/2019, 1:45am PDT
                        Not so fast pal by Angry Stewart Payne 09/16/2019, 6:54am PDT
                        This probably belongs in Knuckle Shuffle, Jerry. by (Hint: penis bones...) 09/16/2019, 8:19pm PDT
        Too fucking good, look at this. by Oh 08/19/2019, 2:11pm PDT

SrPelo is insane by But in a good way 08/22/2019, 9:35pm PDT
    Egoraptor RIP by Vested Id 08/22/2019, 11:03pm PDT

"I want to eat your eyes" *unblinking stare* by The Happiness Engine 07/01/2019, 7:13pm PDT

#VoxAdpocalpyse by Vested Id 06/05/2019, 3:35pm PDT
    MM chimes in by Vested Id 06/05/2019, 4:14pm PDT
    Come on, it's obviously the same guy, he just took off his glasses! by Jimmy Olsen 06/05/2019, 4:31pm PDT
    Right here MM NT by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 11:25am PDT
        Two guys go tell on each other to mom NT by Great thread 06/08/2019, 11:46am PDT
            Guy does nothing, other guy tells mom, mom has sexual relationships with every p by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 12:26pm PDT
                Mom says in her terms of service don't call names. Guy calls names. Mom stops by paying guy. 06/08/2019, 1:05pm PDT
                    Mom... lets everybody call each other names? Can't coddle the neighborhood? by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 1:59pm PDT
                    From someone you trust by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 2:15pm PDT
                        The fuck? by MM 06/08/2019, 3:57pm PDT
    I just noticed you left out a key tweet from that thread: by MM 06/08/2019, 4:11pm PDT
        They're both media professionals, he should have reached out to Crowder directly by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 4:26pm PDT
            He did. by MM 06/08/2019, 4:36pm PDT
                Uh, what? He doesn't say that in the thread, where did he say that? by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 5:41pm PDT
    And the right wrote the book on flagging videos to get people deplatformed. by MM 06/08/2019, 4:35pm PDT
        Re: And the right wrote the book on flagging videos to get people deplatformed. by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 6:33pm PDT
        Yep, rent-seeker by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 6:46pm PDT
            HOLY SHIT HIS PROFILE IMAGE by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 6:47pm PDT
        Re: And the right wrote the book on flagging videos to get people deplatformed. by Mysterio Lollerson 06/08/2019, 7:43pm PDT

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