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Does anyone have mouse lag with the new version? by pinback 12/11/2022, 12:33pm PST
    No lag here. by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/11/2022, 10:48pm PST
        I am not upgrading to play motherfucking DF. NT by pinback 12/12/2022, 3:46am PST
            I have a right to make a living. NT by RAM SALES MAN 12/12/2022, 4:35pm PST
        Rather than upgrading my rig, I downgraded my display. NT by 1920x1080 4 lyfe 12/14/2022, 4:52pm PST
    no but my saves mysterious disable my middle mouse click and drag after a few by years of play 01/06/2023, 9:33am PST NEW
        I have the right to sell my beaten brass NT by MIDDLE CLICK GUY 01/06/2023, 3:27pm PST NEW

It's incredible. I am ecstatically happy. by Fullofkittens 12/18/2022, 9:29am PST

I like Rimworld better. It's less macro. by Mysterio 12/14/2022, 1:47pm PST
    Z-levels NT by pinback 12/14/2022, 4:51pm PST

Steam version December 6. by pinback 11/01/2022, 5:07pm PDT
    Ok by Vested Id 11/01/2022, 5:11pm PDT
    100% going to buy this by E. L. Koba 11/02/2022, 4:07pm PDT
        Re: 100% going to buy this by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/03/2022, 8:10am PDT
            That's almost the entire point of the Steam release. NT by pinback 11/03/2022, 12:50pm PDT
                LOOK AT THESE GUYS by E. L. Koba 11/03/2022, 4:20pm PDT
                that and mouse controls NT by Entropy Stew 12/09/2022, 3:03pm PST
    go buy it NT by CONSUME 12/09/2022, 1:08pm PST

Ultima Ratio Regum by pinback 12/15/2014, 1:10pm PST
    This guy is fucking stupid. by WITTGENSTEIN 12/15/2014, 1:48pm PST
        I don't know why I keep coming here. NT by pinback 12/15/2014, 2:09pm PST
            He is saying the RPS guy is stupid. by Mysterio 12/15/2014, 2:27pm PST
                It's a Dwarf Fortress clone. Nobody will play it. by WITTGENSTEIN 12/15/2014, 2:38pm PST
                    Do NOT address me directly. Ever. Understand? NT by Mysterio 12/15/2014, 3:05pm PST
                        Fucking blow me, sperglord. by WITTGENSTEIN 12/15/2014, 3:51pm PST
                            W-was this to me? Did you address me? After I requested otherwise? by Mysterio 12/15/2014, 5:36pm PST
            I for one would like to thank ICJ for bringing this game to our attention. by Big Gay Kirk 12/15/2014, 3:36pm PST
                It was a pleasure to post. by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/15/2014, 5:39pm PST
                    Sounds pretty posh NT by Eurotrash 12/16/2014, 9:46am PST
        Hooray! Starflight! by laudablepuss 12/15/2014, 2:44pm PST
            Re: Hooray! Starflight! by laudablepuss 12/15/2014, 2:47pm PST
                I would like you to entertain the idea that none of this is science. NT by pinback 12/15/2014, 4:20pm PST
                    Is this in response to something? What are you talking about please? NT by laudablepuss 12/16/2014, 7:22am PST
                        Half of this thread is me and ICJ doing in-jokes. Just roll with it. NT by pinback 12/16/2014, 7:40am PST
                            We're all shocked that you think this place is your personal playground NT by With the way you constantly act 12/16/2014, 7:45am PST
                                How do I "act"? NT by pinback 12/16/2014, 8:07am PST
                                    like a "CUNT" NT by Worm 12/16/2014, 9:02am PST
                                        Wait til they get a load of me by Gasoline 05/18/2022, 11:16pm PDT

Hey Jerry, what's shakin'? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/18/2021, 9:19pm PST
    I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately. by Jerry Whorebach 12/07/2021, 2:26pm PST
        Nudity gives and it takes away by Vested Id 12/07/2021, 2:58pm PST
            There are not many things in this world I care about. by Jerry Whorebach 12/07/2021, 5:21pm PST

The PinPack by pinback 02/27/2020, 2:13pm PST
    0 threats found. 1435 files scanned. NT by Windows Defender 02/29/2020, 7:51am PST
        Thanks, Windows Defender! NT by pinback 02/29/2020, 9:49am PST
    ASCII PinPack by pinback 02/29/2020, 9:52am PST
    World's best Youtuber SsethTzeentach also makes me wanna play by Judge Barry 02/29/2020, 11:47am PST
    Here's a webpage with the PinPacks, screenshots, download links, etc. by pinback 02/29/2020, 7:00pm PST
        Re: Here's a webpage with the PinPacks, screenshots, download links, etc. by Comment Guy 03/04/2020, 4:41pm PST
            Re: Here's a webpage with the PinPacks, screenshots, download links, etc. by pinback 03/04/2020, 5:07pm PST
                How do I make it use the graphics packs? by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/27/2020, 9:06pm PDT
    New PinPack for 47.04 by pinback 03/04/2020, 3:09pm PST
    Re: The PinPack by Unbelievably Fat Man 03/05/2020, 6:08am PST
        Re: The PinPack by pinback 03/05/2020, 7:43am PST
            Re: The PinPack by Reddit Mod 03/05/2020, 11:51am PST
    They redid the UI for the Steam release! by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/18/2021, 9:05am PST
        I mean, this is great. by pinback 01/18/2021, 2:23pm PST
            Just found this thread and this subthread, nice work Pinback by Saltlord 01/18/2021, 4:22pm PST

