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If you post in this base, you're poor garbage trash by POST UR POORS 06/12/2022, 4:21pm PDT

It's time for Caltrops to discuss LOADS NT by LOAD "*",8,1 03/22/2022, 1:17pm PDT

This forum is racist and should be removed. by Fussbett 06/04/2010, 6:33am PDT
    Black Hole isn't already a demeaning term for black women or their genitals? NT by Worm 06/04/2010, 7:04am PDT
        I hope not. I'd love to own one! by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/04/2010, 5:00pm PDT
            Home Depot. Mexicans. MAGICAL Mexicans. NT by I need clarification 06/04/2010, 5:10pm PDT
                >build porch by Worm 06/04/2010, 10:33pm PDT
    Here's my entry by Rafiki 06/05/2010, 1:10pm PDT
        tangent by Bananadine 06/05/2010, 2:15pm PDT

Looking for a beta tester by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/06/2008, 5:57pm PDT
    Oh, tester. NT by extarbags 05/06/2008, 7:26pm PDT
    I’m offline for most on the next month starting tomorrow, so sign me up! by Quétinbec 05/06/2008, 8:22pm PDT
    Hey, sign me up! by bombMexico 05/06/2008, 10:52pm PDT
        It's like a MUD, you type your actions to explore, no graphics. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/06/2008, 11:27pm PDT
            >say "I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or retard logic." by bombMexico 05/07/2008, 12:37am PDT
                An entire game of console commands people! by Quétinbec 05/07/2008, 5:16am PDT
                    Re: An entire game of console commands people! by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/07/2008, 11:48am PDT
                        Try GameMaker 7.0 by Last 05/07/2008, 12:59pm PDT
                            Magi and Immortal Defense were made with Gamemaker by Mischief Maker 05/07/2008, 1:04pm PDT
                            Re: Try GameMaker 7.0 by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/07/2008, 1:34pm PDT
                                Re: Try GameMaker 7.0 by Bananadine 05/07/2008, 2:46pm PDT
    I think I have the white pole to fill your black hole NT by from behind 05/07/2008, 6:48am PDT
    can do NT by Bananadine 05/07/2008, 9:11am PDT

contents: sasy, sb, bdr NT by Grumah 12/15/2007, 4:58pm PST

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