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The sordid story of the origin of the modern anti-vax movement. by Mischief Maker 05/29/2021, 11:54am PDT
    Speaking of, have you heard the new Q theory that vaccines make you magnetic? by Mischief Maker 06/10/2021, 7:38am PDT
        Yeah there have been videos for a couple months now :( NT by laudablepuss 06/10/2021, 8:52am PDT

I finally have a vaccine appointment for next Tuesday! by Mischief Maker 04/17/2021, 9:37am PDT
    (Why no "Pathologic" forum?) NT by MM 04/17/2021, 9:43am PDT
    2nd Pfizer stick is a week from tomorrow, looking forward to it. by Fullofkittens 04/18/2021, 6:15am PDT
        I'm 17 days after Pfizer 2. I got "COVID Arm." by Fullofkittens 05/13/2021, 11:05am PDT
            I got "baby arm" by You'll never guess whe-- 05/13/2021, 1:44pm PDT
    I got my first in March by huh 04/18/2021, 8:26am PDT
        Great book by laudablepuss 04/19/2021, 8:51am PDT
            It's taking... Forever. NT by NT 04/23/2021, 4:48am PDT
        This was a good post. NT by Caltrops Good Post Team 05/13/2021, 1:46pm PDT
    My second Moderna shot is Wednesday. High fives all around by laudablepuss 04/19/2021, 8:50am PDT
        Re: My second Moderna shot is Wednesday. High fives all around by MM 04/19/2021, 9:09am PDT
    Got the J&J 11 days ago - back to the office next week! by E. L. Koba 04/19/2021, 11:14am PDT
    First dose last week, 2nd dose in May. I don't ever want to go back to the offi by Rafiki 04/19/2021, 11:51am PDT
        Got my 2nd one last Thursday. Felt tired (not sleepy) on Friday, and that's it. NT by Rafiki 05/13/2021, 6:34pm PDT
    Got my first dose (Pfizer) yesterday! by CattleHumper 04/22/2021, 7:30am PDT
        In three weeks it'll be a ghost town probably by laudablepuss 04/22/2021, 8:31am PDT
            My symptoms are hitting today, but it's just mild aches and exhaustion. NT by MM 04/22/2021, 9:25am PDT
                My second shot by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/23/2021, 7:53am PDT
    ...and just got my second jab! by Mischief Maker 05/11/2021, 1:56pm PDT
        pics or gtfo NT by Rafiki 05/11/2021, 4:32pm PDT
        Ditto by CattleHumper 05/12/2021, 8:52am PDT
    Got the second round of Pfizer last week by Entropy Stew 05/13/2021, 10:04am PDT
    I'm the only one I know who didn't have any after-effects. by pinback 05/13/2021, 3:57pm PDT
    I've passed the two-week mark and am now fully vaccinated! by Mischief Maker 05/27/2021, 7:37am PDT

How I imagine Tucker Carlson's idea of demanding strangers take off their masks: by MM 04/27/2021, 5:21pm PDT
    Haho yeah, Mortal _Kom_bat NT by Norm Macdonald 04/27/2021, 6:29pm PDT

Happy Red Nose day! NT by Patch 05/21/2015, 8:01pm PDT

Bill Dungstroms' a fucking genious (and almost as smart as Patch Adams) by Erik the Red 1 11/06/2004, 12:17am PST
    I Liek clatrosps to! NT by Fresbut snatrioson 11/06/2004, 2:42am PST
        C'mon NT by Fussbett 11/06/2004, 4:25am PST
            Bull Dungstorm!!!!! NT by Mysterio 11/06/2004, 4:28pm PST
    You are a cold hearted, overly-angry person who needs help by Quentin Beck 01/13/2007, 9:03pm PST
        Re: You are a cold hearted, overly-angry person who needs help by stoorat 01/13/2007, 9:34pm PST
        Re: You are a cold hearted, overly-angry person who needs help by Jerry Whorebach 01/13/2007, 9:36pm PST
        Re: You are a cold hearted, overly-angry person who needs help by Mysterio 06/19/2013, 6:17pm PDT
        The movie is an inaccurate piece of shit by blackwater 07/01/2013, 12:34am PDT

