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Insonia by Roop 11/27/2014, 6:22pm PST
    Didn't they discontinue this feature? by WITTGENSTEIN 11/27/2014, 8:54pm PST
        Ah no, they nerfed running "cold" by WITTGENSTEIN 11/27/2014, 9:37pm PST
            Smuggling is still viable by WITTGENSTEIN 11/28/2014, 10:41am PST
    Is this a non-MOO version of EVE Online then? NT by fabio 11/28/2014, 11:42am PST
        It's like EVE but more tactical I guess. by WITTGENSTEIN 11/28/2014, 11:52am PST
            It's a space sim. by pinback 11/28/2014, 1:10pm PST
                I guess that's a good assessment if you're a dumb idiot NT by Freespace 2 is JUST like Privateer! 11/28/2014, 4:19pm PST
                    Hey fuckface. Are we gonna have a conversation here or not? by pinback 11/28/2014, 4:39pm PST
    He's back by Roop 04/12/2019, 11:25am PDT

Fuel Rats to the rescue by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/18/2019, 8:43am PST
    I'm introducing the blank bump itt. by Mysterio 02/18/2019, 8:10pm PST
    *Blank Bump* NT by Mysterio 02/18/2019, 8:11pm PST
        They're picking up a gal out there by Oh 02/18/2019, 9:14pm PST

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