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Cronenbergcam by blackwater 08/25/2021, 11:01pm PDT

Is the text editor Atom a giant resource hog piece of shit? by Geryk 08/02/2021, 9:14am PDT
    It was when I used it by E. L. Koba 08/02/2021, 1:14pm PDT

Is LG still a reputable manufacturer for things like drives? by Mischief Maker 07/24/2021, 7:10am PDT
    I can't vouch for their drives specifically, but by Rafiki 07/24/2021, 10:11pm PDT
        Thanks! NT by Mischief Maker 07/25/2021, 5:37am PDT
    We've got some of their stuff and it has worked well! by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/25/2021, 2:14pm PDT
    My last three phones were LGs and I like em by laudablepuss 07/26/2021, 12:01am PDT
        I have a "Stylo 6" and it is terrible! However, they were basically giving them NT by away, so maybe I shouldn't complain 07/26/2021, 5:41am PDT

Man, I wish my phone had a little more FREEDOM!!! by Mischief Maker 07/18/2021, 5:51pm PDT
    What is it, Ubuntu Mobile? NT by CattleHumper 07/19/2021, 6:12am PDT
    You will bow down to your corporate overlords NT by And you will like it 07/19/2021, 11:30am PDT

Is now a good time to get a 2080 card? NT by Mysterio 09/20/2020, 1:53am PDT
    A quick glance at prices says they're no cheaper than 3080 MSRP now. NT by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 6:58am PDT
        Right? Crazy. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/20/2020, 10:44am PDT
            If Serious Sam 4 is playable on my 1660, I'm not upgrading 'til Cyberpunk is out by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 11:59am PDT
                For those wondering, yes, but SS4 is more CPU-hungry than anything else. NT by Mischief Maker 07/17/2021, 3:30pm PDT
    An update for future historians. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/17/2021, 9:52am PDT
        Dude, are you sure you want to explain to future historians what "crypto" is? NT by Mischief Maker 07/17/2021, 3:29pm PDT suffers a multi-hour global outage by blackwater 07/11/2021, 11:31pm PDT

Microsoft makes internet access, MS account mandatory for Windows 11 install by blackwater 06/28/2021, 10:47am PDT
    fuck them in the ear NT by laudablepuss 06/28/2021, 11:15am PDT
        Them having the ability to remotely disconnect your login by Kirahu Nagasawa 06/29/2021, 8:24am PDT
            And yet, everyone will talk about it for a while and then just accept it. by blackwater 06/30/2021, 4:45pm PDT

