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...and the Freespace Open people keep chugging along! by Mischief Shai-hulud 01/02/2022, 3:45pm PST

Jesus Christ, this game is over 20 years old now! by Mischief Maker 10/12/2019, 3:22pm PDT
    I tried to get Pinback to play this a while ago. by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/13/2019, 2:17pm PDT

The Freespace II IP went for $7,500. NT by col.schickn 06/07/2013, 9:39pm PDT
    mwahahaahahaha! by Derrek Smart 06/07/2013, 9:40pm PDT
        Interplay bought them NT by WITTGENSTEIN 06/08/2013, 11:44pm PDT
    What an outrageous headline! Who cares if it's true? by Jerry Whorebach 06/07/2013, 10:50pm PDT
        I'm not on neogaf so I didn't see it by col.schickn 06/07/2013, 11:24pm PDT
            I wasn't trying to give you a hard time. by Jerry Whorebach 06/08/2013, 5:00am PDT
                Re: I wasn't trying to give you a hard time. by col.schickn 06/09/2013, 11:21am PDT
                    Someday Jerry will finally fess up to being Erik NT by fabio 06/09/2013, 4:14pm PDT

Online demo for space-based sequel to Puzzle Quest by Last 01/19/2009, 9:37am PST
    Completely Superior Freeware alternative by Mischief Maker 01/19/2009, 9:48am PST
        Superior to the demo, or the full game we haven't played? NT by Worm 01/19/2009, 9:59am PST
        COUNT JUGGULA NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 01/19/2009, 12:07pm PST
        Yeah, probably not =( NT by FABIO 01/19/2009, 1:53pm PST
        tits are not featured prominently enough, good effort though NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 01/19/2009, 6:07pm PST

Christ on a pogo stick! by Mischief Maker 07/25/2006, 7:39pm PDT
    Re: Christ on a pogo stick! by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/31/2006, 12:52pm PDT
        I burned them with SCP and all my user-made campaigns onto a single DVDR NT by MM 07/31/2006, 4:34pm PDT
    Update by Mischief Maker 11/09/2006, 8:12am PST

Darkstar One: Who likes blowing shit up in space? I do. by Motherhead 05/02/2006, 10:59pm PDT
    EVE Offline NT by Blobbio 05/03/2006, 1:11am PDT
        Re: EVE Offline by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/03/2006, 1:16am PDT
            pfff, I've only told you in the last two (unanswered =( ) emails by Blobbio 05/03/2006, 2:00am PDT
            Re: EVE Offline by Entropy Stew 05/03/2006, 10:48am PDT
                I'm buying this tonight! by laudablepuss 05/03/2006, 11:33am PDT
                Re: EVE Offline by Motherhead 05/03/2006, 12:41pm PDT
                    in game name: Mao Money NT by Blobbio 05/03/2006, 12:52pm PDT
                    Re: EVE Offline by Sexually Active in Sacramento 05/03/2006, 10:17pm PDT

Time for Creexul to pick up Freespace 2 by Flavio 02/25/2006, 6:05pm PST

bug help by FABIO 06/10/2005, 9:04pm PDT
    The Bad News by That Guy 06/11/2005, 7:41pm PDT

Can you play the campaign cooperatively? NT by pieter 07/22/2004, 9:49pm PDT
    Not that I know of. by Unbitter 07/22/2004, 11:29pm PDT
    I'll add that, too! Learning net coding will be mere child's play. NT by Derek Smart PhD 07/22/2004, 11:52pm PDT
        Learning co-operation, also child's play! LITERALLY! NT by Derek Smart PhD 07/23/2004, 2:36am PDT

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