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Deadwood is great, you hoopleheaded cocksucking motherfuckers by Rafiki 07/31/2011, 2:04pm PDT
    Watch Deadwood NT by Play Freebird 07/31/2011, 11:11pm PDT
    Caution: the end of the series was never made by Ray of Light 07/31/2011, 11:58pm PDT
    It has Brad Dourif in it. BRAD DOURIF. by WITTGENSTEIN 08/01/2011, 5:54pm PDT
        I take it you enjoyed season 1, episode 12 of The X Files? The man is gifted. NT by Eurotrash 08/02/2011, 12:20am PDT
    Deadwood is one of the greatest ever recorded moving picture things in human hi NT by E. L. Koba 08/02/2011, 10:03pm PDT
    Just started watching it again. Has aged like wine, still a breath of fresh air by Eurotrash 04/08/2017, 3:21pm PDT
    This TV show is still so fucking good by Mysterio 11/23/2021, 11:31am PST

Deadwood movie: Confirmed. Cocksuckers NT by Rafiki 02/06/2016, 7:56am PST
    Can't wait to put a stink on my dick again! NT by Eurotrash 02/06/2016, 3:25pm PST

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