Anyone notice a drastic HDD price hike lately? by Eurotrash 11/09/2011, 1:59pm PST
    Yes, it's partly due to flooding in Thailand apparently. by Last 11/09/2011, 2:49pm PST
        Ouch. Well, this may help boost SSD sales, at least. NT by Eurotrash 11/09/2011, 6:52pm PST
        Partly = entirely NT by Entropy Stew 11/11/2011, 11:31pm PST
    Yes! by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/09/2011, 8:33pm PST
        Re: Yes! by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/09/2011, 8:43pm PST
            "he's got a failing platter" <-- whispered behind hand to concerned onlookers NT by laudablepuss 11/09/2011, 10:16pm PST
                Fucking platterati by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/09/2011, 10:36pm PST
        Seagate is under the sea, motherfucker! Thailand makes half the world's HDs NT by Entropy Stew 11/11/2011, 11:34pm PST
            PS: Zseni is also having sourcing problems for ladyboys NT by Entropy Stew 11/11/2011, 11:36pm PST
                So in another words... Ladies with "hard drives"?!?! NT by HAHA meh 11/12/2011, 11:39am PST
                oh man i missed this dig!!! by ndd 11/22/2011, 4:01pm PST
    Can anyone recommend a cheap but good SSD? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/10/2011, 8:10pm PST
        so you can have a boot sector problem in another 3 months? SSDs are trash NT by Mysterio 11/10/2011, 9:53pm PST
            SSDs will literally be all you can buy in two years. NT by This is Chris's Blood 11/10/2011, 10:10pm PST
                that's great news for manufacturers if you have to replace your drives every six NT by months instead of every six years 11/12/2011, 12:04pm PST
                    Hey old man, stop being so old. NT by Women wear pants now too. LIVE WITH 11/12/2011, 3:20pm PST
                        SLC will last... by Mysterio 11/12/2011, 6:18pm PST
                            2 years and going strong on an Intel X25-M G2. 2012 mayan calendar etc and so on NT by Motherhead 11/14/2011, 4:14pm PST
                                Intel shit breaking is always the exception and never the rule by Entropy Stew 11/16/2011, 12:34pm PST
                                    The OCZ Agility-3 works well so far. Quick question, Stew: by WITTGENSTEIN 12/02/2011, 9:36pm PST
                                        ssd NT by jeep 12/02/2011, 11:21pm PST
                                            Oh my god by WITTGENSTEIN 12/06/2011, 4:31pm PST
                                                it's super nice where the screen is like "loading..." by jeep 12/14/2011, 6:35pm PST
                Perhaps I was mistaken. NT by This is Chris's Blood 05/21/2021, 9:30pm PDT
                    lol NT by Roop 05/21/2021, 9:58pm PDT
            This was probably true in 2008. Not so much in 2011. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 11/11/2011, 6:01pm PST
        I've used an OCZ vertex 3 in my main computer for well over 6 months now, no pro by Eurotrash 11/13/2011, 2:20pm PST
            The vertex 2s supposedly had a high failure rate, though NT by Entropy Stew 11/16/2011, 12:41pm PST
                As have most other SSD brands/models. Judging from the user feedback on Newegg, by Eurotrash 11/23/2011, 2:54pm PST
                    I JUST bought a new system with a Vertex 3 in it =( by WITTGENSTEIN 11/23/2011, 8:22pm PST
                        This was probably true in 2008. Not so much in 2011. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 11/23/2011, 9:28pm PST
                            Was I talking about SSD's in general or shitty OCZ's? OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT NT by WITTGENSTEIN 11/24/2011, 10:11am PST
                                All my SSDs still going strong, none have died yet. by Eurotrash 10/23/2012, 1:18pm PDT
                                    I bought a new PC back in Fall 2013 and got an Intel SSD on it by WITTGENSTEIN 10/29/2015, 12:47pm PDT
                                        Still using all my original ssds, no problemos by Eurotrash 10/29/2015, 12:57pm PDT
                                            and they're still going, same ssds, same win7 install. by Eurotrash 01/29/2017, 11:06am PST
                    Fuck, spoke too soon by WITTGENSTEIN 12/08/2011, 3:19pm PST
    Re: Anyone notice a drastic HDD price hike lately? by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 11/22/2011, 3:10pm PST
        WD 2TB is now $149, nearly double what I paid in January NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 11/22/2011, 3:19pm PST
            HD prices have dropped a bit; a 2TB Seagate is $109, about $20 more NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 12/13/2011, 10:23pm PST
