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Did Horrible Gelatinous Blob actually become an attorney? NT by Mysterio 04/02/2019, 7:29pm PDT
    Yes. But he chose the worst possible state to hang out a shingle NT by even worse than MM 04/02/2019, 9:57pm PDT
        Lol is he in hawaii? NT by Mysterio 04/03/2019, 7:16pm PDT
            He is in Hawaii and someone thinks that is a bad state to be in. NT by Wow, Caltrops. Just wow. 04/03/2019, 8:33pm PDT
                Hawaii hasn't found a job yet then? NT by even worse than MM 04/03/2019, 9:52pm PDT
                    I love that there's an anon sped who thinks that Hawaii is shitty. Love it by Mysterio 04/04/2019, 11:53am PDT
                        HAwaii is meth and mystery meat girls NT by Mysterio 04/06/2019, 7:41pm PDT
                            Is that what you read on an incel forum, home on a Saturday night last night? NT by Mysterioso 04/07/2019, 6:13am PDT
                                No, I do heavily browse a gloryhole porn site shot in hawaii though by Mysterio 04/07/2019, 11:59am PDT
                                    You are an expert on women and sex because you view porn NT by This is wht incels ACTUALLY BELIEVE 04/10/2019, 10:09pm PDT
                                        Not just women and sex. Also where is a good place to NT by live and be a lawyer. 04/11/2019, 5:04am PDT
                                            Kentucky? by Roop 04/11/2019, 8:40am PDT
                                        Didn't someone here years ago associate STDs with great sex? NT by not QB, surprisingly 04/11/2019, 12:30pm PDT
                        yeah its kinda shityy ps forguive any typos in this message trying to step over NT by homeless people in Honolulu 04/22/2019, 5:09pm PDT
                            LUV walking down Kalakaua avenue with a topless old lady talking to a pigeon! NT by thats not a joke, happened tonight 04/25/2019, 10:14pm PDT
                                ~blank bump~ NT by Mysterio 04/29/2019, 11:03pm PDT
                                    Let's bring it back to what matters: pinball. NT by Tyrone Lannister 04/30/2019, 10:32am PDT
        Strike one. NT by CALTROPS ADMIN 04/09/2019, 7:29am PDT

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