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Shatner by Jack Bauer 08/02/2020, 1:42pm PDT

"Picard's" gonna get the Plinkett treatment. by Mischief Maker 04/13/2020, 7:34am PDT

So - The Last Jedi NT by What a goatfuck 12/15/2017, 11:41am PST
    Tell me about it! by Mark Hamill 12/15/2017, 11:53am PST
    Not a surprise by fabio 12/15/2017, 11:54am PST
        MILD SPOILERS FAGS by What a goatfuck. 12/15/2017, 6:32pm PST
            Re: MILD SPOILERS FAGS by A total lawyer 12/15/2017, 9:54pm PST
                You got me. That doesn't happen in the movie. NT by What a goatfuck. 12/15/2017, 10:18pm PST
        Did you review the last couple Star Wars movies? by Jerry Whorebach 12/01/2019, 7:51pm PST
            Poe Gameron is 5'8'', that's a midheight NT by NORMAL 12/01/2019, 9:19pm PST
                Next you're going to tell me Rose Tico has a "normal" bodyweight and ethnicity. by Jerry Whorebach 12/01/2019, 10:01pm PST
    It's funny when there are hijinx. :( (spoilers) by Rafiki 12/26/2017, 9:49pm PST
        I love this Luke meme by What a goatfuck. 12/30/2017, 2:40pm PST
    So, I thought this movie was the most acceptable of all the Disney ones by blackwater 01/10/2018, 3:30pm PST
    Is the rest of the franchise going to be like this? by Sfia 01/10/2018, 9:52pm PST
    I love Rian Johnson, but this was terrible. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/02/2018, 3:17pm PST
    TLJ the latest target of Weaponizing The Haters by It's pretty bad 10/02/2018, 3:53pm PDT
        Darn ol' Russians hacked Robert Iger by Damage Control Twitter Analyst 10/02/2018, 10:16pm PDT
            Yes, please, just let Star Wars die. by blackwater 10/03/2018, 5:21pm PDT
                "Don't they have a vault" is truly the best take by Vested Id 10/03/2018, 6:33pm PDT

Post bad RLM opinions here by Blade Runner (just Jays) 07/02/2017, 9:01pm PDT
    Mike loving Star Trek: TMP but thinking Blade Runner is boring NT by fabio 07/03/2017, 1:24am PDT
    I love BR but I agree with most of this by Mischief Maker 07/03/2017, 8:13am PDT
    Does Pre Rec count? by Mischief Maker 08/31/2017, 4:02pm PDT
        Bald Crimes in the face of gameplay by off with his scalp! 08/31/2017, 4:52pm PDT
        Pre Rec certainly falls outside the set of their opinions I care about. by Fullofkittens 10/23/2017, 4:30pm PDT
            You'd think at least Rich being a fan of Vanquish could learn to appreciate shit by Worm 10/23/2017, 5:55pm PDT
                but Sonic IS terrible by fabio 10/23/2017, 8:34pm PDT
                    It's laudable, but I don't need anyone to tell me Assassin's Creed is shit by Worm 10/23/2017, 9:05pm PDT
                        I forgot to mention why I stopped bothering with PR by fabio 10/23/2017, 9:15pm PDT
                            Once Mike Stoklasa's liver gives out they're finished. NT by Mischief Maker 10/23/2017, 9:20pm PDT
                                True. Also, Pre Rec features neither Mike nor Jay, their only two good critics NT by Fullofkittens 10/24/2017, 3:23am PDT
                                Is Mike a legit alcoholic now? by fabio 10/29/2017, 12:03am PDT
                                    Does he live in Milwaukee? NT by Mischief Maker 10/29/2017, 6:41am PDT
        "Mario Sunshine was the best 3D Mario game, hands down" NT by Jesus "fucking" Christ 11/19/2017, 2:39pm PST
        Pre Rec closed down this summer, apparently. by Fullofkittens 10/15/2018, 9:59am PDT
            it was for faggots NT by Sorry you're unemployed now 10/15/2018, 10:45am PDT