I concur by Namaste 06/10/2013, 5:42pm PDT
    Caltrops is done. Best post ever. NT by mark 06/10/2013, 5:48pm PDT
        How were you able to see this and reply 6 MINUTES later?! NT by CattleHumper 06/10/2013, 9:16pm PDT
            Luck of the draw? Statistical clustering? NT by mark 06/11/2013, 7:23pm PDT
                NSA monitoring NT by Entropy Stew 06/11/2013, 7:47pm PDT

nostalgia critic reviews the movie finally by sdroa jists 02/15/2012, 2:49pm PST
    Re: nostalgia critic reviews the movie finally by kelly 02/23/2012, 8:51pm PST

and you wonder why his fiance left? by jlm 09/15/2010, 1:05pm PDT
    It's okay, the healing power of laughter repaired their relationship NT by laudablepuss 09/15/2010, 2:25pm PDT

nostalgia critic vs flubber guess who wins: john hughes? by Sword of Justice 04/06/2010, 10:34pm PDT
    "that guy with the glasses" is the worst URL I've ever seen NT by Gentleman Jim Browser 04/06/2010, 11:57pm PDT
        welcome to the internet NT by Sword of Justice 04/07/2010, 5:51pm PDT

Thanks for nothing asshole by john 03/02/2010, 6:27pm PST
    Re: Thanks for nothing asshole by Mr. Kool 03/02/2010, 9:08pm PST
        She laughed off the beating NT by FABIO 03/02/2010, 9:14pm PST

World's biggest chip on his shoulder by calrdr 02/02/2009, 8:32am PST
    You'd rather someone smile and lie to you than frown and tell the truth. by Last 02/02/2009, 8:43am PST
        It's inappropriate to slap someone for an accurate assessment NT by Caltrops Forum Mediator 02/02/2009, 9:24am PST
            Plus he was reading online diaries in 1997, so that's pretty rad. NT by Fussbett 02/02/2009, 11:53am PST
    Re: World's biggest chip on his shoulder by Creexuls, a monster >:3 02/02/2009, 12:53pm PST
    I wonder if his clown nose ever fell off during surgery? NT by Mischief Maker 02/02/2009, 2:14pm PST
    Also: by Mischief Maker 02/02/2009, 2:18pm PST
        Wow those clowns are evil (like Patch Adams). NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 02/02/2009, 2:41pm PST
    Aren't you the precocious one. NT by Dave Winer's #1 Fan 02/03/2009, 12:35pm PST
    Re: World's biggest chip on his shoulder by Mysterious Stranger 01/16/2010, 2:57pm PST

wow by me 11/23/2009, 9:28pm PST
    We're coming up on the 7 year anniversary of that article! :) NT by laudablepuss 11/23/2009, 11:36pm PST
    A game I invented recently. by mark 11/24/2009, 8:38am PST
        Re: A game I invented recently. by laudablepuss 11/24/2009, 8:53am PST

Idiot... by Apple 09/13/2009, 8:45am PDT
    BDR, taking time out of hating caltrops on qt3 to pretend someone cares about hi NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 09/13/2009, 11:23am PDT
        all u all niggas are just ....... fake niggas NT by gruman 09/13/2009, 11:44am PDT
        Re: BDR, taking time out of hating caltrops on qt3 to pretend someone cares abou by discuss. 09/13/2009, 1:42pm PDT

loser by Lawrence Silver 04/12/2009, 6:28pm PDT
    Is this review ranked #5 on Google for searching "Patch Adams" or something? NT by Fortinbras 04/12/2009, 6:42pm PDT
        It's #1 for "patch adams cunt" NT by Entropy Stew 04/12/2009, 7:47pm PDT
            So all these people getting pissed at this 50 year old rant by motherfuckerfoodeater 04/12/2009, 8:20pm PDT
                Lawrence "Long Dong" Silver NT by up with pod people 04/12/2009, 8:33pm PDT
        How could anyone possibly know the answer to this questions? It's unknowable. NT by Fussbett 04/12/2009, 10:02pm PDT
    Was Patch Adams an insult comic? NT by someone too lazy to check Wikipedia 04/12/2009, 9:58pm PDT
    Laughter IS the best medicine. SHE FUCKED ANOTHER MAN HANG YOURSELF HA HA HAHA NT by Lawrence Silver 04/13/2009, 5:35am PDT

