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duke nukem forever side scrolling game released to world by oldretrogames.re 12/27/2022, 9:45am PST

We getting another one of these or nah? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/30/2021, 2:07pm PST
    Duke Nukem: Wakanda Forever NT by Vested Id 12/30/2021, 4:18pm PST

I got some Duke. LET'S GO BROUSSARD! NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/13/2011, 11:09am PDT
    Re: I got some Duke. LET'S GO BROUSSARD! by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/14/2011, 4:39pm PDT
        The entire intro reminded me of your Postal 2 review, minus the interactivity NT by WITTGENSTEIN 06/14/2011, 4:47pm PDT
        Re: I got some Duke. LET'S GO BROUSSARD! by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/03/2013, 12:38am PST
    This is the most positive review I've read of the game so far. NT by Flack 06/14/2011, 5:35pm PDT
        Re: This is the most positive review I've read of the game so far. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/14/2011, 10:57pm PDT
            Re: This is the most positive review I've read of the game so far. by Jason Scott 06/14/2011, 11:46pm PDT
                Sarah Palin died? NT by Flack 06/15/2011, 2:29am PDT
                Well, Twitter is a loaded gun. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/15/2011, 2:28pm PDT
                    More on the Palin death story plz, Woodstein by laudablepuss 06/15/2011, 2:52pm PDT
                    Twitter is serious business. Redner should respect deez nuts. NT by Orange Devil Bat 06/15/2011, 7:36pm PDT
                    Re: Well, Twitter is a loaded gun. by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/24/2020, 10:57pm PDT
            http://www.wired.com/underwire/2011/06/alt-text-duke-nukem-pr/ by Wired 06/24/2011, 12:21pm PDT
                Start to Ocarina of Time: 13 Paragraphs NT by Objective VG Review Review Scale 06/25/2011, 12:42am PDT
    Here come the people trying to "fix" Duke by Souffle of Pain 02/03/2014, 6:47am PST
        Did this guy play the Shadow Warrior remake? Without the humor, there just NT by wasn't a game. --Retro 02/03/2014, 11:05am PST
        I'm sick and tired of the antics of a franchise's first release since 1996 NT by fabio 02/03/2014, 5:47pm PST
            Prone to mid-day spasms of anger, veins bulging on franchise that isn't his NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/03/2014, 6:52pm PST
        The story can be whatever they want, as long as they make it a top-down ARPG NT by with XP and tech trees. 02/05/2014, 5:24pm PST
            Maybe Gearbox is going to share their random loot generator with these guys? by Jerry Whorebach 02/05/2014, 6:01pm PST

Iron Maiden suing 3D Realms by Caltrops News Network 05/30/2019, 7:55am PDT
    3D Realms... exists? NT by The Happiness Engine 05/31/2019, 7:06pm PDT

20th Anniversary Trailer by Mysterio 09/03/2016, 12:20pm PDT
    GameSpot Interview by Dream Cast 09/06/2016, 11:44pm PDT

I found the world's worst review of Duke Nukem 3D by Souffle of Pain 10/10/2014, 10:20pm PDT
    So even this faggot agrees that we dont need Feminist Frequency NT by TELL ME #GG ISNT ABOUT SEXISM!!! 10/11/2014, 12:47pm PDT
    WORK FROM HOME with self-flagellating writeups about GAME$ by Dick Kick'em 10/13/2014, 5:21pm PDT

George in a nutshell by Kenji Carter 03/03/2014, 7:34am PST
    great post by jeep 03/03/2014, 6:51pm PST
        Don't blame him. I get the same problem trying to link twitter posts (ICJ you f NT by WITTGENSTEIN 03/03/2014, 7:09pm PST
            I'm sorry the complicated tag for Twitter has outwitted and outmaneuvered you by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/04/2014, 8:52am PST

3DR suing Gearbox by skip 06/13/2013, 11:03am PDT
    Polygon wants you to sign up to READ comments? NT by GOOD FUCKING LUCK 06/13/2013, 11:09am PDT
    An old saying. Oral contracts aren't worth the paper they're (not) printed on NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/13/2013, 11:29pm PDT

Is it possible for a sequel to retroactively ruin everything that came before? by Jerry Whorebach 06/07/2012, 4:29pm PDT