New version released: 47.01 by pinback 01/31/2020, 6:16am PST
    0.47.04 released. by pinback 03/02/2020, 3:53am PST

I'm thinking of getting into this game by Mysterio 02/28/2020, 6:21am PST
    I assume you're doing a bit, which I will ignore. by pinback 02/28/2020, 8:27am PST

Pictures from Beautyworks by pinback 02/25/2020, 4:56am PST
    Full embark zone, ASCII-mode by pinback 02/25/2020, 6:54am PST
        Whoa by Judge Barry 02/25/2020, 8:21am PST
            Re: Whoa by pinback 02/25/2020, 8:32am PST
    Quick mouse designation demonstration. by pinback 02/27/2020, 7:20am PST
        In our complex world I seek to get back to simpler times of LOLDONGS NT by Lawrence O. L. Dongs 02/27/2020, 12:14pm PST

DF on a phone. by pinback 02/23/2020, 3:10am PST
    I mean, I know your life's been going bad but... can we talk? NT by The Happiness Engine 02/24/2020, 8:29pm PST
        Things have never been better, and I don't know what you mean. NT by pinback 02/25/2020, 4:51am PST

Special offer to the Caltrops community. by https://twitch.tv/pinback99 02/06/2020, 7:55pm PST
    Do we get the girl? Is she given away? NT by Judge Barry 02/07/2020, 5:49am PST
        Mmmmmmm hm NT by The Hypnotist 02/07/2020, 1:59pm PST

Jerry, when are you going to make aliyah? NT by Mysterio 12/01/2019, 12:33pm PST
    Okay these are just stupid by Trolly is a professional troll y'kn 01/31/2020, 11:37am PST

Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will NT by sit like an effendi and eat! 12/07/2019, 4:37pm PST
    And this post one should delete NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 4:48pm PST

Jerry Whorebach is probably the world's most potent incel NT by Mysterio 09/13/2019, 7:52pm PDT

Any tutorial recommendations? by pinback 02/20/2019, 12:09pm PST
    I last played it over 5 years ago so things likely have changed by Fullofkittens 02/20/2019, 1:48pm PST
    You found tiles you like, right? by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/22/2019, 11:41pm PST
        The "Lazy Newb Pack" comes with several tilesets you can just click on to activa by pinback 02/24/2019, 9:37am PST
    Halfway through this book. I'm almost ready to start playing!! by pinback 02/24/2019, 6:04pm PST
        Gettin' to the last few chapters. Just about ready to fire it up! NT by pinback 08/02/2019, 4:23pm PDT

Jerry, plz contextualize the Badlands/Natural Born Killers story unfolding in BC NT by Mysterio 07/24/2019, 6:22pm PDT
    The killers come from Port Alberni, a city of 20 000 people and 1 psychiatrist. by Jerry Whorebach 07/26/2019, 3:05am PDT
        This is more useful than all of the news coverage so far, ty NT by Mysterio 07/31/2019, 7:29pm PDT
            I'm glad I could provide some local insight. by Jerry Whorebach 08/02/2019, 1:00am PDT

Happy belated New Year, Jerry. How do you make your money these days? NT by NZ Ex-Punter 04/14/2017, 10:26pm PDT
    I have a patreon. by Jerry Whorebach 04/15/2017, 6:58pm PDT
        We really need to replace welfare with mandatory reality TV shows. by blackwater 04/15/2017, 10:44pm PDT
        I knew it. Jerry is actually One Punch Man! NT by Mischief Maker 04/16/2017, 5:52am PDT
        Like it, but have to call gimmick infringement by on behalf of the real SEXPRED 04/16/2017, 10:17am PDT
            Picking up Paul's slack: an open letter to the Shoppers Optimum Program by @ShopprsDrugMart 11/19/2017, 5:49pm PST
                Is Childs Play on the list? NT by Jesus "fucking" Christ 11/19/2017, 10:59pm PST
                    No, they don't have anything cool. They have Ca-R-Ma.org, which helps homeless by @ShopprsDrugMart 11/20/2017, 1:31am PST
                        Those are good programs! by fabio 11/20/2017, 5:19am PST
                            Can't we just shoot them? That would put an end to their caterwauling. NT by @ShopprsDrugMart 11/20/2017, 12:05pm PST
                                http://www.buckstix.com/CoehornMortarHunt.htm NT by laudablepuss 11/20/2017, 12:49pm PST
                                    I was talking about the a cappellans! PS: this is Tam O'Shanter. NT by @ShopprsDrugMart 11/20/2017, 1:05pm PST
        How do groceries take 5 hours? Are you growing them yourself or sm? NT by Mysterio 02/20/2019, 6:58pm PST
            This was a couple years ago, when I was still walking everywhere LIKE A CHUMP. by Jerry Whorebach 02/21/2019, 1:17am PST
                Let's count the warning signs that he's gonna kill somebody by laudablepuss 02/22/2019, 7:20am PST
                Re: This was a couple years ago, when I was still walking everywhere by Mysteriobama 02/22/2019, 9:29pm PST
                    Re: This was a couple years ago, when I was still walking everywhere by E. L. Koba 02/24/2019, 2:00pm PST
                        You really captured the way I avoid eye or any other kind of contact with women. by Jerry Whorebach 02/24/2019, 6:32pm PST
                            Re: You really captured the way I avoid eye or any other kind of contact by Mysteriobama 02/24/2019, 9:39pm PST
                            You look like someone famous but I can't place it by Jack Bauer 02/26/2019, 9:53am PST
                                Zac Efron? by Netflix 02/26/2019, 12:21pm PST
                                    It was Efron, not the other guy by Jack Bauer 02/27/2019, 5:15pm PST
                                        I'm sorry, I meant the guy could be like the other guy PLAYED by the other guy by Netflix 02/27/2019, 7:58pm PST
                                Christian Slater NT by Mysterio 02/26/2019, 2:19pm PST
                            LJL at the irony that J. W. is the hottest, smartest poster in the game by Mysterio 02/26/2019, 11:54pm PST