                Anyone who needed a 2 tb should have bought then; they're now $149 NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 12/21/2011, 5:19pm PST
            The WD 2 TB is now $20 cheaper NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 02/20/2012, 5:31am PST
        Re: Anyone notice a drastic HDD price hike lately? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/22/2011, 5:14pm PST
        My first HD was 40 megs by Entropy Stew 11/23/2011, 1:59pm PST
    SATA Hard Drive Pricing as of 2/20/2012 by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 02/20/2012, 5:28am PST
        Re: SATA Hard Drive Pricing as of 2/20/2012 by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/20/2012, 10:49am PST
            Git NT by E. L. Koba 02/21/2012, 1:15pm PST
                Seconded by Entropy Stew 02/21/2012, 1:41pm PST
                    Git was the right answer, in retrospect. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/29/2015, 2:54pm PDT
                        It just werks NT by Entropy Stew 10/29/2015, 7:53pm PDT
        Almost a month later; 2 TB still $129 NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/13/2012, 8:06am PDT
    As of 4/25/2012 2TB is $119 NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 04/25/2012, 7:01pm PDT
    Hard drives dropped another $5; a 2TB is now $114.99; see link by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 05/22/2012, 6:03pm PDT
        This previously announced WD hard drive at $119 is now also $99 by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 10/05/2012, 3:57pm PDT
    2TB drive down to $99 by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 10/05/2012, 3:55pm PDT
    Newegg's having a big sale. 128GB OCZ SSD for $75 by Rafiki 10/23/2012, 10:46am PDT
    Prices have finally come back to where they were two years ago by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/08/2013, 8:08am PST
        No, they're not. WD 1TBs are still double the price they were back then. NT by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 1:41pm PST
            And no dead SSDs yet, by the way. Fuck HDDs, they're for losers and NASes. NT by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 1:55pm PST
                Mine has occasional lockups but never had the data on it just disappear by WITTGENSTEIN 03/08/2013, 2:56pm PST
                    What drive is it? Actually, after I updated BIOS on my desktop for no reason, by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 10:21pm PST
            Well it's your problem if you want highly advertised Western Digital u pay more NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/08/2013, 5:54pm PST
                Not really. 2 reasons. 1: I got moneyz. 2: fuck HDDs anyway. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 NT by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 10:26pm PST
            I've not had any problems with Seagate drives and they're a national brand NT by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/08/2013, 5:55pm PST
                AND they're a national brand, eh? Shit, can't beat that I guess. NT by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 10:27pm PST
            1 TB Western Digital HDs are double? You mean they were $40 before? by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/12/2013, 4:57pm PDT
                The 1TB WD Caviar Blue is now $5 cheaper at $75 NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/04/2013, 8:17am PDT
        Great. When do we get our class action settlement checks? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/08/2013, 4:04pm PST
            Class action? For what? by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/08/2013, 6:05pm PST
            I forgot one other thing about Class Actions by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 03/08/2013, 6:19pm PST
            Don't get him started DONT DO IT-ahhhh too late. You did that on purpose ICJ. NT by Eurotrash 03/08/2013, 10:31pm PST
    Hard drive prices have finally come back! 2TB, $85, internal OR USB by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 05/03/2013, 2:44pm PDT
        *vuvuzela orchestra of joy* NT by crowd of poor ass niggers 05/04/2013, 12:27pm PDT
    Even better. Western Digital 2TB sata drive, $79.99; see link in posting by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/17/2013, 11:20am PDT
        FUCK Western Dick-ital. Seagate all the way motherfuckERRR! NT by Eurotrash 06/17/2013, 12:29pm PDT
        How are they doing these days, Tdarcos? NT by Mysterio Lollerson 01/20/2017, 10:41am PST
    Is this automated Tdarcos? by Horus Truthteller 02/15/2020, 11:27am PST
    rpm speeds? by Grebble 02/23/2020, 10:44am PST
        This is definitely a TDARCOS question by Cretinous Reprobate 02/23/2020, 4:55pm PST

