Tales of Monkey Island
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Of course it's wrong to send death threats, but by Mysterious Stranger 07/11/2022, 12:17pm PDT
    Reminds me of that awful recent Battletoads game by Animation nation 07/11/2022, 12:45pm PDT
        And these dumb kids going berserk doesn't help by uh oh spagetti o's 07/11/2022, 1:18pm PDT
            I know who this is. Apologize now or I will buy a bullet to put in my gun. NT by Not a Pussy, Not Even Kidding 07/11/2022, 4:30pm PDT

This is a thread for posting fiction from the Internet by blackwater 06/17/2018, 9:49pm PDT
    The Forgotten Employee by blackwater 06/17/2018, 9:52pm PDT
    The Northern Caves by blackwater 06/18/2018, 10:04pm PDT
        Goddammit. by pinback 06/19/2018, 10:37am PDT
    The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz by Family Classics 07/01/2018, 1:29pm PDT
    Everyone in Silico by Jim Munroe by Blackwater 08/24/2018, 8:40am PDT

Nice quasi-oral history article about the early days at LucasArts by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 07/09/2014, 2:16pm PDT

Telltale Games is one of the best studios in gaming right now by WITTGENSTEIN 12/09/2013, 10:05am PST
    And here I thought I was just never going to be interested in Borderlands. NT by fucking newbie 12/09/2013, 11:40am PST
    Poorly animated CYOAs with no consequences. What is a game anyway? NT by Gutsby 12/09/2013, 1:30pm PST
        Yeah what's up with that Monkey Island and shit guys I don't know PSH NT by Gutsby 12/09/2013, 1:32pm PST
            There's a reason adventure games died. by Gutsby 12/09/2013, 4:05pm PST
                Isn't that why they're coming back though? by WITTGENSTEIN 12/09/2013, 5:52pm PST
                    I can't imagine anyone praising TT after The Walking Dead by fabio 12/09/2013, 9:40pm PST
                        How long would an old 90's adventure game be sans puzzles? NT by WITTGENSTEIN 12/09/2013, 10:15pm PST
                            The 30-60 minutes for a TT episode is WITH the puzzles NT by fabio 12/09/2013, 11:57pm PST
                        Re: I can't imagine anyone praising TT after The Walking Dead by E. L. Koba 12/09/2013, 10:49pm PST
                            (except Jerry Whorebach is a failed everything) NT by YOU SET EM UP I KNOCK EM DOWN 12/09/2013, 11:30pm PST

Definitely a Monkey Island game by Worm 07/12/2009, 7:04pm PDT
    Also it apparently runs like shit on the Wii by Worm 08/07/2009, 9:06am PDT

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