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Fallen Enchantress 3.0 just came out. by pinback 09/01/2021, 2:51pm PDT

Sorcerer King is better than GC3 NT by pinback 07/15/2015, 1:51pm PDT

Elemental 2015 ("Sorcerer King") released to Steam Early Access. by pinback 10/02/2014, 12:47pm PDT
    I was wondering when someone would try to rip-off AI war! NT by Mischief Maker 10/02/2014, 1:00pm PDT
        Infested Planet does it sort of by fabio 10/02/2014, 2:50pm PDT

Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes 2 hour impression by fabio 09/08/2013, 10:14am PDT
    They keep changing it and re-releasing it over and over by jeep 09/08/2013, 1:20pm PDT
    conversion, not conversation NT by fabio 09/08/2013, 8:04pm PDT
        How intolerant! NT by MM 09/08/2013, 8:12pm PDT

So Fallen Enchantress is on sale for $13.50 this week by fabio 02/26/2013, 12:19pm PST
    Dunno, but have you tried Eador: Genesis yet? by Mischief Maker 02/27/2013, 12:57pm PST
    Re: So Fallen Enchantress is on sale for $13.50 this week by E. L. Koba 02/27/2013, 9:33pm PST
        ^ that should be the full review NT by fabio 02/27/2013, 11:06pm PST
    Still not worth it by jeep 02/28/2013, 8:16am PST
        Re: Still not worth it by Tansin A. Darcos (TDARCOS) 02/28/2013, 5:32pm PST
            It's from Annie Hall. NT by Woody Allen's most famous movie 02/28/2013, 6:24pm PST
            Wardell gave it to us free instead of a refund for elemental by jeep 02/28/2013, 7:28pm PST

the new beta for this is so slow it can't even load the map to start the game by jeep 09/21/2012, 7:03am PDT

play Warlock: Master of the Arcane instead by jeep 09/15/2012, 9:14pm PDT
    Re: play Warlock: Master of the Arcane instead by Roop 09/16/2012, 9:18am PDT
        A little balancing and AI tweaking and FFH would be perfect by fabio 09/16/2012, 9:38am PDT

The Lawsuit by Q23 Reporter 09/06/2012, 2:50pm PDT
    I can't believe how many fucking losers over there are telling him not to comme NT by Souffle of Pain 09/06/2012, 3:58pm PDT
    This guy is a dumb piece of shit. Who sends purity tests to their employees? NT by skip 09/06/2012, 6:19pm PDT
    Once again BDR is the class of the thread over there NT by jeep 09/06/2012, 7:57pm PDT
        Re: Once again BDR is the class of the thread over there by Souffle of Pain 09/06/2012, 8:44pm PDT
            I thought you were going to leave in order to become a nicer person NT by Mysterio 09/06/2012, 8:48pm PDT
                I completed that work. NT by Souffle of Pain 09/06/2012, 10:01pm PDT
                    The Asshole was inside of YOU this whole time! by Mischief the Good Witch 09/06/2012, 10:14pm PDT
        When did he go crawling back? Is the other web site dead? NT by Cleve Blakemore 09/08/2012, 1:50am PDT
            There was another website? do you mean Broken Toys? NT by jeep 09/09/2012, 4:54pm PDT

It's kind of a mess by E. L. Koba 08/31/2010, 10:34pm PDT
    Re: It's kind of a mess by jeep 09/04/2010, 1:13am PDT
    This is funny, maybe by laudablepuss 09/04/2010, 1:28am PDT
        Please just whatever you do don't spend $50 on the game NT by jeep 09/04/2010, 2:55am PDT
            Okay, but here's another thing. by laudablepuss 09/04/2010, 4:21am PDT
                he laid off them dudes by jeep 09/04/2010, 7:12am PDT
                    MOTHERFUCKER NT by laudablepuss 09/04/2010, 3:19pm PDT
    Qt3 traits: make horrible posts, then make equally horrible apologies later NT by Noi Dau Don 09/04/2010, 3:32am PDT
        The second is the same as the first. O_O NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 09/04/2010, 3:22pm PDT
    Re: It's kind of a mess by laudablepuss 09/04/2010, 4:25am PDT
    The wheels start to come off by E. L. Koba 09/07/2010, 10:19pm PDT
        This is my favorite part by laudablepuss 09/08/2010, 1:20am PDT
        'Destiny's Embers'!? AHhahahahahahahaha! NT by Last 09/08/2010, 2:56am PDT
        Elemental: Destiny's Embers' top 1-star review is from Matthew Gallant NT by QT3 Reporter 09/08/2010, 7:01am PDT
            At one point Wardell's wife was in there white knighting him NT by jeep 09/08/2010, 9:55am PDT

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