The cryptocurrency assholes who made GPUs expensive are going to do HDDs next by blackwater 05/01/2021, 4:53pm PDT

Gsync / FreeSync / Active Sync - POSITIVE by Rafiki 06/14/2015, 7:26pm PDT
    Solved for 2D monitors by Entropy Stew 06/14/2015, 8:52pm PDT
    I finally got a G-Sync monitor (ViewSonic XG270) and heartily agree! by Mischief Maker 03/24/2021, 12:33pm PDT

I'm not a cat, I'm here live. by blackwater 02/12/2021, 3:33pm PST

Need to get a new computer for my dad at a distance. Good Manufacturers? by MM 02/08/2021, 3:58pm PST
    I did something similar with CyberPowerPC. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/08/2021, 6:59pm PST
        Tried to pick components in Jan., system wouldn't POST. Paying CyberPowerPC by for a build due in March 02/09/2021, 8:03am PST
            Re: Tried to pick components in Jan., system wouldn't POST. Paying CyberPo by laudablepuss 02/09/2021, 8:40am PST
                No all my CyberpowerPC builds have worked great. I tried to DIY this time. NT by Would rather pay them to QA test 02/09/2021, 8:52am PST
                    Bonus for CyberpowerPC - reasonably priced video cards by Mysterio 02/09/2021, 12:07pm PST
        I bought a CyberPowerPC as a music workstation around 2003 by Fullofkittens 02/09/2021, 9:13am PST
            The only thing I dislike about CyberpowerPC is you have to pay extra for wiring by DIY is for the birds 02/09/2021, 12:03pm PST

NVIDIA announces the GeForce RTX 3060 is due in late February by More cards you can't get 01/13/2021, 6:41am PST
    If anyone's trying to get a 3000 series card or a 5000 series AMD processor by Rafiki 01/16/2021, 12:21am PST
        Is there a way to get GeForce drivers without downloading 500MB? by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/25/2021, 11:25pm PST
            I wish I knew, because their driver package is big and dumb by Rafiki 01/26/2021, 12:21pm PST

Trump gives a final "fuck you" to gamers on his way out the door. by Mischief Maker 01/08/2021, 7:18am PST
    Gamers make more than the median US income. By progressive logic tax is good by logic man 01/12/2021, 4:04pm PST

Need the name of a post processing gfx effect by MM 12/29/2020, 6:12pm PST

How to get a Fedex rep to chat by Roop 12/08/2020, 1:12pm PST

nand SSDs, who knew? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/30/2020, 10:15am PST
    You missed an entire previous generation of these by laudablepuss 11/30/2020, 1:38pm PST
        The correct stupid name is "gumstick drive" NT by Entropy Stew 12/07/2020, 11:14pm PST
    The newest PCIE 4 Samsungs are 12x faster than the fastest SATA flash drive by Entropy Stew 12/07/2020, 11:48pm PST
        O_O NT by laudablepuss 12/08/2020, 6:42am PST

Google sez it's breaking up with inactive users,throws their shit out the window by blackwater 12/03/2020, 2:12pm PST

Is OS rot still an issue with Windows 10? by Mischief Maker 11/20/2020, 9:42am PST
    I have NOT had that issue so far. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/22/2020, 11:26am PST
    Been reported and may have happened on one of my laptops during a recent crash by Saltlord 11/26/2020, 4:50pm PST

Windows 10 Installation - the right way? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/22/2020, 11:29am PST
    You need to literally unplug the internet to get an offline account. by Mischief Maker 11/22/2020, 12:12pm PST
        Thanks, that was the piece of their install I had forgotten about. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/22/2020, 6:41pm PST
            The forced updates are unavoidable on home and get you stuck in a loop sometimes by Saltlord 11/25/2020, 8:34am PST

Aw fuck! The 3070 psu requirements are out of control. by Mischief Maker 10/27/2020, 8:30am PDT
    Correction: The chart I was reading came from Asus, not Nvidia. by MM 10/27/2020, 9:19am PDT

Can anyone suggest a good freeware CPU & GPU temp. monitor without spyware? NT by Mischief Maker 09/29/2020, 2:38pm PDT
    CPUz? NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 09/30/2020, 5:51am PDT

Google shuts down paid Chrome extensions by blackwater 09/22/2020, 10:17am PDT
    What a bunch of fucking assholes NT by Ichabod 09/22/2020, 11:15am PDT