Gearbox thinks DNF reviewed unfairly. Compares it to 1998's Half-Life. by Fussbett 11/04/2011, 3:05pm PDT
    Re: Gearbox thinks DNF reviewed unfairly. Compares it to 1998's Half-Life. by laudablepuss 11/04/2011, 3:33pm PDT

A game series that was never good in the first place. by Claebros 06/22/2011, 11:48am PDT
    Nah, that's Yahtzee being a revisionist. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/22/2011, 1:15pm PDT
        Everything he says makes a lot more sense when you realize he's a comedian NT by Worm 06/22/2011, 5:11pm PDT
        *Lonely Tear* NT by Alice 2 06/23/2011, 12:43am PDT

"If you don't find Duke Nukem offensive, I hope you get raped by a nigger." by I Speak Fluent Pussy 06/19/2011, 7:24am PDT
    Who the hell said that? Give us a hyperlink or something you homo NT by Mysterio 06/19/2011, 8:20am PDT
        Just some random guy on QT3; no one worth identifying. by I Speak Fluent Pussy 06/19/2011, 9:28am PDT
            Why do they compare everything to Saw or Hostel? NT by mark 06/19/2011, 7:15pm PDT

DNF PC demo available now by sdroa jists 06/03/2011, 2:40pm PDT
    Bhazor from RPS says by Mysterio, you cunts. 06/03/2011, 3:47pm PDT
    dnf demo review verdict by sdroa jists 06/03/2011, 4:41pm PDT
        Re: dnf demo review verdict by Mysterio, you cunts 06/03/2011, 7:43pm PDT
            Re: dnf demo review verdict by WITTGENSTEIN 06/04/2011, 4:05pm PDT

Someone post the new trailer. NT by Mysterio, you cunts. 06/03/2011, 1:28pm PDT

Oh, and Duke? Fuck you. Douchebag. by Souffle of Pain 05/31/2011, 10:53pm PDT

A new, fun trailer by Shredder 04/22/2011, 8:53am PDT

Duke never comes early hurhurhur by Worm 03/24/2011, 7:14am PDT
    My sources say the delay is fake. Let's ignore it and think less of Gearbox. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/24/2011, 10:07am PDT
        also by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/24/2011, 10:15am PDT
        Update: my sources are full of alien bricks NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/04/2011, 3:37pm PDT

Where am I gonna park my brick? by Duke 04/02/2011, 5:10pm PDT

May 3, 2011 NT by May 3, 2011 01/21/2011, 9:00am PST
    THIS is why I was allowed to stay on Earth. I KNOW IT. NT by laudablepuss 01/21/2011, 7:37pm PST

Crossover long development revealed by click for picture inside 10/13/2010, 5:33pm PDT
    I'M LOOKING FOR AN ALIEN TOILET TO PARK MY CAR 8( NT by The time is now for Death Rally 3D 10/13/2010, 6:12pm PDT

Borderlands Devs are taking over. Playable demo due by Christmas. by Last 08/13/2010, 9:20am PDT
    Is George Broussard associated with the project in any way? NT by laudablepuss 08/13/2010, 11:01am PDT
    Net play over Gamespy, supports Roger Wilco voice chat, LAN play over IPX NT by Randy Pitchford is unstuck in time 08/13/2010, 12:19pm PDT
    try the demo first at least NT by Sword of Justice 08/13/2010, 3:26pm PDT
    Eat a Burrito +40 Health -20 Health(Whoa this thing is too hot) NT by Worm 08/14/2010, 5:31am PDT
        20 minutes of grinding to get enough cash for the strippers NT by Mischief Maker 08/15/2010, 12:23am PDT
            Join a game with your friends Dukes only to see you're too low level. by Worm 08/15/2010, 11:18am PDT
                Your first run through is chasing somebody else around who already played it. NT by Fullofkittens 08/15/2010, 12:30pm PDT

