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Boba Fett by E. L. Koba 12/30/2021, 11:00am PST

It's almost worth playing to see the worst Free To Play model ever. by Worm 04/06/2013, 4:25pm PDT
    Then I went back by Worm 04/06/2013, 9:08pm PDT
        Still the 2nd most popular MMO on the market at the moment. (Maybe 3rd) by WITTGENSTEIN 04/11/2013, 4:48pm PDT
            The more I play it the more I like things about it, but holy shit this model by Worm 04/11/2013, 5:44pm PDT
                There's 3 tiers, Subscription, Preferred, and Free by WITTGENSTEIN 04/13/2013, 11:05am PDT
                    Yeah I just forked over 15 for a month of subscription by Worm 04/13/2013, 11:47am PDT

Turns out the story isn't as good as everyone is telling you by goddamit 06/25/2012, 2:14pm PDT
    This is why you gotta check with me first on this shit! NT by Worm 06/25/2012, 10:20pm PDT

a Game of navigating and killing MOBs by Roop 01/09/2012, 8:30pm PST
    Skyrim has you spoiled by jeep 01/09/2012, 9:53pm PST
    It's some of the saddest worldbuilding I've seen by Entropy Stew 01/09/2012, 9:58pm PST
        YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE NT by Diablo 3 cutscene 01/10/2012, 9:00am PST

once again, the star wars prequels should have not been made by george lucas by sdroa jists 06/12/2011, 2:06am PDT
    Some people call me the space cowboy NT by Worm 06/12/2011, 2:42am PDT
        Some call me the (Huttanese) gangster of love. NT by Flack 06/12/2011, 8:29am PDT
    All of those characters are fuckable by Bioware SOP 06/12/2011, 2:12pm PDT
    You like it cause it's Ep. IV boiled down to a few minutes, complete with Han. NT by also because you're stupid and simp 06/12/2011, 2:19pm PDT
        More like Hat Solo. NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 06/12/2011, 2:40pm PDT
            He fucking spun! Like John Leguizamo playing Tybalt! by Entropy Stew 06/12/2011, 8:42pm PDT
    This Anime isn't worth my WAGE. by Mischief Ice Cream Man 06/12/2011, 3:53pm PDT
        Re: This Anime isn't worth my WAGE. by fabio 06/12/2011, 8:53pm PDT
            There is a moment of accidental brilliance... by Mischief Ice Cream Man 06/14/2011, 12:00am PDT
                Re: There is a moment of accidental brilliance... by Grebble 06/14/2011, 7:19am PDT
        Re: This Anime isn't worth my WAGE. by laudablepuss 06/14/2011, 4:14pm PDT
        Re: This Anime isn't worth my WAGE. by Entropy Stew 06/16/2011, 9:30am PDT
            Perhaps Lucas' army of Boba Fett clones was not so much lame as eerily prescient NT by Mischief Maker 06/16/2011, 10:02am PDT
        You're all faggots, by the way. This game is awesome. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 12/18/2011, 3:58pm PST
            It's KOTOR 3 essentially. I'm surprised how much single player made it over. by Entropy Stew 12/18/2011, 5:11pm PST
                other things you may notice by jeep 12/18/2011, 9:39pm PST
                Datacrons. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 12/19/2011, 8:19am PST
            Journey to the Center of Fortinbras' throat. Starring twelve quarts of NT by Bioware's semen 12/19/2011, 4:26am PST
                I am angry. ANGRY ABOUT BIOWARE GAMES. NT by Some forgettable retard 12/19/2011, 8:25am PST
                    *Gasp* Complaining about videogames on a videogame forum I frequent? NEEERDS! NT by Mischief Maker 12/19/2011, 8:51am PST
        It seems humanity in the Star Wars universe... by Leto II 12/19/2011, 10:20am PST
            And boy did that end up great. NT by Mind Control Kegel Ninja 12/19/2011, 10:30am PST
                PS NT by Beefswelling 12/19/2011, 10:31am PST
                God I love you NT by Frank Herbert's boyhood 12/19/2011, 10:59am PST
                Your kegels are no match for commander ghola mentat zwee fighter NT by Entropy Stew 12/19/2011, 11:11am PST
                    PS: Why did I read this far? NT by Entropy Stew 12/19/2011, 11:12am PST
            He just propagated it by preventing the extinction of humans NT by Entropy Stew 12/19/2011, 11:09am PST
                Noooooo I gave them free wiiiiillllllll by Leto II 12/19/2011, 11:14am PST
    The ideal game. by Jerry Whorebach 06/16/2011, 3:07am PDT

Collectors Edition went on sale Tuesday, and is sold out NT by WITTGENSTEIN 07/22/2011, 4:00pm PDT
    MOD SASS NT by MOD SASS 07/22/2011, 6:41pm PDT

You know what movie had a 10000000 times better Darth Vader origin story by laudablepuss 11/08/2010, 7:11pm PST