In an alternate universe, Jerry Whorebach is teaching English in Seoul by Mysterio 10/07/2018, 4:21pm PDT

GOAL: Lose 60lbs by the end of summer by Jerry Whorebach 03/11/2010, 12:58am PST
    List your height so I know how reasonable this is (plz use feet/inches, thx). NT by Fussbett 03/11/2010, 1:26am PST
        5'7" (this probably should've gone in the Competitive Eating forum) NT by Jerry Whorebach 03/11/2010, 1:44am PST
            And finally... your current hit points? by Fussbett 03/11/2010, 2:04am PST
                Re: "your wallpaper" by Vested Id 03/11/2010, 2:33am PST
                He'll set the whole thing on it's head, and hit 300 to beat jso's high score NT by Worm 03/11/2010, 12:16pm PST
    How's this goal coming, Jerry? NT by VORPoster 03/20/2010, 8:32am PDT
        Hard to say! by Jerry Whorebach 03/20/2010, 9:43am PDT
    Progress Report 1/6 by Jerry Whorebach 04/01/2010, 5:31pm PDT
        10 lbs in 3 weeks isn't too bad. by FullOfKittens 04/01/2010, 5:48pm PDT
            Except I've been working on this for six weeks now :( by Jerry Whorebach 04/01/2010, 6:06pm PDT
                What's the point, you'll get it all back in 3 days, tubby NT by Jerry Orbach 04/01/2010, 6:08pm PDT
                    Jerry Orbach found a way to lose a lot of weight. NT by The Warezwolf 04/01/2010, 10:51pm PDT
                It is a long process. ^_^ NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/01/2010, 10:13pm PDT
        Progress Report 2/6 by Jerry Whorebach 05/01/2010, 4:35pm PDT
            Re: Progress Report 2/6 by i_hate_goons.vbs 05/02/2010, 1:41pm PDT
                I think in my case it's mostly diet. by Jerry Whorebach 05/02/2010, 3:32pm PDT
                    Re: I think in my case it's mostly diet. by Bananadine 05/02/2010, 4:58pm PDT
                        I get all my nutritional advice from Wikipedia. by Jerry Whorebach 05/02/2010, 6:28pm PDT
                            Re: I get all my nutritional advice from Wikipedia. by Bananadine 05/02/2010, 7:10pm PDT
                            Don't listen to these people. Stick with eating less. by Fussbett 05/05/2010, 12:36am PDT
                                Re: Don't listen to these people. Stick with eating less. by Bananadine 05/05/2010, 7:51am PDT
                                Oh, COME ON! by Mischief Maker 05/05/2010, 10:25am PDT
                                    I appreciate your concern by Jerry Whorebach 05/05/2010, 11:45am PDT
                                        Sometimes this forum needs a sitcom laugh track. NT by Mischief Maker 05/05/2010, 12:23pm PDT
                                            and Married With Children catcalls for Zseni posts NT by Fortinbras 05/06/2010, 11:23am PDT
                                    NO YOU COME ON by Fussbett 05/06/2010, 6:07pm PDT
                        Re: I think in my case it's mostly diet. by Mischief Maker 05/02/2010, 6:31pm PDT
                            Re: I think in my case it's mostly diet. by Bananadine 08/23/2011, 7:34pm PDT
            Re: Progress Report 2/6 by Cesar 05/03/2010, 3:57pm PDT
                I worry my apartment is too small and my life too empty to satisfy a dog. by Jerry Whorebach 05/04/2010, 7:04am PDT
                    Why lose weight? by Quétinbec 05/04/2010, 1:06pm PDT
                        No offense, but if I lose the weight and it turns out I look like you underneath by I'm going to be so disappointed :( 05/04/2010, 3:42pm PDT
                            That's a mean thing for your dad to say, especially since he abandoned his famil NT by i_hate_goons.vbs 05/04/2010, 7:41pm PDT
                                It was more like the other way around, and I feel just lousy about it. by Jerry Whorebach 05/05/2010, 11:49am PDT
                                    Does he give you money, Jerry? NT by Money to STAY AWAY? 05/05/2010, 5:45pm PDT
                                        No, for me it's a labour of love. by Jerry Whorebach 05/05/2010, 6:22pm PDT
                        Man what a fucking contrast with the sign outside too. by Worm 05/05/2010, 5:23am PDT
                        I just realised what this is a picture of by collapsicum 05/08/2010, 8:33pm PDT
                        Re: Why lose weight? by H1N1 06/05/2010, 3:58am PDT
            Progress Report 3/6 by Jerry Whorebach 06/01/2010, 10:26am PDT
                you've lost 35 pounds. by up with pod people 06/01/2010, 1:58pm PDT
                    It's better to be handsome than to be tough. by Quétinbec 06/03/2010, 12:08pm PDT
                        Just swimming! Plus a history of punishing your body. by Fussbett 06/03/2010, 8:40pm PDT
                            Also, who gets a colonoscopy at age 29? I thought you get your first at 50. NT by Mischief Maker 06/03/2010, 8:54pm PDT
                                Say what you want about internal parasites... by Quétinbec 06/04/2010, 4:43am PDT
                Progress Report 4/6 by Jerry Whorebach 07/01/2010, 11:36am PDT
                    No, really, hooray! NT by laudablepuss 07/01/2010, 12:26pm PDT
                    Nice work by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/01/2010, 1:25pm PDT
                    More like DWARF FITNESS, am I right? by Fussbett 07/01/2010, 6:21pm PDT
                    seconding request for more Jerry Whorebach meal plans pls. NT by up with pod people 07/01/2010, 9:13pm PDT
                    I am very proud of you!! by Good job! 07/01/2010, 9:25pm PDT
                        Signed, Claire NT by Bunyip <-- (Claire) 07/01/2010, 10:40pm PDT
                    Progress Report 5/6 by Jerry Whorebach 08/01/2010, 2:37pm PDT
                        Congratulations, Jerry. This is extraordinary. NT by mysterio swarm 08/01/2010, 3:16pm PDT
                        Yep, breaking character to congratulate you. by I need clarification 08/01/2010, 9:05pm PDT
                        Re: Progress Report 5/6 by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/01/2010, 9:55pm PDT
                            I still have a whole MONTH before I have to show any results! by Jerry Whorebach 08/02/2010, 1:15pm PDT
                                You're saying you're whiter than notepad, that's pretty white NT by laudablepuss 08/02/2010, 1:35pm PDT
                                Caltrops ladies: September is tanned torso month on Caltrops NT by Set vaginas to wet 08/02/2010, 2:09pm PDT
                        muscle weighs more than fat thing, coming into play again by up with pod people 08/01/2010, 10:44pm PDT
                            Does microwaving the Christmas turkey destroy all the vitamin C? by Entropy Stew 08/01/2010, 11:54pm PDT
                        Progress Report 6/6 by Jerry Whorebach 09/01/2010, 4:39pm PDT
                            Was it worth it: probably not <-- what the fuck ever. by laudablepuss 09/01/2010, 4:57pm PDT
                                No, you're right, it was probably worth it. by Jerry Whorebach 09/01/2010, 5:17pm PDT
                            Are you finally ready for the Tuna REVOLUTION? by The Happiness Engine 11/03/2017, 9:13am PDT
                    Caltrops Progress Report: Still full of gullible tools by We didn't learn anything from QB 08/02/2010, 6:51am PDT
                        Woah, who's that guy always taking the safest option in bets nobody made? by Mischief Maker 08/02/2010, 8:55am PDT
                            Shaft! NT by Back-up singers 08/02/2010, 12:00pm PDT