sure? by Franco Di Benedetto 12/11/2008, 5:46pm PST
    She played a princess in some movie or other. Probably never released in Italy. by Helpful Wikipedia Monkey 12/11/2008, 8:36pm PST
    I thought Hitler was a total cunt until i read Mein Kampf. NT by bombMexico 12/11/2008, 8:58pm PST
    Wait til you read his other articles, then we'll take you to his nursing home by Lizard_King 12/11/2008, 9:32pm PST

What's wrong with this picture? by Not willing to put myself in danger 08/02/2008, 7:23pm PDT
    first he came for patch adams and I did nothing because I do not like clowns NT by bdar 08/02/2008, 7:26pm PDT
    If you wanna talk about wasted internet screens, check out his football articles by Jerry Whorebach 08/02/2008, 8:01pm PDT

Your A SICK GUY! by Penny Nagy 06/07/2008, 9:26am PDT
    Re: Your A SICK GUY! by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/07/2008, 9:46am PDT
    Re: Your A SICK GUY! by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/07/2008, 3:23pm PDT

Poor guy by Diogo 05/30/2008, 7:40pm PDT
    he only posts to quarter to 3 now, not caltrops NT by Grumah 05/30/2008, 7:57pm PDT

wow by jade 04/12/2008, 3:43am PDT
    Does your game feel good by any chance? NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/12/2008, 5:08am PDT
    My car is no longer messy. NT by Ray of Light 04/12/2008, 5:08am PDT
    Psh, Bill is SO over all that. He's into vampires now! NT by Jerry Whorebach 04/12/2008, 6:13am PDT
    What is it about Patch Adams supporters... by Mischief Maker 04/12/2008, 8:51am PDT
        We don't teach paragraphery until the fifth year NT by medical school 04/12/2008, 9:23am PDT
            And not at all in the "top ranked" schools. It gets in the way of patient hugs. NT by Fussbett 04/12/2008, 1:30pm PDT
    (Almost) doctor, I've got this lump in my "special area." Can you take a look? NT by I need clarification 04/12/2008, 10:40am PDT
        Would it help if I put a clown nose on it? (thought of this joke too late!) NT by I need clarification 04/12/2008, 4:08pm PDT
            Jade, I have Giardia. NT by QuĂ©tinbec 04/13/2008, 5:48pm PDT
            No, but playing video games would! NT by Gabe & Tycho's Child's Play 04/14/2008, 2:05pm PDT
    Re: wow by Mischief Maker 04/14/2008, 2:10pm PDT
        I approve of your commenting to everything with KITH videos NT by Zsenitan Unironically Approving 04/14/2008, 3:19pm PDT

hay fuck face by jared cyr 03/24/2008, 4:34pm PDT
    Is it that time of month again for another gimmick post? NT by Fortinbras 03/24/2008, 4:42pm PDT
        Where do these braindead fucks come from? NT by Souffle of Pain 03/24/2008, 4:59pm PDT
            The post is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE NT by Fortinbras 03/24/2008, 5:29pm PDT
    looser, someone who looses. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 03/24/2008, 5:22pm PDT
    This guy finished, like, THREE med schools and it wasn't EVEN hard. by Jerry Whorebach 03/24/2008, 5:40pm PDT
    MetalStorm: The Destruction of Jared Cyr? by Fussbett 03/24/2008, 6:12pm PDT
        That was certainly the first thing that leapt to mind when i saw his post. by bombMexico 03/24/2008, 10:31pm PDT
            What was the first thing that leapt to your mind? I bet it would make a great p NT by Fussbett 03/25/2008, 12:45am PDT
                i spent 30 minutes looking for OMF pictures, im not calling your post stupid by bombMexico 03/25/2008, 10:37pm PDT
        The future used to be SO awesome. Bring back that old-time future, I say! NT by Jerry Whorebach 03/25/2008, 6:35am PDT