Ray-Tracing on a 1660 Super by Mischief Maker 09/16/2020, 10:47am PDT

Googledämmerung by blackwater 05/16/2020, 3:36pm PDT
    A little more about this. by blackwater 05/16/2020, 11:21pm PDT
        Maybe they can hire more aberrant geniuses to fix it by IPB 05/17/2020, 8:41am PDT
            Hiring by Ichabod 05/17/2020, 9:41am PDT
            Re: Maybe they can hire more aberrant geniuses to fix it by blackwater 05/17/2020, 5:48pm PDT
                Ads are obviously the powerhouse by Google delenda est 05/17/2020, 7:23pm PDT
                This post is gold by Vested Id 05/17/2020, 7:43pm PDT
                Re: Maybe they can hire more aberrant geniuses to fix it by IPB 05/18/2020, 11:43pm PDT
                    Almost laughed out loud at the programmer tunnel vision description by Google delenda est 05/19/2020, 4:21pm PDT
                        Re: Almost laughed out loud at the programmer tunnel vision description by blackwater 05/19/2020, 11:15pm PDT
                            Bad programmers, and THE BET by Google delenda est 05/20/2020, 7:44pm PDT
                                Re: Bad programmers, and THE BET by blackwater 05/21/2020, 12:03am PDT
                        Google Stadia bets subthread by IPB 05/20/2020, 12:11am PDT
                            I’ll bet Stadia is shutdown or sold off by 2026. by blackwater 05/21/2020, 12:17am PDT
    Trump’s DOJ planning on bringing an antitrust suit by end of September NT by blackwater 09/15/2020, 6:58pm PDT

Anybody have a G-Sync monitor? Is it worth the cost? NT by Mischief Maker 01/20/2019, 6:04pm PST
    What? Nvidia announced Freesync monitor support at CES... by RetroRomper 01/20/2019, 7:54pm PST
    What monitor would you guys get if you were buying one today? NT by Oh 03/06/2019, 10:25am PST
    G-Sync is expensive and works. Freesync is cheap and doesn't always work NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2019, 10:54am PST
        Is the term "G-Sync compatible" in specs code for Freesync, or the real deal? NT by Mischief Maker 09/15/2020, 5:04pm PDT

ICJ or anyone else, question about arcade parts! by Mischief Maker 08/13/2020, 5:40am PDT
    Re: ICJ or anyone else, question about arcade parts! by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/13/2020, 1:50pm PDT
        Re: ICJ or anyone else, question about arcade parts! by Terminal Arcade Sickness 08/13/2020, 8:54pm PDT
            ...and bought! by MM 08/14/2020, 5:02am PDT
        Followup question: by Mischief Maker 08/14/2020, 9:56am PDT
            Nevermind. Got the answer from them. NT by Mischief Maker 08/14/2020, 11:02am PDT
                Be careful disassembling push buttons by Terminal Arcade Sickness 08/15/2020, 7:35pm PDT
                    Maybe I'll skip the artwork. Not like I'd be getting pussy with it or anything. NT by Mischief Maker 08/15/2020, 8:48pm PDT
            Yeah, sorry, I didn't know the answer to that one. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/15/2020, 8:41pm PDT
    Never ever consider "sunk money" in a decision, it's one of the key NT by Principals of Economics 08/13/2020, 3:00pm PDT
        Even marriage? NT by kate leth 08/14/2020, 9:03am PDT
        It was an excellent joystick during a very specific time. by Mischief Maker 08/15/2020, 8:57pm PDT

Firefox is dying, mid-2020 update by blackwater 08/11/2020, 2:13pm PDT
    Fighting covid by laying off 250 people NT by Ichabod 08/11/2020, 3:36pm PDT
        Laying off 250 AND seeking new revenue streams by Take that COVID! 08/11/2020, 7:06pm PDT
    If ever your company's executive says, "structure" NT by start sending out that resume 08/12/2020, 4:42am PDT
    More bad news continues to dribble out of Mozilla by blackwater 08/13/2020, 12:15pm PDT

Google announces that it will shut down classic Google Sites in 2021 by blackwater 08/07/2020, 10:07am PDT
    The accelerated release-to-guillotine lifecycle by powered by Node.JS 08/08/2020, 4:11pm PDT

Is Intel doomed? by blackwater 07/05/2020, 10:20pm PDT
    Things somehow just keep working out for them. by Horus Truthteller 07/05/2020, 10:33pm PDT
    x86 is a shit instruction set, Intel only has inertia. NT by The Happiness Engine 07/06/2020, 4:06pm PDT