3D Realms dead. by Fussbett 05/06/2009, 5:54pm PDT
    It's finally, really, over? by laudablepuss 05/06/2009, 6:38pm PDT
    So it lived up to its promise of never being released. by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/06/2009, 7:23pm PDT
    forum now available for: grandiose promises, ill-met NT by up with pod people 05/06/2009, 7:25pm PDT
    It's AGDT NT by About page fan 05/06/2009, 10:05pm PDT
    I almost feel bad for the people who preordered it at full price by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/06/2009, 10:20pm PDT
    What will George Broussard do now?! NT by Fortinbras 05/06/2009, 11:10pm PDT
        Eating will be high on the list. NT by Fussbett 05/06/2009, 11:12pm PDT
            LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING NT by Chris Farley as George Broussard 05/07/2009, 12:13am PDT
                I believe it was lay off MAN I'm starving. *nods quite sagely* ~_~ NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/07/2009, 12:19am PDT
        We're going to Brazil yaaa (ole ole)? NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/06/2009, 11:26pm PDT
        more coke NT by gruman 05/06/2009, 11:35pm PDT
        Get his 4th alt to 80 in WoW. Go for heroic Ulduar achievements by Rafiki 05/07/2009, 9:30am PDT
    Re: 3D Realms dead. by motherfuckerfoodeater 05/07/2009, 12:29am PDT
        But we were all eating BBQ in the office like buddies not so long ago by April 17th in fact 05/07/2009, 1:37am PDT
            Not even twitter can dodge the fan outrage! by Worm 05/07/2009, 9:45am PDT
    They managed to out-Romero Romero NT by Mischief Maker 05/07/2009, 2:40am PDT
    Supposed Insider Post on Qt3 by Fussbett 05/07/2009, 10:42am PDT
        Re: Supposed Insider Post on Qt3 by Nothing, just like your 20s 05/07/2009, 10:43am PDT
            Hey man, if they were 90% after 12 years, they only had 1.2 years of dev left! by Fussbett 05/07/2009, 12:23pm PDT
        Holy shit! by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/07/2009, 12:45pm PDT
    doom quake and duke nukem did not stand the test of time by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 1:07pm PDT
        Was anyone talking about Duke Nukem standing the test of time? NT by Anyone at all? 05/07/2009, 1:09pm PDT
            Known retard holds retarded opinion about some old video game NT by Film at 11 05/07/2009, 1:46pm PDT
                wrom gets trolled by a "retard", cries about it, doesn't realize the shamefulnes NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:15pm PDT
                    Chasing shadow wroms in your sleep NT by Worm 05/07/2009, 2:25pm PDT
                        wrom isn't a person, but rather just a shadow of one by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:44pm PDT
                            Weyoun's coming apart at the seams, time for the dominant twin to step in NT by Chasing wroms in your sleep 05/07/2009, 2:55pm PDT
                                this used to be a thread about DNF before wrom decided to take a shit all over i NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:57pm PDT
                                btw in b4 joh wakes up and posts in total agreement with me by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 3:49pm PDT
                                Yeah like anyone else would sob as hard as you, good one wromg. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/07/2009, 8:43pm PDT
                                Jhoh told me I was correct again today. NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/08/2009, 11:32am PDT
                                    God, you two are a couple of worthless faggots NT by NOT WRROM!!!! BUT FREAK OUT ANYWAY! 05/08/2009, 11:43am PDT
                                        agreed NT by also not worm 05/08/2009, 12:58pm PDT
                                        Armrests what happened? ARMRESTS!!!!! NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/08/2009, 10:53pm PDT
                            Hahahaha keep cracking the code NT by Worm 05/07/2009, 3:24pm PDT
            considering the entire board is about duke nukem and conversations about duke nu by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:13pm PDT
                (ps ban wrom lock thread) NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:17pm PDT
                Ordering fancy burgers (FANCY) with dijon mustard on them what is that by Zsenitan 05/07/2009, 2:19pm PDT
                    that's pretty funny I guess, (maybe they should put burgers on a teleprompter) NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:45pm PDT
                Hey Jso has a really good point here, and wrom has no point. ^_^ by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/07/2009, 8:46pm PDT