Patch Adams by Charlie Dillon 03/24/2008, 6:04pm PDT
    Post of the Year, I'll sticky it NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/24/2008, 6:08pm PDT
        Not a euphamism! NT by Fussbett 03/24/2008, 6:14pm PDT
    This is probably the only positive post in this board. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 03/24/2008, 7:19pm PDT

To bill dunghammer by Clinton mcclanahan 02/18/2008, 3:42am PST
    the choice is yours bdr, re-evaluate your life or commit suicide NT by Grumah 02/18/2008, 6:21am PST
        Not for this life. I don't have THE TIME NT by *BLAM* 02/18/2008, 7:00am PST
            Aces, another BDR post NT by Fortinbras 02/18/2008, 11:25am PST
                Bandits at 8 o'clock move in behind us, ten ME-109's out of the sun, ascending a NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 02/18/2008, 11:32am PST
                    It was like that elevator in that Wu-Tang video with dinosaurs and ninjas NT by Fortinbras 02/18/2008, 11:36am PST
    I'm looking at the Man in the Mir-ror! Oh-oh! I'm asking him to change his ways! NT by BDR 02/18/2008, 7:40am PST
    Does looking in the mirror actually ever solve anything? NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 02/18/2008, 9:49am PST
        Only if you say "Candyman" five times NT by Mischief Maker 02/18/2008, 10:06am PST
    Dr. Clinton McClanahan the Sacramento Ophthalmologist?! NT by Fussbett 02/18/2008, 2:28pm PST
    Any relation to Rue? NT by Jerry Whorebach 02/18/2008, 9:08pm PST
    My party knows how to type NT by Fulani/Lansbury '08 02/18/2008, 9:13pm PST

Wow. that was not what I expected to hear about Patch Adams... by Anon 01/09/2008, 11:54am PST
    I said those things about Patch Adams but I changed my mind thank you for showin NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 01/09/2008, 12:03pm PST

mr. dungsroman, don't be so sour by happypassion 12/13/2007, 10:28am PST
    knock it off Jerry NT by Caltrops 12/13/2007, 1:40pm PST

death by surgical clips by john-eric patey 11/23/2007, 12:59pm PST
    A hyphenated first name? THATS CRAZY NT by laudablepuss 11/23/2007, 1:05pm PST
        He's the union of two fathers, John and Eric. Not hard to understand, pal. NT by Fussbett 11/23/2007, 1:23pm PST
    These "feel good" films bring out the most ghastly obscenities from people. by MM 11/23/2007, 1:26pm PST
        john-eric asks the question, is no spaces worse than 2 spaces? by motherfuckerfoodeater 11/23/2007, 3:17pm PST
    Is your space bar broken because you flipped your keyboard so hard? NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 11/23/2007, 1:41pm PST

Wrong!!!! by A Defender of Patch Adams 10/12/2007, 9:14pm PDT
    Re: Wrong!!!! by Jerry Whorebach 10/12/2007, 11:16pm PDT
    don't cure me, hold my hand while I die by diet Coke/Grumah forever 10/13/2007, 11:32am PDT
    Overuse of punctuation marks causes cancer. Pass it on. NT by Klee Irwin 10/13/2007, 3:40pm PDT

Hi, I'm some fat 40 year old bitch! by Some fat 40 year old bitch 08/01/2007, 1:51pm PDT
    Ahahahaha by laudablepuss 08/01/2007, 1:53pm PDT
    MAKE THE MEAN MAN GO AWAY!!!!!!!! ;-; NT by Grumah 08/01/2007, 3:20pm PDT
    "Patch" is also late 90s slang for women's pubic hair. NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 08/01/2007, 8:42pm PDT
        What did they call men's pubic hair? NT by Tell us, grandpa :( 08/01/2007, 9:27pm PDT
            They didn't. NT by Jhoh Clbbl O_____O 08/01/2007, 10:16pm PDT

He's an angry little fella! So sad for him :-( NT by Lea 07/28/2007, 9:00am PDT
    One more time. NT by Exactly the same, please. 07/28/2007, 10:51am PDT
        Re: One more time. by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/28/2007, 11:05am PDT