Let's have a moment of silence for Adobe Flash Player. by blackwater 06/27/2020, 9:54pm PDT
    thank god for third party downloads by saltlord 06/27/2020, 10:17pm PDT
    Re: Let's have a moment of silence for Adobe Flash Player. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/28/2020, 5:27pm PDT
        Originally created for banner ads by Booo, Hisss! 06/28/2020, 6:41pm PDT

Tesla downfall thread by Ichabod 05/11/2020, 5:14pm PDT
    You forgot that the rules don't apply to me. NT by Elon Musk 06/27/2020, 9:58pm PDT

Microsoft quietly closes its Microsoft Stores for good by blackwater 06/27/2020, 9:52am PDT
    Apple, always in 2nd place after blowing its lead NT by Microsoft market cap: 1 trillion+ 06/27/2020, 10:24am PDT

Trump signs executive order targetting section 230 immunity for social media by blackwater 05/28/2020, 7:54pm PDT
    Trump sucks but Twitter deserves this. NT by N/A Ever 05/28/2020, 8:42pm PDT
    The Coolest Thing I Ever Fucking Saw by Seanbaby 05/28/2020, 10:52pm PDT
    Alex Jones is praying hard rn by IPB 05/28/2020, 11:32pm PDT
        Re: Alex Jones is praying hard rn by Mysterio Prime 05/29/2020, 5:39am PDT
            This Tweet is from a suspended account NT by Read our sponsored content instead! 05/29/2020, 8:57am PDT
    The best thing about this by Mysterio 05/29/2020, 12:54am PDT
        Re: The best thing about this by laudablepuss 05/29/2020, 7:07am PDT
            Re: The best thing about this by laudablepuss 05/29/2020, 11:08am PDT
                Re: The best thing about this by e0ad85da-a1c8-12da-bb37 05/29/2020, 11:19am PDT
            Archive link by Mrsterio 05/29/2020, 12:01pm PDT

Choose my new budget gaming laptop, Caltrops by obi wan kenobi? 01/22/2020, 2:32pm PST
    Does it NEED to be a laptop? NT by MM 01/22/2020, 2:50pm PST
        And are you SURE we can't hotwire it? NT by Oh 01/22/2020, 4:33pm PST
    Any of these good deals? by obi wan kenobi? 03/19/2020, 1:10pm PDT
        Definitely go for the one with more RAM! NT by A FRIEND 03/19/2020, 1:20pm PDT
            Listen to this man by He's Your FRIEND 03/19/2020, 2:42pm PDT
                Ram is overrated NT by ur a sad, frightened little man :( 03/19/2020, 9:59pm PDT
            Jack, am I your friend? NT by The Colonel 03/19/2020, 8:33pm PDT
                Sure NT by Jack 05/19/2020, 8:35pm PDT
    Settled on this by obi wan kenobi? 03/24/2020, 10:44am PDT

Any thoughts on fanless PSUs? NT by Mischief Maker 05/05/2020, 8:32am PDT
    You can buy one with a fan that doesn't spin when it is not stressed NT by Entropy Stew 05/05/2020, 8:47am PDT
    We had this technology in the 2000s at Cyrix and the rest of you by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/05/2020, 9:24am PDT

Apple shits the bed on another Catalina update by blackwater 04/12/2020, 12:52pm PDT

Pretty sure my video card is borked by obi wan kenobi? 01/21/2020, 8:19pm PST
    Maybe it's the power supply that's borked? Also my new 1660 super GPU review: by MM 01/21/2020, 9:04pm PST
    On some laptops the dedicated video card won't run without power connected by Caltrops Tech Support 01/22/2020, 5:28am PST
    Re: Pretty sure my video card is borked by Oh 01/22/2020, 6:12am PST
        Laptop. Built into motherboard. NT by obi wan kenobi? 01/22/2020, 12:21pm PST
            Let's hotwire it NT by Oh 01/22/2020, 12:55pm PST

