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New server up called GARNS AKARMBO! by Al 12/22/2020, 1:32pm PST

Vote which never to be finished projects make it to steam by fabio 08/30/2012, 2:22pm PDT
    Big Nigs by fabio 08/30/2012, 2:24pm PDT
        Some more by fabio 08/30/2012, 2:37pm PDT
    Caltrops contest: guess which one of these will go on to Braid levels of indie NT by dick sucking 08/30/2012, 2:38pm PDT
        project zomboid by jeep 08/30/2012, 6:11pm PDT
    I forgot this was happening by jeep 08/30/2012, 6:13pm PDT
        house fire simulator 2013 NT by jeep 08/30/2012, 6:24pm PDT
            this is the part of the thread where I will mention horrible-looking shit NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 6:45pm PDT
                Zombie Blaster NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 6:47pm PDT
                Fly, Glowfly! NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:02pm PDT
                The Truth About War by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:16pm PDT
                    Expeditions: Conquistador looks like JA2 set in the 1500s NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:28pm PDT
                        damn this belongs with the interesting ones down below, not up here NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:30pm PDT
                Steam Heroes NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:31pm PDT
                planet defense NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:37pm PDT
                Undead Nightmare NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:45pm PDT
                Nobles and Peasants by jeep 09/01/2012, 5:49pm PDT
                Smiley Shooter NT by jeep 09/02/2012, 12:35pm PDT
                Hubert's Island Adventure: Mouse o' War by jeep 09/02/2012, 12:45pm PDT
                Legacy of Flan NT by jeep 09/02/2012, 1:20pm PDT
                Potsyk - The Fight of the mighty tree stump by jeep 09/03/2012, 10:33am PDT
                Curse Bound (lol) by jeep 09/03/2012, 1:38pm PDT
                    Welp, I won't be sleeping tonight NT by Entropy Stew 09/03/2012, 11:39pm PDT
                Tresers asks the big questions by jeep 09/03/2012, 2:50pm PDT
                Aircraft Simulator 2012 by jeep 09/05/2012, 7:06am PDT
    what's the report button for, maybe if they're bad enough I should file a by jeep 08/30/2012, 6:25pm PDT
    I guess Gunman Clive was an android game by jeep 08/30/2012, 7:26pm PDT
        HOLY SHIT, THAT ACTUALLY LOOKS FUN! NT by CattleHumper 08/30/2012, 8:45pm PDT
            Plus, it makes use of one of my favorite old west songs by CattleHumper 08/30/2012, 8:47pm PDT
        thanks for pointing this out NT by Mysterio 08/31/2012, 9:13am PDT
        Re: I guess Gunman Clive was an android game by Souffle of Pain 09/01/2012, 4:50pm PDT
    pitiri 1977 looks alright by jeep 08/30/2012, 8:15pm PDT
    (this should be moved to the Jay Shilling forum) NT by fabio 08/31/2012, 5:16am PDT
        I'll move it when I get back into town. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/03/2012, 7:46pm PDT
    Chroma Cell: a game you should vote for with sincerity by Fullofkittens 08/31/2012, 6:55am PDT
    Inquisitor looks kind of Baldur's Gate to me NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 6:04pm PDT
    This thing has already devolved into a marketing platform for mobile games :( NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 6:09pm PDT
    Borealis is a weird variant on twin-stick shooters NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 7:02pm PDT
    Salvation Prophecy has a cool mix of space and ground combat NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 7:05pm PDT
        Better than the sum of its parts. by Mischief Maker 09/03/2012, 9:57am PDT
    NEO Scavenger is my kind of shitty retro game by jeep 08/31/2012, 7:31pm PDT
    Megabyte Punch has another cool look for a platformer NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 7:35pm PDT
    Magicmaker looks like it could be complex enough to be worth playing NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:01pm PDT
    Compromised by jeep 08/31/2012, 8:48pm PDT
    Take Arms looks like pvp Contra (no really, it's kind of cool) NT by jeep 08/31/2012, 9:23pm PDT
    Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage by jeep 09/01/2012, 9:05am PDT
    Underrail is Fallout-as-pure-dungeon-crawl by jeep 09/01/2012, 9:13am PDT
    Expeditions: Conquistador looks like JA2 set in the 1500s NT by jeep 09/01/2012, 3:06pm PDT
    1953 KGB looks like Myst in 50's russia by jeep 09/01/2012, 3:59pm PDT
    Delver is a procedurally generated roguelike with Minecraft graphics..no digging by jeep 09/01/2012, 4:33pm PDT
    Sword of Justice is Command and Conquer in WW2 by jeep 09/01/2012, 4:41pm PDT
    Waking Mars is make-your-own Spelunky by jeep 09/01/2012, 5:13pm PDT
        fucked up that video link by jeep 09/01/2012, 5:14pm PDT
    Cloudbuilt has kind of a good look for a 3d high speed platformer by jeep 09/01/2012, 6:02pm PDT
    FRACT OSC had me at 0:50 on this video by jeep 09/01/2012, 6:09pm PDT
    Worlds <- look at this game by jeep 09/01/2012, 7:02pm PDT
        It's a soggy ass simulator NT by Entropy Stew 09/02/2012, 10:37am PDT
    Freaky Green Sunshine looks cool as hell by jeep 09/01/2012, 9:49pm PDT
    I had 100 left to vote on but Steam cut me off :( NT by jeep 09/02/2012, 5:16pm PDT
        Write an article? NT by laudablepuss 09/03/2012, 1:14am PDT
        You'd have to be a robot to get through all those NT by Entropy Stew 09/03/2012, 9:20am PDT
            I watched every gameplay video and googled each game by jeep 09/03/2012, 10:30am PDT
                Truth. Time to kickstart this new new games journalism NT by Entropy Stew 09/03/2012, 11:26pm PDT
    Someone submitted IF to greenlight by jeep 09/03/2012, 10:42am PDT
        Greenlight is an abomination by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/03/2012, 7:46pm PDT
            Not even close by jeep 09/03/2012, 8:19pm PDT
                Re: Not even close by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/03/2012, 9:53pm PDT
                    Re: Not even close by jeep 09/04/2012, 5:53am PDT
                        Re: Not even close by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/04/2012, 2:19pm PDT
                            Re: Not even close by jeep 09/04/2012, 6:53pm PDT
                            You'll have to now pay $100 fee. by skip 09/04/2012, 7:19pm PDT
                                efb NT by jeep 09/04/2012, 8:21pm PDT
                                also by jeep 09/04/2012, 8:22pm PDT
                            they added a $100 entry fee NT by jeep 09/04/2012, 7:22pm PDT
    Oh yeah almost forgot, look at this table someone made by jeep 09/03/2012, 10:45am PDT
    I downvoted every single zombie game except Rather Be Dead by jeep 09/03/2012, 1:46pm PDT
    Maker's Tale: I upvoted this even though it's not ready by jeep 09/03/2012, 1:50pm PDT
    All Set by jeep 09/04/2012, 7:45pm PDT
        Achievement unlocked: NT by fag 09/05/2012, 10:51am PDT
    Eador: Masters of the Broken World by jeep 09/06/2012, 6:21pm PDT
    Cradle some kind of first person puzzle game, non-Portal class by jeep 09/07/2012, 8:24pm PDT