Hmm by Lea 07/28/2007, 8:59am PDT

wow by tarbysmom 07/22/2007, 9:39pm PDT
    Bill is indeed jealous of anyone who can hold onto a fiancee NT by Good call. 07/22/2007, 10:05pm PDT
    Re: wow by motherfuckerfoodeater 07/22/2007, 10:30pm PDT
    The Borne of Jealousy NT by starring...Matt Damon 07/22/2007, 10:35pm PDT
    My appendix still hurts -- the jokes, they do nothing! NT by Tarby :( 07/22/2007, 11:10pm PDT
        I will honk my clown nose until you slowly die. NT by Patch Adams 07/23/2007, 5:44am PDT

The drop out!!! by medcult 03/18/2007, 2:18am PDT
    Re: The drop out!!! by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/18/2007, 2:47am PDT
        I actually agree with medcult. I'm glad BDR washed out of med school, and life. NT by I need clarification 03/18/2007, 3:04am PDT
            Washed out of life! Did you mistype caltrops, or are you privvy to HOT BILLNEWZ? NT by Worm 03/18/2007, 8:07am PDT
                10K posts on Qt3 = washing out of life. NT by Authority on Things 03/18/2007, 1:24pm PDT
    Patch Adams, System Shock 2, Jhoh Cable by Johnny Carson 03/18/2007, 2:55am PDT
        I am hoping for more hits when the Burning Crusade review goes up. :( by Jhoh Cable o_O 03/19/2007, 12:53am PDT
    Re: The drop out!!! by motherfuckerethicsimbiber 03/18/2007, 8:53pm PDT
        Re: The drop out!!! by J 04/02/2007, 1:13pm PDT

Wow!!! by MR 04/02/2007, 12:19am PDT
    Re: Wow!!! by Enrico Fermi 04/02/2007, 12:28am PDT

Bill D. by J. T. 02/19/2007, 8:49am PST
    Wonderful use of CAPITAL LETTERS, please continue posting. NT by Worm 02/19/2007, 1:36pm PST
        Re: Wonderful use of CAPITAL LETTERS, please continue posting. by *snicker* 02/19/2007, 2:45pm PST
            Not an idiot! by Worm 02/20/2007, 8:20pm PST
    Re: Bill D. by Caltrops 02/19/2007, 2:44pm PST
    Be sure to check out when you need porn. NT by Connected to the Industry 02/19/2007, 3:10pm PST
    This wouldn't happen to be the late great JT Walsh would it? NT by Jhoh Cable o_O 02/19/2007, 5:31pm PST

JE JE JE by Karen McClure 12/16/2006, 12:58pm PST
    You don't have to be a lady genius to guess why Bill's fiance left him :( by Jerry Whorebach 12/17/2006, 1:22am PST
        Kids movies by Bill Watcher 12/19/2006, 4:53pm PST

Shouldn't this board have been named "Patch Fucking Adams"? :( NT by Jhoh Cable o_O 10/31/2006, 10:26am PST

Sincere Praise by tara 10/27/2006, 3:27am PDT
    Are you patch adams' wife who killed herself? NT by Jhoh Cable o_O 10/27/2006, 4:20am PDT
        Patch Adams: A great healer. by motherfuckerfoodeater 10/27/2006, 11:56pm PDT
            NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT by Jhoh Cable o_O 10/28/2006, 12:56am PDT
    Re: Sincere Praise by Furcifer 10/27/2006, 3:54pm PDT
    This Tara woman is completely right about BDR. Gay and not a doctor. NT by I need clarification 10/28/2006, 12:07am PDT
        Having (probably only) one gay sex doesn't make you gay >:( NT by Bill Dumbsroman 10/28/2006, 9:20am PDT
            I have pictures of me sitting next to women at bars! Are you not impressed? NT by Bill Dumbsroman 10/30/2006, 8:37pm PST
                you suck NT by fuck you 10/30/2006, 9:01pm PST
                    sounds like SOMEONE can't get chicks to pose with him! =) NT by Bill Dumbsroman 10/30/2006, 9:15pm PST
                        That girl had a nose to die for, though. And even a wiff of sex... by Quentin Beck 10/30/2006, 9:51pm PST