The 737 Max: Designed by Clowns, Supervised by Monkeys by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:39pm PST
    The worst scandal to hit Boeing since Mr_Hands by Clown Services 01/14/2020, 10:23pm PST
        This is basically the same problem as the Challenger explosion... NT by The Happiness Engine 01/15/2020, 4:12pm PST

ho ho ho government IT’s a shit show! by blackwater 01/08/2020, 6:03pm PST
    Government contracts! by Mysterio as a Service (MaaS) 01/08/2020, 9:19pm PST
    Re: ho ho ho government IT’s a shit show! by Furcifer 01/09/2020, 1:06pm PST NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 01/09/2020, 4:49pm PST

Wyze leak by Jack Bauer 12/31/2019, 6:38am PST
    Wyze makes security cameras. I forgot that part. NT by Jack Bauer 12/31/2019, 6:39am PST
        Re: Ring is in hot water too. by Furcifer 01/09/2020, 2:41pm PST
    I guess their security engineers weren't very... NT by .................... 12/31/2019, 9:39am PST

Best freeware DVD (and possibly Blu-Ray?) software for Windows 10? by Mischief Maker 12/15/2019, 12:50pm PST
    Would VLC work? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/15/2019, 3:47pm PST
        The parts come wednesday. I'll let you know! (I trust you more than google) NT by MM 12/15/2019, 4:39pm PST
        Re: VLC by Furcifer 12/18/2019, 5:02am PST
            blu-ray and dvd aren't the same NT by binkbot 12/19/2019, 5:31am PST
            Re: VLC by Consortium Licensing Fees 01/08/2020, 10:22pm PST

Dented Reality: Magic Leap Sees Slow Sales, Steep Losses by blackwater 12/06/2019, 3:24pm PST

Android tablet recommendation by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/03/2019, 9:18pm PST
    Re: Android tablet recommendation by Horus Truthteller 12/04/2019, 6:18am PST
        Re: Android tablet recommendation by Mysterio 12/04/2019, 6:37am PST
            Thanks. It is useful to me. NT by Horus Truthteller 12/04/2019, 11:13am PST

Apple nukes all reviews of Apple products on its slte by blackwater 11/22/2019, 3:12am PST
    I just had a hard drive not come up. by Johnny Fivedicks 11/22/2019, 6:06am PST
        Sam here. Nothing to do with Apple. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/22/2019, 7:07pm PST

Jesus Christ, Elon NT by Entropy Stew 11/22/2019, 8:18am PST
    Are you complaining about the cybertruck? NT by It's weird 11/22/2019, 8:25am PST
        YES NT by Entropy Stew 11/22/2019, 8:34am PST
    Obligatory. by MM 11/22/2019, 8:32am PST
        To be fair, the truck costs half of what the Homer does. NT by CattleHumper 11/22/2019, 9:20am PST
    Re: Jesus Christ, Elon by Mr. 3000 11/22/2019, 11:49am PST

