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I put that slut Scorpia in her place -- THE KITCHEN! by Jerry Whorebach 08/27/2006, 2:57am PDT
    Never start a fight but always escalate it until something really bad happens. by Jerry Whorebach 08/27/2006, 4:48am PDT
        Manos: the Hand of Fate. NT by Creexul :( 08/27/2006, 4:56am PDT
            If Scorpia herself will NEVER solve it, what slim chance might you have? by Jerry Whorebach 08/27/2006, 5:06am PDT
        Digital Devil Saga by Bodybag 08/27/2006, 2:22pm PDT
            Congratulations, you are also smarter than Scorpia. NT by Jerry Whorebach 08/27/2006, 5:46pm PDT
    Tonight I sprung my shit on her. by Jerry Whorebach 08/28/2006, 3:53am PDT
        WHOA! Caltrops posters are HARD! NT by Softie 08/28/2006, 8:13am PDT
            Our intense and passionate sense of struggle and loss really matters to us. by Jerry Whorebach 08/28/2006, 6:46pm PDT
                So tell us, Jerry. How did it all go? With Scorpia? NT by Mysterio 05/29/2021, 6:53pm PDT
                    Yes. What a goddamn lunatic. by Mysterio 05/29/2021, 8:42pm PDT
                    This is kind of how I picture Jerry. by blackwater 06/01/2021, 4:26pm PDT
                        Re: This is kind of how I picture Jerry. by Mysterio 06/01/2021, 7:14pm PDT
                    Why are you people digging up 15-year-old posts to cancel Jerry? NT by MM 06/01/2021, 7:30pm PDT
                        He cannot be cancelled. He is a star. NT by Vidinfox 06/01/2021, 8:15pm PDT
                        I only meant to post Roberta Williams rumors, I didn't mean to cancel anybody! by Roop 06/02/2021, 1:06pm PDT
                        Re: Why are you people digging up 15-year-old posts to cancel Jerry? by That Mysterio 06/02/2021, 6:26pm PDT NT by Roop 05/29/2021, 3:26pm PDT

Why the fuck is Puzzle Quest so popular? by Mysterio 07/04/2011, 10:55am PDT
    Addictiveness trumps quality. NT by Mischief Maker 07/05/2011, 7:12pm PDT

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