Anyone interested in Natural Selection 2? by The Happiness Engine 09/07/2012, 6:04pm PDT

long term pot use can double the risk of psychosis by irony 03/02/2010, 9:03am PST

I had to ask Toom what the drugs board was. :( by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 10/17/2009, 2:23pm PDT

FAGS by NOT A FAG 06/09/2009, 8:51am PDT
    :( NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/09/2009, 9:18am PDT
    Lewl I just found out Action Half-Life 2 is out. :( by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/12/2009, 2:13pm PDT
        I'm holding out for Action Team Fortress 2 NT by Fortinbras 06/12/2009, 2:40pm PDT

Action Half-life Ruled by Chuck Norris 10/16/2008, 2:16pm PDT
    Re: Action Half-life Ruled by Jinx 11/14/2008, 10:30pm PST
        Who are you talking about exactly, PUNK? NT by The guy from Gymkata 11/14/2008, 10:46pm PST
    "This game round-house-kicked ass" - Chuck Norris by Weyoun Voidbringer 11/15/2008, 12:57am PST
        Re: "This game round-house-kicked ass" - Chuck Norris by Quentin Beck 11/21/2008, 6:43pm PST

Really experimental drugs. by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 03/07/2008, 9:58pm PST
    Too bad he didn't just read Descartes. NT by QT3's Worm 03/07/2008, 10:47pm PST
    I will be disappointed if MKULTRA doesn't give me the option to play as Goro :( NT by Jerry Whorebach 03/07/2008, 11:34pm PST
        Well despite my paranoid theories by bink 03/08/2008, 6:20am PST
            Two QBs! Imagine your luck! by QuĂ©tinbec 03/09/2008, 7:02pm PDT
    LSD will make you a better person by Quentin Beck 03/08/2008, 1:55am PST
        How would you know anything about being a better person? NT by SAINT FUCKING PETER 03/08/2008, 3:18am PST
    Hey, remember me? by mrs. johnson 03/08/2008, 3:29am PST
        Re: Hey, remember me? by Quentin Beck 03/08/2008, 3:03pm PST

Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by Creexul :( 08/09/2005, 3:31pm PDT
    I'm always ready to say something sucks. NT by I need clarification 08/09/2005, 4:53pm PDT
        God of War AND GO NT by Quentin Beck 08/09/2005, 6:04pm PDT
            Your post sucks! NT by I need clarification 08/09/2005, 8:00pm PDT
    Re: Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by Fussbett 08/09/2005, 9:50pm PDT
        Re: Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by mark 08/10/2005, 12:21am PDT
            They're of the Hogan's Alley School of map design. NT by Fullofkittens 08/10/2005, 7:30am PDT
            Re: Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by A fag 08/10/2005, 6:46pm PDT
                Wow. by mark 08/10/2005, 7:39pm PDT
                    Yes, I'm quite proud of that. Thanks for noticing. NT by A fag 08/11/2005, 4:52am PDT
                        I'm just here to help like so much Friendster. NT by mark 08/11/2005, 11:51am PDT
                    Darcy Shaffer by Juli Alexander 11/20/2007, 3:28pm PST
                        He's back. That's so cute! NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/20/2007, 3:29pm PST
                            The lil' spambot that could. NT by MM 11/20/2007, 4:26pm PST
                The other old street at night map was far better and more classic/older NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 08/11/2005, 9:02am PDT
    I've always been up for saying AHL sucks. NT by mark 08/10/2005, 12:02am PDT
        I think we should write an OFFICIAL Caltrops review of AHL. :( by Creexul :( 08/10/2005, 2:10am PDT
    Re: Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by [DAMN]Hawky 08/10/2005, 6:50am PDT
        Re: Action Half Life "Director's Cut 2" is out! by [DAMN]Hawky 08/10/2005, 6:50am PDT
    Do you have to ruin everyones fun!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Weyoun Voidbringer 08/10/2005, 6:54am PDT

Oh yeah this is the drugs forum. by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 10/09/2007, 3:12am PDT

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