Cecil Adams is dumb. by Furcifer 08/11/2006, 2:24am PDT
    check out the original article by Flavio 08/11/2006, 2:53am PDT
        you damn kids and your quote links NT by Flavio 08/11/2006, 2:53am PDT
        Re: check out the original article by Furcifer 08/11/2006, 3:43am PDT
            Re: check out the original article by Flavio 08/11/2006, 4:40am PDT
                ah by Flavio 08/11/2006, 6:46pm PDT
    Somebody needs to watch "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/11/2006, 4:45am PDT
    How old is Cecil by now? Like 80? :( NT by Creexul :( 08/11/2006, 10:48am PDT

Dear Bill Dungsroman by R.K 07/23/2006, 12:59pm PDT
    HERE'S YOUR PRESCRIPTION by Someone Vaguely Mean 07/23/2006, 3:58pm PDT
    I also hate Patch Adams intensely, are you going to judge me? by Samuel L. Jackson 07/23/2006, 4:05pm PDT
    You'd better watch your mouth, SON by Bodybag 07/23/2006, 9:02pm PDT
    Wow, synchronicity by Quentin Beck 07/24/2006, 2:41am PDT

Pissing on Bill's grave by Flavio 06/25/2006, 6:51am PDT
    "Did you order steak flambe or chocolate gateaux?" LOL NT by Fussbett 06/25/2006, 7:02am PDT
        His target audience is women, so he doesn't have to be funny NT by Creexul =( 06/25/2006, 7:27am PDT
            Thanks zesni. NT by Creexul :( 06/25/2006, 6:03pm PDT

Bitter? by Chris 05/15/2006, 10:19pm PDT
    urmom NT by gaybos 05/15/2006, 10:25pm PDT
    Re: Bitter? by I need clarification 05/16/2006, 12:14am PDT
    i'm sure we can cure cancer with the power of... LAUGHTER NT by Someone Vaguely Mean 05/16/2006, 3:01am PDT
    Buffalo Soldiers - Army Go Home!, 2001, 98min NT by Jerry Whorebach 05/16/2006, 7:04am PDT

Pocahontas County by tina 03/12/2006, 8:53am PST
    Boo NT by Troll Police 03/12/2006, 1:49pm PST

Open your heart and you will understand.. by Christian Semlitsch, Switzerland 08/22/2005, 4:22am PDT
    Your comments have been noted. The article is now under review. NT by mark 08/22/2005, 10:12am PDT
    Will the heart opening be done by Patch or a non-quack? NT by laudablepuss 08/22/2005, 10:41am PDT
        I'm thoroughly creeped out that someone googled Patch Adams. by casual observer 08/22/2005, 11:40am PDT
            He's the latest in a long line of outraged Patch Adams googlers. NT by mark 08/22/2005, 11:49am PDT
    I did, and only shit came out. Perhaps it was my colostomy bag instead? by Bill Dungsroman 08/22/2005, 5:11pm PDT
        Re: I did, and only shit came out. Perhaps it was my colostomy bag instead? by FABIO 08/22/2005, 7:35pm PDT
    In America, your last name sounds vaguely unsanitary. NT by I need clarification 08/22/2005, 7:01pm PDT