                    Please tell me posting here was the first thing you did after waking up. by Worm 05/07/2009, 9:18pm PDT
                        Sorry you went full mangosteen, there isn't a court in the world that would defe NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/07/2009, 9:21pm PDT
                Actually the answer is "no, of course not." by I need clarification 05/08/2009, 11:42am PDT
                    I was gonna spell it out so it would be even more obvious but I got things to do NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/08/2009, 3:52pm PDT
                        FUCK OFF I GOT WORK TO DO NT by Cyrus 05/08/2009, 4:04pm PDT
                            these video games wont play themselves these snacks wont eat themselves NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/08/2009, 4:15pm PDT
                                This monkey won't spank itself. NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/08/2009, 4:23pm PDT
                                    This . . . shit uh, won't . . . poop itself. Oh God *facepalm* NT by laudablepuss 05/08/2009, 4:42pm PDT
                                        Jhoh's sleeping ass won't fuck itself. NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/09/2009, 12:12am PDT
                                            Well it might. ^_^ NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/09/2009, 12:30am PDT
                                                If my ass fucked itself, I WOULDN'T NEED TO LEAVE DA HOUSE!!! OHHHHH! NT by Fussbett "Dice" Sanitario 05/09/2009, 2:54am PDT
                                                    wrom is obsessed with gay sex (he's totally gay) NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/09/2009, 4:58am PDT
                                        wrom uses caltrops as his toilet NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/09/2009, 12:34am PDT
        To be fair, Quake always sucked. NT by Rafiki 05/07/2009, 3:30pm PDT
            WHAT! *crumples paper, wipes everything off desk, shoots self* NT by Boxing statistics guy 05/07/2009, 3:48pm PDT
            to be even more fair, doom was obsolete the moment that goldeneye64 was released NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 3:50pm PDT
    3DR Forum report by Fussbett 05/07/2009, 2:38pm PDT
        1:07 pm, I fucking called it (I win again forever) NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/07/2009, 2:47pm PDT
            What? NT by laudablepuss NT by Fussbett 05/07/2009, 3:11pm PDT
    How DNF was delayed forever by FABIO 05/08/2009, 7:16am PDT
        So what movie/book is that ending from? NT by Worm 05/08/2009, 8:27am PDT
        That whole thing is a joke written last year. NT by Fussbett 05/08/2009, 10:39am PDT
            Q23 can't believe someone would waste their PRECIOUS time by Souffle of Pain 05/08/2009, 11:30am PDT
                link please NT by Zsenitan 05/08/2009, 11:34am PDT
                    Re: link please by Souffle of Pain 05/08/2009, 11:50am PDT
                        Way the hell on page 5 NT by impatient guy 05/08/2009, 12:01pm PDT
                            You don't want to miss all of RepoMan's awesome jokes, do you? NT by Souffle of Pain 05/08/2009, 12:04pm PDT
                        forum is awful, sorry I asked NT by Zsenitan 05/08/2009, 1:10pm PDT
        aside from the chair part, it's all probably true NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/08/2009, 4:14pm PDT
    Leaked models and levels by Fussbett 05/09/2009, 1:22pm PDT
        They should leak the whole game really. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/09/2009, 1:28pm PDT
        meh, meh, alien, meh, meh then the last hallways were really neat by up with pod people 05/09/2009, 1:41pm PDT
        tee hee by FABIO 05/09/2009, 1:56pm PDT
    Leaked footage -- most since 2001! by Fussbett 05/10/2009, 12:34pm PDT
        "Don't worry girls--there is plenty of Duke to go around." Voiced by Mel Blanc? NT by mark 05/10/2009, 1:21pm PDT
        some ok graphics but the gameplay looks like it will be stale as fuck NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/10/2009, 6:38pm PDT
            This faggot is unimpressed! Oh wait, he's a faggot, so who cares. NT by faggot 05/10/2009, 9:37pm PDT
                who cares NT by gruman 05/10/2009, 9:54pm PDT
                This isn't me, this is a totally different name, I'm not obsessed forever. NT by Worm 05/11/2009, 2:57am PDT
                Haha is this someone who was eagerly anticipating Duke Nukem Forever? by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/11/2009, 3:00am PDT
        So DNF's genre-defining new feature: falling down and stumbling NT by Mischief Maker 05/11/2009, 5:58am PDT
            It really just looks like the animation when you land in MOH Airborn. :( NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/11/2009, 6:04am PDT