How's the year treating you, Jerry? NT by Quentin Beck 10/28/2015, 11:43am PDT
    Not great! I'm super unhappy about MCU Hawkeye in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. by Jerry Whorebach 11/15/2015, 11:17pm PST
        I'd like to see a Jerry review of The Fall NT by fabio 11/15/2015, 11:27pm PST
        Jerry's back. I'm kind of glad, though it probably means his life got worse. by Mysterio 11/16/2015, 11:52am PST
            Re: Jerry's back. I'm kind of glad, though it probably means his life got worse. by Jerry Whorebach 11/20/2015, 9:56am PST
                Front page! NT by Entropy Stew 11/20/2015, 7:23pm PST
                I miss you, Jerry. I miss you so much. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/26/2016, 1:19pm PST
                    He always posts by fabio 01/26/2016, 9:31pm PST
                        Halo A im Jury Hurbik NT by Runny Replace 01/26/2016, 10:46pm PST

Youtube hoarders by Vested Id 11/16/2015, 2:47am PST

Dwarf Fortress modded to allow human players. by Last 10/19/2012, 10:39am PDT
    might actually try this out, thanks NT by fucking newbie 10/21/2012, 9:01pm PDT

Hey mark, how's it going? And how are you finding Caltrops these days? NT by Quentinbot 09/20/2009, 9:30pm PDT
    bump NT by bump chudder 07/24/2012, 1:29pm PDT

Obligatory how's it goin' Jerry thread header by WITTGENSTEIN 08/15/2011, 8:24pm PDT
    :( NT by Fullofkittens 08/15/2011, 8:29pm PDT
    Any room can be a panic room if you have the right attitude. by Jerry Whorebach 08/15/2011, 9:19pm PDT
        Sounds like someone passed the change first by Ray of Light 08/15/2011, 11:12pm PDT
        I had a similar disaster by Fullofkittens 08/16/2011, 5:57am PDT
            Re: I had a similar disaster by This is Chris's Blood 08/16/2011, 12:11pm PDT
        Re: Any room can be a panic room if you have the right attitude. by Entropy Stew 08/16/2011, 8:41am PDT
        You... MONSTER! by Mischief Maker 08/16/2011, 5:50pm PDT
            MM is a jurisdoctor, not an arithmedoctor. NT by binkbot 08/16/2011, 6:06pm PDT
                He still makes a good point. by Jerry Whorebach 08/16/2011, 6:52pm PDT
                    Re: He still makes a good point. by This is Chris's Blood 08/16/2011, 9:50pm PDT
                    Re: He still makes a good point. by Mischief Maker 08/16/2011, 10:05pm PDT
                        4. Body odor by 99. Basic math (lawyers don't use t 08/17/2011, 1:26am PDT
                            Shit. That's what I get for posting on 3 hours of sleep. NT by Mischief Maker 08/17/2011, 9:01am PDT
                        Re: He still makes a good point. by laudablepuss 08/17/2011, 9:16am PDT
                            Well now that I realized my goof I'm more confused. by Mischief Maker 08/18/2011, 10:34am PDT
                    wait. you're supposed to hold eye contact with retail people (I'm doomed) by up with pod people 08/17/2011, 9:50am PDT
            Thanks, J. Jeph Jacques Esq. by fabio 08/17/2011, 3:36pm PDT
                No problem, Aaron Diaz! by Mischief Maker 08/18/2011, 12:35am PDT
        coda by up with pod people 09/23/2011, 8:47am PDT

