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Top tier Silencer guide for Dota 2 by gamer pro 01/10/2023, 2:15pm PST NEW

The current state of MOBAs by fabio 06/18/2016, 4:41pm PDT
    Paragon? NT by pinback 06/18/2016, 7:05pm PDT
    Re: The current state of MOBAs by Daniel Berkhart 06/19/2016, 11:29am PDT
    Since they nerfed Widowmaker and McCree I've noticed more shit tier Pharahs NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 06/19/2016, 1:05pm PDT
        Those nerfs were badly needed by fabio 06/19/2016, 1:14pm PDT
            I'm stunned you didn't mention his ultimate. by Rey Mysterio Jr. 06/19/2016, 4:55pm PDT
                You get a big warning, it's slow, and you can see it coming by fabio 06/19/2016, 6:17pm PDT

2GD by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/28/2016, 4:38pm PST
    The lack of professionalism was disgusting. NT by Too embarrassed 02/28/2016, 4:52pm PST
    It's true. InControl is a cunt. Who is also married to a beauty pageant winner NT by yes jelly 02/28/2016, 7:29pm PST
    I don't see them playing Fighting games NT by fabio 02/28/2016, 11:36pm PST
        Re: I don't see them playing Fighting games by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/29/2016, 6:42am PST
            Re: I don't see them playing Fighting games by tis 02/29/2016, 12:41pm PST
            Would younger folk call an announcer a commentator? NT by Using this posting system well 02/29/2016, 12:43pm PST
            The biggest obstacle to overcome in esports by fabio 02/29/2016, 1:08pm PST
                This is still one of my favorite videos on Youtube: by Mischief Maker 02/29/2016, 2:28pm PST

World of Warships is in open beta by fabio 07/26/2015, 2:30am PDT
    Piloting slow ponderous warships is better than another tank/warplane sim by WITTGENSTEIN 08/12/2015, 4:29pm PDT
    I'm two games in, and <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. NT by pinback 08/17/2015, 8:08am PDT
        Don't buy an Atlanta-class whatever you do NT by WITTGENSTEIN 08/17/2015, 8:08pm PDT
            balance by fabio 08/17/2015, 10:03pm PDT
                The Atlanta is bullshit. by WITTGENSTEIN 08/17/2015, 10:32pm PDT
                On Destroyers by WITTGENSTEIN 08/17/2015, 10:46pm PDT
                    The real money purchase values are atrocious NT by fabio 08/18/2015, 11:03am PDT
                    Okay nevermind, the Omaha is a pretty good cruiser by WITTGENSTEIN 08/23/2015, 9:47am PDT
                Re: balance by pinback 08/19/2015, 6:56pm PDT
            Well, I gotta buy SOMETHING!! NT by pinback 08/18/2015, 10:31am PDT
                Get the Atago. Or save your money for the Tirpitz coming soon NT by WITTGENSTEIN 08/19/2015, 2:07pm PDT
                    How about 10,000 DOUBLOONS!?!?! NT by pinback 08/19/2015, 2:43pm PDT
                        TIrpitz is on the market now about 65$ (!!!) USD NT by WITTGENSTEIN 09/17/2015, 12:50pm PDT
    REALLY fuckin' pretty.. by pinback 08/17/2015, 11:10am PDT

Ancient Space is a lackluster RTS with no multiplayer. by pinback 09/24/2014, 1:53pm PDT

Heroes of the Storm by fabio 05/29/2014, 11:55pm PDT
    Yeah this sucks by fabio 05/31/2014, 10:23pm PDT
        are any of these games fun? by Worm 05/31/2014, 11:04pm PDT

Strife beta by fabio 02/28/2014, 2:37pm PST
    When is the Gonads beta? NT by WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 02/28/2014, 3:17pm PST
        Works fine for me. You must be using NT by UNIX 03/17/2014, 12:46am PDT

Sins of a Dark Age beta by fabio 03/16/2014, 10:47pm PDT

So LoL added a billion new items by fabio 12/22/2012, 11:55am PST
    Wow that got fucked up by fabio 12/22/2012, 11:58am PST