                botched landing! NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/11/2009, 7:13am PDT
    Another Qt3 insider admonishes people who made fun of the DNF team. by Fussbett 05/10/2009, 7:03pm PDT
        We can't judge his post, either, because it's full of Duke's new catchphrases by which we haven't heard in context. 05/10/2009, 9:21pm PDT
        Re: Another Qt3 insider admonishes people who made fun of the DNF team. by Souffle of Pain 05/10/2009, 9:22pm PDT
    Plot plans leaked by Fussbett 05/11/2009, 10:01pm PDT
        The (W)Holsom Twins! by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/11/2009, 10:15pm PDT
        Here's a much better plot just off the top of my head by Jerry Whorebach 05/11/2009, 11:18pm PDT
            Sounds more like Uwe Boll's Postal. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/12/2009, 6:47am PDT
    More, better, high res screens by Fussbett 05/11/2009, 10:04pm PDT
        If that temp gets too high, then I have to get out and refill the radiator. NT by Duke Nukem 05/12/2009, 7:58am PDT
            What happens if your EGO bar gets too low? NT by Fussbett 05/12/2009, 1:16pm PDT
                Re: What happens if your EGO bar gets too low? by motherfuckerfoodeater 05/12/2009, 1:19pm PDT
                Press X to not cry NT by Bunyip 05/12/2009, 8:31pm PDT
                You know son, "too low" has really changed over the years. NT by Duke Nukem and I drink 05/12/2009, 8:48pm PDT
        They really captured the look and feel of the rustic southwest by Rafiki 05/12/2009, 12:38pm PDT
            They could get jobs at AAAAA++++ WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN agencies with ease NT by really man? REALLY? 05/12/2009, 10:12pm PDT
    Lawsuits begin by Fussbett 05/14/2009, 8:39pm PDT
        a game in which the player “shoots” enemies by Bunyip 05/14/2009, 10:10pm PDT
            Also COMPETING development of THE Duke Nukem Forever. by laudablepuss 05/15/2009, 1:55pm PDT
        Scott Miller types first public statement since 3DR closing... on Shacknews. by Fussbett 05/15/2009, 12:03pm PDT
            Re: Scott Miller types first public statement since 3DR closing... on Shacknews. by Souffle of Pain 05/16/2009, 6:41pm PDT
                Derek Smart on the lawsuit by Fussbett 05/16/2009, 8:28pm PDT
        Supreme Court document online -- Take Two lawyers cite internet jokes by Fussbett 06/15/2009, 1:56pm PDT
    "when it's done" indeed NT by CattleHumper 05/15/2009, 12:36am PDT
    Scott Miller on the common mis-perceptions [sic] of 3DR's lack of productivity by Fussbett 05/16/2009, 8:37pm PDT
        Re: Scott Miller on the common mis-perceptions [sic] of 3DR's lack of producti by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/16/2009, 9:29pm PDT
        Re: Scott Miller on the common mis-perceptions [sic] of 3DR's lack of productivi by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/18/2009, 10:18pm PDT
    3D Realms issues statement: We're Not Dead (Come Get etc etc.) by Fussbett 05/18/2009, 4:41pm PDT
        No guarantee to complete the DNF game??? Unacceptable! We Quit! by Mischief Maker 05/18/2009, 5:44pm PDT
        FROM HELL'S HEART I STAB AT THEE! NT by George "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" Broussard 05/18/2009, 5:45pm PDT
    George Broussard resumes Twittering by Fussbett 05/27/2009, 8:40pm PDT
        Also I paid for my groceries with FOOD STAMPS NT by Fortinbras 05/27/2009, 8:57pm PDT
    An epitaph from Wired by Fussbett 12/22/2009, 8:44am PST
        Tiger Woods' wife is a 19. Why? She's a 10 with a 9 iron ;) NT by George Broussard twitter joke 12/22/2009, 10:16am PST
        dook dewkam fuck year NT by irony 12/22/2009, 10:59am PST
        taking dnf down at the knees, MY way by irony 12/22/2009, 11:53am PST
    Mysterious new gamplay footage trailer. by Fussbett 04/05/2010, 3:02pm PDT
        remote mines: the only good idea in this whole thing NT by Sword of Justice 04/05/2010, 3:59pm PDT
            Which is stolen from Eyengold anyway. 8( by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/05/2010, 4:36pm PDT
                duke dukem more like puke pukem NT by gruman 04/05/2010, 4:42pm PDT
                suddenly I feel like trying the latest version of the goldeneye source mod NT by Sword of Justice 04/05/2010, 4:45pm PDT
                    That probably ain't too good either. by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/05/2010, 4:48pm PDT
                        Yeah maps balanced for four people suddenly have 16 dumped in them, it sucks. by Worm 04/05/2010, 5:15pm PDT
        This isn't actually a trailer by Entropy Stew 04/05/2010, 5:06pm PDT
            Well, it was nice of him to let us see what he was working on. Agree? (Y/N) NT by Gentleman Jim Browser 04/07/2010, 12:04am PDT