NY Times article on Dwarf Fortress and its creators. by Mr. Kool 07/23/2011, 4:14pm PDT
    Oh Jesus, that is depressing by The Happiness Engine 07/24/2011, 1:40pm PDT
        Meanwhile, Terraria is 1000x more fun and took < 6 months to code in XNA NT by FoK 07/24/2011, 5:22pm PDT
        What a fucking yuppie. by WITTGENSTEIN 07/24/2011, 5:43pm PDT
            Except Minecraft is awful and in a better society we'd all love Dwarf Fortress. NT by Worm 07/24/2011, 6:13pm PDT
            Re: What a fucking yuppie. by col.schickn 07/24/2011, 9:41pm PDT
            You think he’s bemoaning lost fans in that quote? by Arbit 07/25/2011, 10:59am PDT
                The revenue stream will dry up in less than 10 NT by WITTGENSTEIN 07/25/2011, 12:24pm PDT
                    Only 10 years? FAILURE by Arbit 07/25/2011, 1:17pm PDT
                        That article will hopefully not drive any reasonable person to try the game. NT by Fullofkittens 07/25/2011, 1:49pm PDT

Crime comes to Dwarf Fortress! by Jerry Whorebach 12/31/2010, 7:09am PST
    Make a shiv out of tuna cans. And, yes, peanuts are good. NT by Just Another Mysterious Stranger 12/31/2010, 8:41am PST
        There are no peanuts in Circus Peanuts. At least, I don't THINK there are... NT by Jerry Whorebach 12/31/2010, 10:10am PST
    What are you using as an indicator of guilt? by Lizard_King 12/31/2010, 9:28am PST
        I admit, my evidence is circumstantial at best. by Jerry Whorebach 12/31/2010, 10:09am PST
            That seems pretty solid by Lizard_King 12/31/2010, 3:30pm PST
    Red lollipops and your bare hands, screaming by FoK 12/31/2010, 9:29am PST
    Congratulations, Jerry by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 01/03/2011, 4:04am PST
        I ruminate about a lot of things, you're gonna have to be more specific. by Jerry Whorebach 01/03/2011, 6:34am PST
        Succinct, concise, excellent imitation of my overwrought sentence structure. A-. NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 01/03/2011, 8:15am PST
            Wait, that wasn't. Who is? What is going on? NT by A FRIEND 01/03/2011, 9:25am PST
    UPDATE by Jerry Whorebach 07/19/2011, 6:24am PDT
        Re: UPDATE by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/20/2011, 9:55am PDT
            As a social anxiety sufferer used to having his fears characterized as by irrational, bordering on delusional 07/20/2011, 9:28pm PDT
                THE FAT SIGNAL! by Fussbett 07/21/2011, 12:25am PDT
                    I thought that was a picture of Tycho NT by WITTGENSTEIN 07/21/2011, 4:01pm PDT

How's life these days, Jerry Whorebach? NT by Quentin Beck 07/14/2011, 4:18pm PDT
    Solved. All that's left now is to run out the clock. by Jerry Whorebach 07/14/2011, 8:56pm PDT
        The sky was the color of a television turned to a dead channel. NT by neurofuckergibsoneater 07/14/2011, 10:34pm PDT
        Maybe this should be in the high scores forum NT by laudablepuss 07/15/2011, 10:05am PDT
        Jerry's home town inspires us NT by game level designers 07/15/2011, 1:44pm PDT
        You met your weight goal? by Mischief Maker 07/16/2011, 10:35pm PDT
            Probably not (see title of forum) NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/17/2011, 10:57am PDT
            I blew past my goal weight and kept right on going. by Jerry Whorebach 07/17/2011, 10:06pm PDT
            Re: You met your weight goal? by Fussbett 07/18/2011, 2:09pm PDT
        The island is the most beautiful place in Canada, you dumb kike by Mysterio 07/19/2011, 4:18pm PDT
            Parts of Vancouver Island are quite nice, indeed. by Jerry Whorebach 07/20/2011, 12:30am PDT