Is it time to put Apple Computer on suicide watch? by blackwater 11/27/2016, 12:18pm PST
    Maybe by but probably not quite yet! 11/27/2016, 1:35pm PST
    They're in their 90s IBM phase by skip 11/27/2016, 3:15pm PST
    Re: Is it time to put Apple Computer on suicide watch? by E. L. Koba 11/28/2016, 4:40pm PST
        Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, select Ubuntu preinstall by Entropy Stew 12/01/2016, 7:46pm PST
        Re: Is it time to put Apple Computer on suicide watch? by bisekrankas 01/16/2018, 4:01am PST
        Apple just repeating one of DEC's old tricks from the 1970s by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/05/2018, 1:53am PDT
    I am hoping the good shit comes out next year by Entropy Stew 12/01/2016, 7:47pm PST
        2017 was a terrible year for Apple. by blackwater 01/15/2018, 11:15pm PST
            wHatS a cOmPUtEr???? NT by Judge Barry 01/16/2018, 10:59am PST
            Their CEO is a lunatic by Mysterio Lollerson 01/16/2018, 11:00am PST
                "I've only had good years" -- Tim Cook by Mysterio Lollerson 02/21/2018, 9:16am PST
            2018 isn't looking much better by skip 01/17/2018, 3:49pm PST
                Apple rolls out eGPUs, but sort of in a half-assed way by blackwater 04/15/2018, 9:42am PDT
                    It's a long way from the motherboard bus to an external GPU. NT by Have they fixed that? 04/15/2018, 2:27pm PDT
                    Why bother given the limitations, and lack of games by DireTirefire 04/15/2018, 2:53pm PDT
                    They’ve turned the GPU... into a dongle =( NT by Tim Cook <3 dongles 04/15/2018, 11:36pm PDT
        Laptop update by Entropy Stew 09/24/2018, 4:24pm PDT
            You can't justify a MBP anymore. They went full retard on the MBP by Motherhead 09/24/2018, 6:47pm PDT
                He just the die-hard professional Apple-loving core die on the vine NT by Entropy Stew 09/25/2018, 10:46am PDT
                    Yep, can't into computer. NT by Motherhead 09/25/2018, 11:51am PDT
    Apple deprecates OpenGL and OpenCL by blackwater 06/04/2018, 8:59pm PDT
    Suicide watch? Apple has 5 billion in cash in the bank NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/07/2018, 9:30pm PDT
    Apple stops making the iPhone SE by blackwater 09/15/2018, 3:24pm PDT
        This also means they no longer make a phone with a headphone jack. NT by Fullofkittens 09/16/2018, 9:24am PDT
            I hate Bluetooth, so I gotta ask. by Mysterio Lollerson 09/16/2018, 9:34am PDT
                I am told that the experience of using those things is "better than expected." by Fullofkittens 09/16/2018, 10:56am PDT
                    Chiming in here by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/16/2018, 11:06am PDT
                        Remember "it just works"? by Just Barely 09/16/2018, 1:41pm PDT
                    I have a Bluetooth headset, but I don't use it most of the time. by blackwater 09/21/2018, 3:14pm PDT
                Re: I hate Bluetooth, so I gotta ask. by CattleHumper 09/19/2018, 1:58pm PDT
                    This is my experience as well but I was unwilling to be the board apple defender by Motherhead 09/19/2018, 2:12pm PDT
                    Not having to hold a button down to connect is huge, makes a lot of sense. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/19/2018, 7:33pm PDT
    Apple cracks down on indie repair shops. by blackwater 10/05/2018, 12:28pm PDT
    Re: Is it time to put Apple Computer on suicide watch? by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/11/2018, 8:18pm PDT
        Some simple organisms shit and eat through the same hole. by Tim Cook 10/14/2018, 3:27pm PDT
            Mac transhumanist nods furiously while eating shit NT by J Gruber 10/14/2018, 10:39pm PDT
    Well, the dumb shits put the Escape key back on their laptops. by I've Only Had Good Years 11/15/2019, 8:28am PST
        Never apologize to the neeeeeerds by blackwater 11/15/2019, 9:29pm PST

Everyone ready for their Mac to no longer run anything? NT by Ichabod 10/10/2019, 5:49am PDT
    Everything is broken. Abandon ship. by blackwater 10/10/2019, 10:38pm PDT
        This has to be a joke by Ichabod 10/12/2019, 11:00am PDT

Windows 10 alternate to RDP and TeamViewer by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/06/2019, 11:45am PDT worked. What a godsend. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/06/2019, 11:58am PDT
    I use Chrome RDP for my home server NT by laudablepuss 10/06/2019, 12:31pm PDT
        Seconded. NT by Came here to say seconded 10/06/2019, 8:03pm PDT
    Zoom lets you give control to a conversation participant. by Fullofkittens 10/06/2019, 4:16pm PDT
        Thanks guys NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/06/2019, 9:44pm PDT

IT HAS THREE CAMERAS! NT by Idiot broad on the iPhone commercia 09/22/2019, 2:45pm PDT
    Already been Carl on Duty'd by Vested Id 09/22/2019, 3:36pm PDT

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