Jace Hall Show Season 2 Finale, like his Season 1 Premiere, features DNF by Worm 06/10/2009, 7:26am PDT

yatzee says exactly what we already said about dnf by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/27/2009, 9:23pm PDT

Duke Theft Auto! by Arbit 05/19/2009, 2:21pm PDT
    This would have been THE SHIT 11-13 years ago! NT by CattleHumper 05/19/2009, 5:41pm PDT

Christmas screenshot by Fussbett 12/19/2008, 11:14am PST
    Bandwith is the last valuable thing they have left in the building. NT by Worm 12/19/2008, 11:25am PST
    Here's the post again, working. by Fussbett 12/19/2008, 11:30am PST
    The lizard grunt looks like something I drew in third grade. Positive! by Jerry Whorebach 12/19/2008, 11:35am PST
    Er... maybe a little crunch is okay, for some projects NT by Extreme Programming Books 12/19/2008, 11:45am PST

Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer by Fussbett 07/17/2008, 2:42am PDT
    CRITICAL NT by MASS 07/17/2008, 11:43am PDT
    It's like they threaded a camera inside George Broussard's brain! by Jerry Whorebach 07/17/2008, 11:29pm PDT
    Check out all that exclusive E3 footage. :( NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 07/18/2008, 2:27am PDT

The latest slop by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/05/2008, 5:33pm PDT
    Duke's in a bad mood NT by Duke Nukem 06/05/2008, 7:48pm PDT

America's Playground, Sin City are names for Las Vegas, says Viking. by Jerry Whorebach 03/10/2006, 7:12pm PST
    Re: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell by Jerry Whorebach 05/08/2006, 1:56am PDT
        I hope I'm not a retard for being unable to comprehend any of this. NT by Reichsminister Doktor Goebbels 05/08/2006, 2:14pm PDT
    Man has cameo in film "Casino," later agrees this is a terrible idea for a game. by Jerry Whorebach 07/17/2006, 11:24pm PDT
        Dem jews sure stick togeddah by I need clarification. 07/18/2006, 10:11am PDT
        Penny Arcade takes a side. Unsurprisingly, it's the wrong one :( by Jerry Whorebach 07/19/2006, 10:15pm PDT
    FIRST SCREENSHOT: Maxico City ain't got nothin' on this! by Jerry Whorebach, X-Box Magazine 08/15/2006, 10:55pm PDT
        Konami makes gambling more addictive, Canada throws a fit. by Jerry Whorebach 03/23/2008, 2:24pm PDT

I'm seriously starting to wonder if maybe this project has suffered a delay or s by Hans Clastorp 02/06/2008, 1:46pm PST
    So there's still the possibility of a Dreamcast port? Awesome. NT by Jerry Whorebach 02/06/2008, 2:01pm PST