early impressions by Bananadine 11/28/2010, 1:24pm PST
    progress by Bananadine 12/01/2010, 9:10am PST
        Reading someone else's playthrough is my favorite part of this game. (Least fav NT by orite part: playing.) Thanks. -Last 12/01/2010, 11:37am PST
        Boring FPS-saving tips by N 12/01/2010, 4:27pm PST
            How do you farm without running water? NT by Fullofkittens 12/01/2010, 4:47pm PST
                If there is a pool you can drain it to a lower level and make muddy floors. NT by Arbit 12/01/2010, 9:51pm PST
            The water is my favorite :( NT by Bananadine 12/01/2010, 5:18pm PST
            The hell? by Arbit 12/01/2010, 9:49pm PST
                Re: The hell? by Bananadine 12/01/2010, 10:27pm PST
                    It's like learning to read... after a while it's clear as day. But if you're imp NT by atient, there's tiles. 12/01/2010, 10:29pm PST
                        Re: It's like learning to read... after a while it's clear as day. But if you're by Bananadine 12/02/2010, 7:36am PST
                            Use the unit list. (u) by Arbit 12/02/2010, 4:20pm PST
                                Oh wow by Bananadine 12/02/2010, 5:19pm PST
                                I played some more by Bananadine 12/07/2010, 7:11pm PST
                                    Re: I played some more by Bananadine 12/16/2010, 6:14pm PST
                                        Re: I played some more by Bananadine 01/24/2011, 10:03am PST
                                            I enjoy these so much. NT by Souffle of Pain 01/26/2011, 11:51pm PST
                                                Seconded. NT by Scruffy 01/27/2011, 8:56am PST
                                            Re: I played some more by Bananadine 01/28/2011, 12:02pm PST
                                                Re: I played some more by Bananadine 02/07/2011, 12:31pm PST
                                                    Re: I played some more by Shredder 02/07/2011, 7:52pm PST
                                                    Re: I played some more by Bananadine 02/15/2011, 6:54pm PST

bravemule by up with pod people 09/29/2010, 7:27pm PDT
    I love the picture of Logna cowering before his statue by Bananadine 02/15/2011, 6:32pm PST
        you should ask, he is good people. NT by up with pod people 02/15/2011, 6:46pm PST

Do you ever what it would be like if someone wrote an entire OS in the style of by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/12/2011, 12:01pm PST
    Holy fuck NT by Entropy Stew 02/12/2011, 1:05pm PST
    So that's what Bobcat Goldthwait's been doing ever since Police Academy. NT by Eurotrash 02/13/2011, 7:48am PST

This is Jerry... right? by Mysterious Stranger 01/10/2011, 6:45pm PST
    HTML is 20 years old you faggot. Learn to hyperlink. NT by Last 01/10/2011, 8:28pm PST
        You can question his sexuality, but not his tradecraft. by Jerry Whorebach 01/11/2011, 8:59am PST

So, Jerry. What's new? NT by Quentin Beck 12/18/2010, 3:49pm PST
    I'm feeling a little depressed these days. by Jerry Whorebach 12/18/2010, 5:39pm PST
        Jerry, you are going to give yourself heavy metal poisoning with all the canned by fish. This isn't a hippy complaint, 12/18/2010, 7:49pm PST
            Assumptions by Fussbett 12/19/2010, 8:38am PST
                The last time I saw a doctor was in July of 2009. by Jerry Whorebach 12/19/2010, 11:52am PST
                    Consider ever woman in the world as having issued you a challenge. NT by Fussbett 12/19/2010, 2:19pm PST
                        every NT by Fussbett 12/19/2010, 2:27pm PST
                            IMPORTANT: this is not a strangulation-oriented challenge NT by Fullofkittens 12/19/2010, 2:54pm PST
                                Though it may not be a strangulation-free challenge. NT by Worm 12/19/2010, 3:08pm PST
                        ...except Tom Chick's sister NT by Entropy Stew 12/20/2010, 12:02am PST
        We want to go to the party... in your tummy! NT by Fruits and Vegetables 12/19/2010, 12:41am PST
            YEAH NT by Carrots 12/19/2010, 4:49am PST
            Green beans NT by YEAH 12/19/2010, 4:50am PST
            My party planning experience is mostly limited to Dungeons & Dragons :( by Jerry Whorebach 12/19/2010, 11:59am PST
                Buy a bag of almonds. Substitute one meal with almonds. Eat your multivitamins. NT by Gutsby 12/19/2010, 2:27pm PST
                    Do multivitamins really work? What should I look for? NT by Jerry Whorebach 12/19/2010, 3:30pm PST
                        Zinc, calcium, vitamin C. by Gutsby 12/19/2010, 4:29pm PST
                            Cheap multivitamins may be worse than nothing at all. by Mysterious Stranger 12/19/2010, 9:02pm PST
                                I had to look up what a pinto bean was :( by Jerry Whorebach 12/20/2010, 6:26am PST
                                    Re: I had to look up what a pinto bean was :( by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/20/2010, 9:03am PST
                                        I don't have any goddamn beans NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/20/2010, 10:48pm PST
                Re: My party planning experience is mostly limited to Dungeons & Dragons :( by Bananadine 12/19/2010, 2:29pm PST
                    You don't get to be as fat as I was being picky. by Ignorant and lazy is another story. 12/19/2010, 3:28pm PST
                        Jerry, four words: by Vaginas. Have. No. Calories. 12/19/2010, 7:36pm PST
                            On the contrary, the adipose pad of the pubic mound is quite rich. NT by Worm, Ed Gein 12/19/2010, 8:53pm PST
                        Who's feeding you this protein line? by Keller 12/19/2010, 11:53pm PST
                            Let it never be said I'm not one to bow to public pressure. by Jerry Whorebach 12/20/2010, 6:19am PST
                                Jerry! EVERYONE says you're not one to bow to public pressure. by Last 12/20/2010, 9:49am PST

