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Invincible is better than anything Disney/Marvel has shit out the past 5 years by Loki who? 07/08/2021, 3:45pm PDT
    (Avatar the airbender, not the blue furries) NT by Loki who? 07/08/2021, 3:47pm PDT
    Why are you watching shit NT by Invisible 07/08/2021, 3:58pm PDT

Blog post by the guy who chose the alternate colour schemes for MVC3. by Jerry Whorebach 12/23/2010, 10:03am PST
    That reminds me, X-Men The Arcade Game was released on XBOX Live. 6-player co-op NT by WITTGENSTEIN 12/24/2010, 10:18am PST

IT'S REEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLL by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 04/20/2010, 12:33am PDT
    Chris Redfield over Leon Kennedy? NT by psh 04/20/2010, 6:08pm PDT
        Agreed, I'd much prefer Leon! He's more.... professional!!! by Gentleman Jim Browser 04/29/2010, 10:13pm PDT
            Hey how about Frank West (barefoot, nice brown suit, novelty horse head hat) by Bananadine 04/30/2010, 11:01am PDT
    Gameplay footage + long trailer by Entropy Stew 06/15/2010, 6:58pm PDT

Marvel vs Capcom 2 XBLA review by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/29/2009, 11:42pm PDT

MvC2 on XBLA Partnernet right now, all signs point to release by mid-July. NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 03/21/2009, 12:30am PDT
    Awesome. Do you realize, this is STILL the only game where you can be Cable? by Jerry Whorebach 03/21/2009, 1:58am PDT
        Also VENOM, I have been trying to grow a symbiote in my room forever. by Worm 03/21/2009, 7:43am PDT
            There's like five other games where you can play Venom by Pedant 03/21/2009, 9:57am PDT
                How about Bloodshot or Deadeye or Deadshot or Bloodeye or Deathkill or Orangedea NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 03/21/2009, 11:42am PDT
                PSP? Game Gear? Next you're gonna tell me there's a great Cable sim on N-Gage! NT by Jerry Whorebach 03/21/2009, 6:48pm PDT
    Achievements leaked! by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 04/16/2009, 7:34pm PDT
        Perform a 200 hit combo. (Multiplayer) by Weyoun Voidbringer 04/16/2009, 10:40pm PDT
            Certain team attacks can land 100 hits without even trying by Siskel and Ebert 04/17/2009, 4:08am PDT
        TWO Wolverine-themed achievements? Isn't that a little excessive? by Jerry Whorebach 04/16/2009, 11:34pm PDT
    dream job by bombMexico 05/01/2009, 5:43pm PDT

MvC 3 imminent? by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/26/2008, 7:12pm PDT
    Yeah, I saw the same article. And it's coming out sooner than I thought! Which w NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/26/2008, 10:32pm PDT
        Will this be awesome? Will the Juggernaut be in it? (same question) by Last 07/26/2008, 11:30pm PDT
            My favourite used to be Cable, but someone (or someTHINGS) ruined him for me. NT by Jerry Whorebach 07/26/2008, 11:59pm PDT

EA vs. Sierra NT by Grumah 07/26/2008, 6:42pm PDT
    Goblin from Archon and Ball from Pinball Construction Set versus Lord British NT by mark 07/26/2008, 9:36pm PDT

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