The Last Jedi by Mischief Maker 08/28/2018, 2:49pm PDT
    Ugh. by CDT 08/29/2018, 3:15pm PDT
        The hatred is a mainstream thing by Vested Id 08/29/2018, 3:53pm PDT
            It was objectively a shit movie, more disappointing because by we can't blame George Lucas 08/29/2018, 6:58pm PDT
                It's an objectively bad movie. by Ulrachi 08/29/2018, 9:25pm PDT
                    Did you not read the post above yours? A woman or agents of same put SJW formula NT by in the cultural and financial etc. 08/29/2018, 9:56pm PDT
                        Are you going to tell me that "art by committee" sloppy mess wasn't an end by product of virtue signalling? 08/29/2018, 10:11pm PDT
                        Oh my god! The SJW formula... it's spreading... by Mischief Maker 08/29/2018, 10:13pm PDT
                            What's with all the white people? Why so many guys? Wookie is a manifestation by of toxic masculinity. Problematic. 08/29/2018, 10:17pm PDT
                                You know who gives the best description of Toxic Masculinity in real life? by Mischief Maker 08/29/2018, 10:29pm PDT
                                    Can't listen to an ape use the word "fag" when we can be extolling 12 year old NT by drag queens as cultural milestones. 08/29/2018, 10:39pm PDT
                                I understand why the Empire was exclusively white and male, they had the whole by space nazi thing going on. 08/29/2018, 11:35pm PDT
                                    You know, they could have been diversity friendly just by catering to modern sci by fi consumer demographics. 08/30/2018, 12:26am PDT
                            A nine second clip of Princess Leia firing a rifle by Vested Id 08/29/2018, 10:59pm PDT
                                Re: A nine second clip of Princess Leia firing a rifle by Mischief Maker 08/30/2018, 11:35am PDT
                                    random non sequitur images are supposed to convince us NT by of what? 08/30/2018, 11:46am PDT
                                    Whyyyy by laudablepuss 08/30/2018, 3:10pm PDT
                                    You're an imbecile. NT by the emotionally damaged. 08/30/2018, 7:51pm PDT
                    Agreed NT by Vested Id 08/29/2018, 9:56pm PDT
                        Lack of a heroes journey is relatable to ol' roundhead by Mysterio's Film Buyer's Guide 08/29/2018, 10:17pm PDT
                            I don't know why this has to be a gender thing by Ulrachi 08/30/2018, 5:50pm PDT
        Well played, CDT. They've been up for hours. NT by Mischief Maker 08/30/2018, 5:28am PDT
        This deep dive was pretty measured in its criticism compared to their review. NT by Fullofkittens 08/30/2018, 5:45am PDT
        I wish I were still allowed to dislike Star Wars without being a dudebro. by blackwater 08/31/2018, 2:24pm PDT
    The Rich Evans cameo was the best part NT by Mysterio 08/29/2018, 9:46pm PDT

Their commentary tracks by Fullofkittens 08/30/2018, 5:58am PDT

Mr. Plinkett's lawsuit thrown out of court by Mysterio 08/02/2018, 8:45pm PDT

Just reminding you guys my smoking hot ironic edgy video game takes are bad by Rich Evans, "Thought Leader" 06/09/2018, 6:14pm PDT
    tl;dr? NT by Worm 06/09/2018, 6:50pm PDT
        "Don't Buy, too boring, hated the tactical combat and liked the business sim" NT by Rich Evans, "Thought Leader" 06/09/2018, 8:07pm PDT
    Every Youtube video preview image looks like it was designed by the same dumbass by that dropped out of art school 06/09/2018, 9:35pm PDT
    I partially blame the inadequate tutorial and no manual, but wow that was painfu NT by Mischief Shai-hulud 06/10/2018, 6:02am PDT

Nerd Crew #5 by faggots 09/01/2017, 12:19am PDT
    #6 NT by very cool 10/14/2017, 1:08pm PDT
    #GottaClapForIt NT by Vested Id 10/15/2017, 10:35pm PDT
    Solo: A Star Wars story trailer REACTION! by Mischief Maker 02/02/2018, 4:39pm PST

Star Trek: Discovery by Mike and Rich, "Thought Leaders" 01/08/2018, 7:23pm PST
    I disagree with Mike Re: Orville by Mischief Maker 01/08/2018, 7:45pm PST
        Re: I disagree with Mike Re: Orville by Mysteriobama 01/08/2018, 9:50pm PST
            Netflix Instant. NT by MM 01/08/2018, 10:07pm PST

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