Secret reason Jerry was losing weight. by Worm 10/25/2010, 7:35am PDT

Jerry which game site have you finally settled on by Mysterio 09/29/2010, 9:00am PDT
    My games site of choice is and always will be caltrops.com v_v by Jerry Whorebach 09/29/2010, 5:32pm PDT
        "Operation Anchorage was as bad as anything BioWare's ever made" by jeep 09/29/2010, 5:39pm PDT
            I go back and forth between almost liking FO3 and absolutely despising it. by Jerry Whorebach 09/29/2010, 6:48pm PDT
                Don't play the terrible word-guessing minigame! by laudablepuss 09/29/2010, 7:20pm PDT
                    At least the lockpicking game has a "throw up hands in frustration" button. by (X) Force Lock 09/29/2010, 7:42pm PDT
                The game got much better when I started over by jeep 09/29/2010, 9:46pm PDT
                    Re: The game got much better when I started over by Entropy Stew 09/30/2010, 2:12pm PDT
                        BARF! would have been a better reference NT by River City Ransom! COME ON CALTROP 09/30/2010, 3:43pm PDT
                Re: I go back and forth between almost liking FO3 and absolutely despising it. by Mr. Kool 09/30/2010, 3:26pm PDT
                    You can *almost* do it in Fallout 3. by Jerry Whorebach 10/07/2010, 1:36pm PDT
                        Re: You can *almost* do it in Fallout 3. by laudablepuss 10/07/2010, 4:29pm PDT
                            It's always a better idea to clamber over something than to clamber under it, by even before you factor in the CHUDs 10/07/2010, 9:33pm PDT
                                Regardless, a ladder wouldn't help. by laudablepuss 10/08/2010, 11:48am PDT
                                    Hi NT by Potomac 10/08/2010, 1:34pm PDT
                                        Not even remotely comparable to the situation in Manhattan NT by laudablepuss 10/08/2010, 2:22pm PDT
                                    Yeah, I don't really know. by Jerry Whorebach 10/09/2010, 10:20am PDT
                        Here is who should win an award: by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2010, 11:16am PDT
                            Re: Here is who should win an award: by Entropy Stew 10/08/2010, 1:29pm PDT
                                Re: Here is who should win an award: by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2010, 3:17pm PDT
                                    Jerry Whorebach: King Shit of Fuck Mountain by Mysterious Stranger 10/08/2010, 4:47pm PDT
                                        DIS GUY DON GET IT by Mysterious Stranger Helper 10/08/2010, 4:51pm PDT
                                        Here we have the "flavor" of a shitty poster. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/08/2010, 6:12pm PDT
                                            Man I love HSM's 50 page Bioware game reviews, lets resurrect them but call the NT by reviewer Jerry Whorebach. 10/08/2010, 6:14pm PDT
                                                Agreed. They barely spoke of the keys used to cast spells and attack enemies. NT by Eldjotnar 10/08/2010, 6:30pm PDT
                            On behalf of the spirit of BDR and to a lesser extent FABIO, I accept this award NT by Jerry Whorebach 10/09/2010, 10:09am PDT

Hassled by the pigs >:( by Jerry Whorebach 08/10/2010, 1:28am PDT
    I do enjoy needling the blue pigs. O_O NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 08/10/2010, 7:11am PDT

self portrait by bombMexico 06/27/2010, 2:23am PDT
    You should replace your bat with a leafblower. NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 06/27/2010, 3:24am PDT
        real mature man real mature by bombMexico 06/27/2010, 5:04am PDT
            Re: real mature man real mature by Jhoh Cause..... 2 06/27/2010, 11:27am PDT

Not bad for a one-room apartment :( by Jerry Whorebach 05/29/2010, 10:19am PDT
    Re: Not bad for a one-room apartment :( by H1N1 06/05/2010, 4:34am PDT
        It also apparently rots your teeth and might cause bone loss. :( by Fullofkittens 06/05/2010, 6:27am PDT
            I was under the impression it was less harmful to your teeth than fruit juice? by Jerry Whorebach 06/05/2010, 9:53am PDT
                I guess it causes bone loss in your teeth too. NT by Fussbett 06/05/2010, 12:05pm PDT
                Juice vs. Drink by Mischief Maker 06/05/2010, 12:41pm PDT

how "law and order" ended up sucking by Sword of Justice 05/24/2010, 12:36pm PDT
    How could he not include a link to the web's #1 Michael Moriarty fansite? by Jerry Whorebach 05/25/2010, 4:29am PDT
    Re: how "law and order" ended up sucking by Jhoh Cause..... 2 05/25/2010, 4:36am PDT

Is he ever going to put a real UI in it? Or is that his "thing"? by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/17/2010, 12:45pm PDT
    He doesn't care about it, assumes someone is eventually going to do it for him. NT by Fullofkittens 04/17/2010, 1:54pm PDT
        Well then I'll just let someone ELSE call him a faggot! NT by Someone 04/17/2010, 3:32pm PDT
    welcome to the party pal NT by Sword of Justice 04/17/2010, 2:30pm PDT
        Yeah. =( by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/17/2010, 2:36pm PDT
            Think of it as a text city building/tower defense game. USE YOUR IMAGINA NT by Fullofkittens 04/17/2010, 2:39pm PDT
                Better results can be achieved with no game at all with imagination. NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/17/2010, 2:58pm PDT

New version is out, BTW (it's been like a year and a half since the last one) NT by E. L. Koba 04/02/2010, 6:05pm PDT
    How much like a book is the new version? NT by Because I read books. 04/02/2010, 6:44pm PDT
        I'm having a hard time figuring out what's in the new version by Fullofkittens 04/03/2010, 5:53am PDT
            first impressions by Fullofkittens (PLANETFALL SPOILER) 04/03/2010, 8:30pm PDT
                The underground has tons of shit apparently. I can't wait to get into this. NT by Arbit 04/03/2010, 9:56pm PDT
                    Yeah, reading through the forums, I guess it's always possible to be Moria now. by Fullofkittens 04/04/2010, 8:19am PDT
                        Re: Yeah, reading through the forums, I guess it's always possible to be Moria by Mysterious Stranger 04/17/2010, 1:45pm PDT