After much DotA 2 by fabio 10/09/2012, 9:37pm PDT
    I like how you hate carries that snowball too much and hate denying! NT by Worm 10/09/2012, 10:20pm PDT
        Denying is an awful solution to that by fabio 10/15/2012, 8:27pm PDT
            How or why? I don't care how it feels, give me something substantial. NT by Worm 10/15/2012, 10:05pm PDT
                Arent FEELINGS enough when it comes to entertainment? NT by fabio 11/06/2012, 4:37pm PST
                    I thought this was the worst post you've ever made by Entropy Stew 11/06/2012, 4:59pm PST
                        Feelings have no place in science NT by Randroid Erik 11/06/2012, 6:04pm PST
                    Actually it's that the fun of denial fails to exceed the 'Anti-Fun'! by Worm 11/13/2012, 11:32pm PST
                        Denying isn't fun for either player though by fabio 11/14/2012, 1:21pm PST
                            Then neither is last hitting, quick better remove that too. by Worm 11/14/2012, 1:44pm PST
    How are late game carries uncounterable with the amount of counters in the game? by Entropy Stew 10/09/2012, 11:15pm PDT
        Re: How are late game carries uncounterable with the amount of counters by fabio 10/10/2012, 1:19pm PDT
    I just got 2 more beta invites if anyone wants them NT by fabio 11/06/2012, 4:39pm PST

Huh by fabio 10/14/2012, 8:59am PDT
    ZZzzzZZZZzZZZzzzzZZZZzzz NT by WITTGENSTEIN 10/14/2012, 11:11am PDT
        Thanks, josh NT by fabio 10/14/2012, 2:43pm PDT
            Not on that list: Farmville, Angry Birds, etc . Wave of the future, folks! NT by WITTGENSTEIN 10/14/2012, 3:59pm PDT
                DotA games: exactly like Bejeweled. What? NT by fabio 10/15/2012, 8:15pm PDT

Have any of you guys got invites to Dota 2? by Worm 06/18/2012, 9:44pm PDT
    Just got one by fabio 09/18/2012, 10:00am PDT
        No surrender option!!!! Fuck! by fabio 09/18/2012, 11:19am PDT

Pro Karthus guide by fabio 06/22/2012, 9:57pm PDT

Stu what's your goddamn League of Legends handle by fabio 02/15/2012, 6:04am PST
    EntropyStew NT by Entropy Stew 02/15/2012, 11:48am PST
        BUCKLE UP, HOMESTUCK! by fabio 02/15/2012, 1:06pm PST
    So the main thing I learned is to not play games with FABIO NT by Entropy Stew 05/31/2012, 10:16pm PDT
        "He's not actually going to go cry back to caltrops, is he?" by FABIO 05/31/2012, 10:28pm PDT
            (we won so hard his mind snapped) by FABIO 05/31/2012, 10:41pm PDT
                The problem wasn't the win, it was spending time with FABIO NT by Entropy Stew 05/31/2012, 10:55pm PDT
                    How does your kill file work again? NT by FABIO 05/31/2012, 11:08pm PDT
                    Oh, here's the lolreplay recording, and an explanation by Entropy Stew 05/31/2012, 11:28pm PDT
                        Were the ancients defended though brah? NT by I'm the Brogrammer 05/31/2012, 11:41pm PDT
                            They were. He was raging that I didn't pick the magic missile spell he wanted by FABIO 06/01/2012, 11:08am PDT
                                How do you play so many games without learning? by Entropy Stew 06/01/2012, 12:30pm PDT
                                    Good grief. NT by Oom Shnibble 06/01/2012, 1:07pm PDT
                                    Out of position like this brah? by I'm The Brogrammer 06/01/2012, 1:52pm PDT
                                        Re: Out of position like this brah? by fabio 06/01/2012, 2:32pm PDT
                                            Forcing somebody out of lane to cover for you is not an amazing new strat NT by Entropy Stew 06/01/2012, 2:38pm PDT
                                            Niiiice. I do like a brew with a label dude as ripped as I am. NT by I'm the Brogrammer 06/02/2012, 10:53am PDT
                                    Oh, FABIO actually does have a couple thou games played by Entropy Stew 06/01/2012, 1:59pm PDT
                        misanthrope hipster washout has BM? shocking NT by Crs Saintvicious 06/01/2012, 8:35pm PDT
                            Whats bm NT by I'm the Brogrammer 06/02/2012, 10:52am PDT
                            I know I shouldn't expect much from a caltrops poster by Entropy Stew 06/02/2012, 12:16pm PDT

