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Somebody put Bill Burr on a Morning Show by Eury 09/06/2018, 8:22pm PDT

LOUIS CK BACK TO DOING VOMEDY by Artie 08/28/2018, 8:22am PDT

Norm MacDonald on Lena Dunham by Mysterio 08/20/2018, 2:19pm PDT
    Why is this the size of a skyscraper NT by laudablepuss 08/20/2018, 3:47pm PDT
        Inside joke by Vested Id 08/20/2018, 6:05pm PDT
            Norm's show is off Youtube because it's coming to Netflix NT by Roop 08/23/2018, 9:02pm PDT

Cos is out there doing new sets by Wasabi Breath 02/02/2018, 9:21pm PST

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