Welcome to fucking Boatmurdered by Fortinbras 03/16/2010, 10:23am PDT
    epic thread NT by gruman 03/16/2010, 11:02am PDT
        you might even say it was "ftw" by irony 03/16/2010, 11:14am PDT
            gruman NT by gruman 03/16/2010, 11:23am PDT
    That was fucking awesome. I need to play this. NT by Eurotrash 03/17/2010, 1:37pm PDT
        Impossible to reproduce now, though by Fortinbras 03/17/2010, 2:41pm PDT
            Or even under the ocean. by Fullofkittens 03/17/2010, 3:28pm PDT
            Not impossible to reproduce. by Nivm 03/19/2010, 9:16pm PDT
                Is this like the CS 1.5 argument? by Fortinbras 03/19/2010, 9:28pm PDT
                    Re: Is this like the CS 1.5 argument? by jeep 03/20/2010, 10:46am PDT
                        Re: Is this like the CS 1.5 argument? by Mysterious Stranger 03/20/2010, 12:10pm PDT
                        The community is somewhat to blame. by Fullofkittens 03/20/2010, 1:31pm PDT
                            pinback still has the best review of DF :( by Fortinbras 03/20/2010, 7:01pm PDT
                                That's just a link to a Little Big Planet review NT by FABIO 03/21/2010, 1:01am PDT
                                You mean this one by jeep 04/02/2010, 6:59am PDT
    Dwarf Fortress was never good. NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/21/2010, 1:16am PDT
        df is officially overrated NT by irony 03/21/2010, 1:25am PDT

I am amazed this game isn't on the top 100. by Nivm 03/21/2010, 11:25am PDT
    Re: I am amazed this game isn't on the top 100. by Mischief Maker 03/21/2010, 11:56am PDT
        http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/374.html NT by in case he took it as a compliment 04/02/2010, 4:44am PDT
    Bugs aren't fun. NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/21/2010, 12:36pm PDT
    Re: I am amazed this game isn't on the top 100. by Hajji 04/02/2010, 12:41am PDT
    If you read books you wouldn't have underscores at the beginning of every paragr NT by Fortinbras 04/02/2010, 1:20am PDT

Half-Pint Brawlers by Hans Clastorp 02/25/2010, 7:02pm PST
    Oh shit, I actually have a wrestling poster of these guys by Rafiki 03/11/2010, 9:24am PST

Google Streetview is Awesome by Jerry Whorebach 02/24/2010, 2:16pm PST
    Get out of here, Stalker NT by Somebody's mom 02/24/2010, 2:26pm PST
        I don't get it :( NT by Jerry Whorebach 02/24/2010, 2:43pm PST
            You live in the architectural equivalent of Pripyat NT by Entropy Stew 02/24/2010, 3:08pm PST
                Jerry learns to drive by FABIO 02/24/2010, 9:02pm PST
                    The dreaded Toyota Anomaly (yields Meat Chunk artifacts, lots of them). NT by Eurotrash 02/24/2010, 9:24pm PST
                    "Get out&#65279; of here stalker" NT by Entropy Stew 02/25/2010, 8:36am PST
    EXTREME CLOSEUP by Jerry Whorebach 02/24/2010, 2:59pm PST
        Is that a NT by child 02/24/2010, 4:49pm PST
            It is a NT by Creexul. 02/24/2010, 5:32pm PST
        wow you weren't kidding about the midget thing NT by irony 02/24/2010, 9:25pm PST
        Dwarf Fortress indeed. NT by Eurotrash 02/25/2010, 10:09am PST

Merry Christmas by Jerry Whorebach 12/25/2009, 12:12am PST
    MEWWY CWISMAS JEWWY by Worm 12/25/2009, 6:37am PST
    Taken in 1999 NT by Webcam Connoisseur 12/25/2009, 6:59am PST
        EXIF says it was taken at 2009:12:25 02:19:44 by Entropy Stew (sometimes salted) 12/25/2009, 10:06am PST
            why you gotta be such a nerd, nerd? NT by Worm 12/25/2009, 11:33am PST
                I'm a nerd's nerd, nerd *puts on a bow tie* NT by Entropy Stew (sometimes salted) 12/25/2009, 4:02pm PST
            I think the clock on that phone might be wrong :( by Jerry Whorebach 12/29/2009, 1:43pm PST

Jerry, how much money have you saved? NT by Quétinbec 09/23/2009, 10:02am PDT
    Funny you should mention that :( by Jerry Whorebach 09/23/2009, 7:44pm PDT

Long time no see, Fussbett. How are things? NT by Quentinbot 09/22/2009, 12:11am PDT
    You don't ask about those people here. Let me show you how it's done: NT by Quétinbec 09/23/2009, 10:01am PDT

How's it going, Horrible Blob? And how are you find Caltrops these days? NT by Souffle of Pain 09/22/2009, 10:25pm PDT
    FUCK NT by Souffle of Pain 09/22/2009, 10:26pm PDT

What's Lister like in real life? I dunno, some kind of loveable slob maybe? by Jerry Whorebach 08/10/2009, 9:31pm PDT

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