First screenshot by Fussbett 12/18/2007, 5:21pm PST
    Whew, almost got snooped. Here's my shit anyway by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/18/2007, 5:29pm PST
        Duke Nukem Tax Dodge NT by Fortinbras 12/18/2007, 5:34pm PST
        2001 by Fussbett 12/18/2007, 5:34pm PST
    They had to sneak around behind George's back to even get this done. by Jerry Whorebach 12/18/2007, 9:25pm PST
        Seriously, the fact that they had to stay late kills me by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/18/2007, 9:45pm PST
            Are you thinking of the Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks? NT by Fortinbras 12/18/2007, 9:56pm PST
                Nah, it was this one (I did remember the name correctly after all) by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/18/2007, 10:03pm PST
            Maybe George Broussard and Matt Millen could trade jobs for a year. NT by laudablepuss 12/19/2007, 10:41am PST
        I dont know if you can cremate someone in a gas fireplace, but I'm gonna find ou NT by Grumah 12/19/2007, 3:24am PST
    If the game doesn't include realtime ventrilo trolling then it won't be worth it NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 12/18/2007, 10:23pm PST
        BALLS OF STEEL NT by Fortinbras 12/18/2007, 10:37pm PST
            NO I'M A KILL YOU MUTHAFUCKA OLD STOYUL NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 12/18/2007, 10:48pm PST
                Reverse engineered harassment by FABIO 12/19/2007, 9:23am PST
    BOOM!!!! by Fussbett 12/19/2007, 2:05pm PST
        Q: What's manlier than smoking a cigar while working out? by motherfuckerfoodeater 12/19/2007, 2:18pm PST
            His arms look like cracked, poorly treated leather. HELLO LADIES NT by Fortinbras 12/19/2007, 2:25pm PST
        http://rs226.rapidshare.com/files/77698371/dukenukemforever_trailer1.mov NT by HD QT 12/19/2007, 2:19pm PST
        Re: BOOM!!!! by laudablepuss 12/19/2007, 5:59pm PST
            Re: BOOM!!!! by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/19/2007, 7:05pm PST
                Re: BOOM!!!! by Ray of Light 12/19/2007, 7:46pm PST
            DNF - (Conclusion) Does Not Follow...hey, wait a minute NT by Fortinbras 12/19/2007, 8:11pm PST
        Nice catch phrase, you worthless fucks by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/19/2007, 7:09pm PST
            To Jon's credit, he did sound confused and embarassed. NT by Jerry Whorebach 12/19/2007, 7:39pm PST
                "You want me to, oooo, say what? I don't get it." NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/19/2007, 7:41pm PST
            INC: Romero loves it. by Fussbett 01/10/2008, 2:12am PST
        Compare and contrast by mark 12/19/2007, 7:53pm PST
            Re: Compare and contrast by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/19/2007, 8:09pm PST
                Re: Compare and contrast by mark 12/19/2007, 8:20pm PST
            Credit where credit is due. by motherfuckerfoodeater 12/19/2007, 9:58pm PST

New screenshot by 3D Realms 05/23/2007, 4:49pm PDT
    George Broussard's response is very informative. by Jerry Whorebach 05/23/2007, 7:57pm PDT

Genuine in-game screenshot. by Jerry Whorebach 01/26/2007, 9:37am PST
    Whoa, when did they switch to a Claymation engine?! NT by Fussbett 01/26/2007, 9:56am PST
    demo videos by Flabby-o 01/26/2007, 4:40pm PST
        Re: demo videos by I need clarification 01/27/2007, 1:59pm PST

Gamasutra has some DNF news. by Fussbett 04/13/2006, 4:13am PDT
    I give up ... by George Broussard 04/13/2006, 7:39am PDT
    Re: Gamasutra has some DNF news. by Souffle of Pain 04/14/2006, 6:57pm PDT
        Come get some... JOBS by Fussbett 04/14/2006, 9:23pm PDT
            Fucking bandwidth whore. Why don't you go steal some bandwidth, bandwidth whore. by Sarcasm Man 04/14/2006, 10:01pm PDT
            Re: Come get some... JOBS by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/14/2006, 10:33pm PDT

Game play Programmer by George Broussard 02/25/2005, 3:39pm PST
    Once the gameplay is programmed, they're on track for 2006 beta testing. NT by Fussbett 02/25/2005, 5:41pm PST
    He says you have to be great and very, very good. What if you're competent? NT by I need clarification 02/25/2005, 6:24pm PST
        Game play Programmer by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/25/2005, 6:49pm PST
    Re: Game play Programmer by Eyo 02/25/2005, 7:08pm PST
    AIMZ LOGZ by Fussbett 02/25/2005, 8:49pm PST
    Recycled "help wanted" ad, deleted post. NT by conflictNo 02/27/2005, 6:09pm PST

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