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Tetris has been standardized by blackwater 04/19/2022, 10:31pm PDT

VARY NICE TETRIS WEBSITE https://tetr.io/ by MONKEY MONKEY 12/29/2021, 3:37pm PST
    I played multiplayer once. I'm out. by pinback 12/29/2021, 5:14pm PST
        Best blitz score: 10,069 NT by pinback 12/29/2021, 5:22pm PST
            Can you describe your recent online poker experiences though? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/29/2021, 7:44pm PST
                I did not tip the dealer. NT by pinback 12/30/2021, 5:28am PST
        17,083 NT by pinback 12/30/2021, 5:37am PST
        20,443 NT by pinback 12/31/2021, 7:39am PST
        22,758 NT by pinback 12/31/2021, 7:55am PST
        28,434 NT by pinback 01/03/2022, 1:20pm PST
        33.962 NT by pinback 01/08/2022, 6:51am PST
        49,157. Is nobody else on here? It's all I do anymore, LET'S PLAY!! NT by pinback 01/22/2022, 7:42am PST
        56,232 NT by pinback 01/22/2022, 12:59pm PST
        59,104. I'm starting to think nobody cares about NT by this. =( 01/23/2022, 1:55pm PST
            Re: 59,104. I'm starting to think nobody cares about by Perry 01/23/2022, 5:26pm PST
                Thanks, pallie! NT by pinback 01/23/2022, 6:20pm PST
        60,634, plus some thoughts. by pinback 01/24/2022, 2:56pm PST

A decade ago, Lumines bumped Tetris off my top 10 games of all time. by Dream Cast 06/10/2018, 12:58am PDT
    Did ya like Tetris Effect? Are you on multiplayer? by pinback 12/31/2021, 6:03am PST
    Goddamn, Tetris Effect "Expert" journey mode is no joke. by pinback 01/05/2022, 1:33pm PST

What made Tengen Tetris for NES better than the other ones? NT by Forbidden fruit? 04/12/2016, 7:08am PDT
    2 player versus mode. NT by Mystetrad 04/12/2016, 7:38am PDT

Let's find the best PC version of Tetris, Caltrops. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/13/2014, 4:00pm PDT
    Sextris by Worm 06/13/2014, 4:27pm PDT
        Cisfest homophobia NT by re: 06/14/2014, 2:06am PDT

Free online multiplayer by FABIO 07/29/2009, 11:56pm PDT
    Bots can't even be that bad. Also down for maintenance. NT by Worm 07/30/2009, 12:09am PDT
    Yeah, I'll admit I'm losing to better players. by Worm 07/31/2009, 7:50am PDT
        The scoring is all fucked by FABIO 07/31/2009, 10:28am PDT

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