Guess my illness! by Mysterio 06/23/2005, 11:45pm PDT
    Does it have to do with the liver? :( NT by Creexul :( 06/24/2005, 12:04am PDT
    That stomach acid reflex shit. NT by Worm 06/24/2005, 12:09am PDT
    Death NT by Fred Shipman 06/24/2005, 12:55am PDT
    Excessive semen loss? NT by Fussbett 06/24/2005, 1:18am PDT
    Excessive semen intake? NT by E. L. Koba 06/24/2005, 1:37am PDT
    Cancer NT by Tony 06/24/2005, 4:30am PDT
    Re: Guess my illness! by Bill Dungsroman 06/24/2005, 9:25am PDT
        Just because I can't spell it doesn't mean you can hijack my guess. NT by Worm 06/24/2005, 9:41am PDT
            I just elaborated, fag. NT by Bill Dungsroman 06/24/2005, 1:03pm PDT
                Sweet talk isn't going to get me to share the prize, MOTHERFUCKER *FUME*. NT by Worm 06/24/2005, 2:36pm PDT
    not an illness, but side effects from a physical injury by bombMexico 06/24/2005, 3:20pm PDT
    Update: Gallstones! by Mysterio 06/24/2005, 4:08pm PDT
        Take pictures when they come out! NT by Worm 06/24/2005, 5:57pm PDT
        You sick fuck. NT by Mischief Maker 06/24/2005, 9:01pm PDT
        I guess BDR just flunked out of med school AGAIN. :( NT by I need clarification 06/24/2005, 9:01pm PDT
            Out of med school, and into your heart! NT by Spanky 06/29/2005, 1:04am PDT
            Yeah. I just checked, they totally revoked my ID badge FROWNY NT by Bill Dungsroman 06/29/2005, 10:07am PDT
                FIVE DAYS LATER?! by I need clarification 06/29/2005, 10:10am PDT
                    Spanky is to blame. NT by Fullofkittens 06/29/2005, 1:05pm PDT
        Say goodbye to fastfoods forever by Casual observer 06/26/2005, 2:19am PDT
        Addendum? by Mysterio 06/29/2005, 8:30pm PDT
            Psh, nice gallbladder, LOSER. NT by Creexul :( 06/29/2005, 9:45pm PDT
            Surgery pictures, please. NT by Ogrish Forum Goer 06/29/2005, 10:16pm PDT
                You mean wrom. NT by Creexul :( 06/29/2005, 11:08pm PDT
                    Way to crack that mystery! NT by Worm 06/30/2005, 12:04am PDT

ASSHOLE DUNG by hahahaha 05/24/2005, 3:37pm PDT
    Re: ASSHOLE DUNG by bombMexico 05/24/2005, 4:19pm PDT
        Every thread ever in this forum starts with a post like that. NT by Bill Dungsroman 05/24/2005, 4:20pm PDT
            Actually... by Bill Dungsroman 05/24/2005, 4:54pm PDT

HIPAA - honestly, WHAT THE FUCK by Fullofkittens 04/19/2005, 8:40pm PDT
    I worked on a contact management system for a doctor's office by Entropy Stew 04/20/2005, 3:39am PDT
        Re: I worked on a contact management system for a doctor's office by Creexul :( 04/20/2005, 12:05pm PDT
            Re: I worked on a contact management system for a doctor's office by Entropy Stew 04/20/2005, 1:21pm PDT
                YOU SICK FUCKING MONSTER by Creexul :( 04/20/2005, 1:46pm PDT
    Don't you also fear fictional characters? by Weyoun Voidbringer 04/20/2005, 5:47am PDT
        Well, I'm sold. Please to be injecting RFID tags into my retinas now NT by Entropy Stew 04/20/2005, 10:32am PDT
            I dunno why you would want to, but ok NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 04/20/2005, 12:07pm PDT
            Go back to Slashdot! by Ray of Light 04/20/2005, 1:22pm PDT
                Don't look at the trap when it opens. by Creexul :( 04/20/2005, 1:45pm PDT

HOUSE OF D by lumiere 04/18/2005, 6:56pm PDT
    I wonder how many pissed off Tenacious D fans will storm out of that flick? NT by Mischief Maker 04/18/2005, 8:38pm PDT

Patch Adams fixes the tsunami by Fussbett 03/24/2005, 3:12pm PST
    By drowning in it (I hope) by Bill Dungsroman 03/24/2005, 3:27pm PST

fuckers by teo meo 02/20/2005, 1:00am PST
    Get some dignity, join the Mysterio Corps! NT by Casual observer 02/20/2005, 1:40am PST
    curse fk by emote o 02/20/2005, 1:50am PST

Filthy critic made me smile by Bill Dungsroman 06/02/2003, 12:24pm PDT
    Re: Filthy critic made me smile by foogla 06/02/2003, 1:10pm PDT

This NT by Alf Cockache 05/12/2003, 7:17pm PDT
    That NT by Punky Cuntpunch 05/12/2003, 7:42pm PDT

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