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PINBACK'S KNEE-JERK RTS ROUNDUP by pinback 08/07/2015, 6:55am PDT
    Review Request: Grey Goo NT by WITTGENSTEIN 08/07/2015, 8:46am PDT
    A history of Command & Conquer by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/07/2021, 10:00am PST NEW

Words like.... by fabio 12/11/2011, 6:05am PST
    Definitely one of the best C&C games...wait, Bioware?! by WITTGENSTEIN 12/11/2011, 8:09am PST
        Bioware Victory: formerly known as EALA (C&C: Generals team) NT by Quest Compass 12/12/2011, 1:38pm PST
    The Cable Bruddas' Review of Generals by Lurker 56498 12/11/2011, 11:32am PST
        With me it was the FarCry review back in '04. NT by Eurotrash 12/12/2011, 2:49am PST
    leaked cutscene by fabio 05/18/2012, 2:42pm PDT
    Flase alarm. Everyone go home by fabio 08/15/2012, 6:40pm PDT
        Words like. . . by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/15/2012, 8:33pm PDT

Buying this so you don't have to. by Fortinbras 03/16/2010, 5:57pm PDT
    if it's not as shitty as the entire cnc series has been I will be shocked NT by irony 03/16/2010, 7:19pm PDT
        Oh man what is going on in this game. I have no fucking idea. by Fortinbras 03/16/2010, 7:52pm PDT
            I want my 50 bucks back. =( by Fortinbras 03/16/2010, 8:20pm PDT
                Re: I want my 50 bucks back. =( by NDA-breaker 03/16/2010, 11:49pm PDT
                    HURF DURF WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY LISTEN TO ME, HEY GUYS PAY ATTENTION TO ME NT by NDA-Dumbass 03/17/2010, 12:42am PDT
                    NDA-Breaker's Teleporting Worms rating: 0/10 NT by Fortinbras 03/17/2010, 12:48am PDT
                You command some people and conquer others. Hello? NT by Souffle of Pain 03/16/2010, 11:57pm PDT
                    I want a game that lets me do both to the same people :( NT by laudablepuss 03/17/2010, 12:01pm PDT

EA releases a bunch of old C&C games for free by Arbit 02/16/2010, 4:26pm PST
    Tiberium Sun is NOT worth playing. by The Happiness Engine 02/16/2010, 6:13pm PST
        No =( by FABIO 02/16/2010, 7:26pm PST
            Re: No =( by Fortinbras 02/16/2010, 7:33pm PST
                pfff single player okay NT by FABIO 02/16/2010, 8:28pm PST

Command and Conquer 4 going to be the first actually innovative C&C game by Fortinbras 02/16/2010, 11:53am PST
    Generals was the last innovative, fun C&C game by FABIO 02/16/2010, 11:55am PST
        the cnc series was never that good to begin with by irony 02/16/2010, 3:14pm PST
            Who had time to play 1995's C&C when 1998's Starcraft was around NT by FABIO 02/16/2010, 3:54pm PST
                I dunno someone should ask the people who did that NT by irony 02/16/2010, 4:43pm PST
                    gruman NT by grumans chinese theatre 02/16/2010, 7:30pm PST

Command and Conquer 4 clip by Fortinbras 10/21/2009, 5:44pm PDT
    Uhh, that was pretty good white boy, but if it was me... by Last 10/21/2009, 6:08pm PDT

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