Fiora + Tiamat stacking by Entropy Stew 03/02/2012, 8:44am PST
    defense of the aint shits NT by sdroa jists 03/02/2012, 9:30am PST
    It helps being 4 levels ahead and insanely fed beforehand by fabio 03/02/2012, 9:59am PST
        Troll build, but can still work even in the highest of elo by Entropy Stew 03/02/2012, 1:17pm PST

i love the ancients. aristophanes kicked ass, as did parmenides. by august and everything after 09/26/2011, 8:39pm PDT
    Not many parents naming their kids "Seutonius" anymore. :( NT by laudablepuss 09/27/2011, 8:41am PDT
        it's due for a rally NT by august and everything after 09/28/2011, 9:28am PDT

New LoL character by fabio 09/10/2011, 2:14pm PDT

League of Legends tribunal: the best mini game ever by fabio 05/26/2011, 1:53pm PDT
    'tower dive' means he's gonna jump off the water tower and elbow drop their NT by IP address. - Last 05/26/2011, 2:32pm PDT
        Tower Dive = Tanking the tower long enough to kill a low-HP hero by WITTGENSTEIN 05/26/2011, 7:53pm PDT
            Unsporting? What? NT by Entropy Stew 05/26/2011, 9:36pm PDT
                People will cry about anything that way by fabio 05/27/2011, 6:39am PDT
                    Early lane domination, but yeah, I agree. I'd pick Ashe every time above her NT by Entropy Stew 05/27/2011, 12:06pm PDT
                        Oh, and Cait + Lee Sin are huge counterexamples to new champs being OP NT by Entropy Stew 05/27/2011, 12:32pm PDT
                            Some are weak, but how did Xin/Vayne/Brand/Jarvan even get past testing? NT by fabio 05/27/2011, 1:17pm PDT
                                Vayne and Brand are super squishy. Xin and Jarvan I have no clue by Entropy Stew 05/27/2011, 2:08pm PDT
    I'd do it for free by Entropy Stew 05/26/2011, 8:44pm PDT
    I pardoned this guy by fabio 05/27/2011, 6:44am PDT

Team Fortress 2 is dead. Long live Monday Night Combat. by WITTGENSTEIN 02/27/2011, 2:15pm PST
    I literally just bought this. It isn't nearly as good as what it draws upon NT by Entropy Stew 02/27/2011, 2:20pm PST
        Which is not to say it's horrible either. It's quite good for a $15 FPS NT by Entropy Stew 02/27/2011, 2:21pm PST
            Better than Demigod NT by WITTGENSTEIN 02/27/2011, 4:19pm PST
                I don't know what that is! NT by Entropy Stew 02/27/2011, 6:50pm PST
                    You never played Demigod?! by WITTGENSTEIN 02/27/2011, 7:35pm PST
            I've stopped playing this! by Entropy Stew 04/20/2011, 7:56am PDT
                Getting 2 months out of it isn't a good game? Are you masochistic? NT by WITTGENSTEIN 04/20/2011, 3:21pm PDT
                    I played it for a day, didn't like it too much, gave it another try, and stopped by Entropy Stew 04/21/2011, 8:27am PDT
    I forgot to add "The atmosphere of Smash TV" by WITTGENSTEIN 02/27/2011, 8:00pm PST

defense grid the awakening went on sale a few days ago by srod v jistis 04/07/2011, 7:26am PDT
    Already got that shit for xbawx, nigguh. A game I can highly recommend. NT by Eurotrash 04/07/2011, 10:41am PDT
        Defense Grid sucked by Fortinbras 04/07/2011, 12:13pm PDT
            Defense Grid sucked because Rafiki said you should only build machinegun towers? by Eurotrash 04/07/2011, 1:05pm PDT
                Does the gay robot ever shut up? NT by Worm 04/07/2011, 1:23pm PDT
                    The gay robot butler DID get rather annoying. NT by Eurotrash 04/07/2011, 10:47pm PDT
                It was a good game for the price, but I thought level 3 machine gun towers way w by Rafiki 04/07/2011, 2:03pm PDT
                Re: Defense Grid sucked because Rafiki said you only build machinegun towers? by Bananadine 04/07/2011, 2:06pm PDT

Bloodline Champions by Entropy Stew 11/04/2010, 8:37pm PDT

Thank you, sir NT by Entropy Stew 11/04/2010, 8:19pm PDT

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