PVP trailer by Fortinbras 11/06/2010, 5:08pm PDT
    So it's WoW with lightsabers and bad voiceovers? NT by E. L. Koba 11/06/2010, 5:36pm PDT
        Thanks for that insightful shitpost, Jsoh NT by Fortinbras 11/06/2010, 9:26pm PDT
            He's the fourth Cable brother at this point. NT by Souffle of Pain 11/07/2010, 5:16pm PST
                I'll go ahead and take that as a compliment. by E. L. Koba 11/07/2010, 7:02pm PST
                    Hey everyone he's making a substantial point about MMORPGs here. by Worm 11/07/2010, 7:39pm PST
                    I have made a grevious error somewhere. NT by Souffle of Pain 11/08/2010, 4:46am PST

New cinematic trailer released; it's fuckin' awesome. by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 06/14/2010, 11:35pm PDT
    That's the best MMO cinematic thing in history. by Jhoh Cause..... 2 06/15/2010, 12:44pm PDT
    yes entire guild completely gay for this trailer by up with pod people 06/15/2010, 2:11pm PDT
        Re: yes entire guild completely gay for this trailer by Mysterious Stranger 06/16/2010, 5:02pm PDT
    Hadouken! NT by Jedi finishing move 06/15/2010, 3:42pm PDT
    imagine of the people who made this had done the prequels NT by Sword of Justice 06/16/2010, 8:26pm PDT
        Random people shooting at each other to no apparent effect? Already there. NT by Mischief Maker 06/16/2010, 9:06pm PDT
            Except for the people getting blown up and killed. by Jhoh Cause..... 2 06/16/2010, 9:07pm PDT
                You mean all the clones and robots? by Mischief Maker 06/16/2010, 9:38pm PDT
                    Yeah they blow up a lot of clones and robots, that is something. NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 06/16/2010, 9:45pm PDT
                so nothing like the prequels at all, or any star wars for that matter by Sword of Justice 06/17/2010, 7:10am PDT
                    Exactly like the Prequels. Except the clones in the prequels were less dumb. NT by Mischief Maker 06/17/2010, 9:44am PDT
    Kickass! Bring on the Moisture Farming and Pelt collecting! by Mischief Maker 06/16/2010, 8:27pm PDT
    Wow! Bullet time, destructible terrain, and intense hand-to-hand grappling! by This game will have NONE of that! 06/16/2010, 10:07pm PDT
    Isn't that just like a wop? Brings a knife to a gun fight. NT by Sean Connery 06/16/2010, 10:22pm PDT

Star Wars G4 E3 demos by Lizard_King 06/16/2010, 4:52am PDT
    Sarco the Sarcastic must be irritating to work with NT by Entropy Stew 06/16/2010, 2:30pm PDT

What's with this Ramone Ramone Ramone shit? by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/01/2010, 12:13pm PST
    the best caller is liddy NT by irony 03/01/2010, 2:23pm PST

2011 release date =( NT by Fortinbras 02/02/2010, 2:28pm PST

I bought KotOR on meats, fucking thing crashes every 10 minutes. Fuckin thing SU NT by Eurotrash 12/23/2009, 12:18am PST
    There's all kinds of runtime parameters and shit you need to use by Turbaconducken 12/23/2009, 4:59am PST
        Okay? Well that fucking sucks, I'll try some of that, thanks turbo :) NT by Eurotrash 12/25/2009, 4:01am PST
    I didn't really have any problems like that (maybe turn off your virus scanner?) by irony 12/23/2009, 8:00am PST
        Thanks, I'll try that too. Maybe I'll switch to a different game too, should wor NT by Eurotrash 12/25/2009, 4:03am PST
        Ultimate Jsoh tech advice, play something else. NT by Worm 12/25/2009, 6:35am PST
            wroms tech advice: shit pants NT by irony 12/25/2009, 7:34pm PST
       NT by Mr.Kool 12/26/2009, 6:17am PST
                    You'd shit your pants too, if society had failed YOU NT by irony 12/26/2009, 8:17am PST
                        That one definitely burned bad with out "victims." 8) NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/26/2009, 8:24am PST
                            I mean our but I also mean drankin island. NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/26/2009, 8:25am PST
        Chink Empire is also on sale on meats now for €3.75, guess I should get it. NT by Eurotrash 12/29/2009, 12:22pm PST
            good choice :D NT by irony 12/29/2009, 8:07pm PST

Star Wars Republican Commando. by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/28/2009, 2:17pm PST
    It had potential by FABIO 12/28/2009, 7:18pm PST
        They all have NZ accents now! NT by Darth Retcon 12/29/2009, 12:00am PST
        The guns are pretty weak that is true. :( by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/29/2009, 3:58am PST
    it's like what halo promised to be and completely failed at by irony 12/29/2009, 4:11am PST

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