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What's up with everyone being awful about ride sharing services? by Mysterio 12/29/2018, 11:49am PST
    UberEats is diabolically useful NT by I had to stop using it 12/29/2018, 2:22pm PST
    The concept and execution is great, but the details of it are awful... NT by RetroRomper 12/29/2018, 2:24pm PST
        Pourquoi? NT by Don't make an assertion with no pos 12/29/2018, 2:26pm PST
    Uber bent a lot of rules and that pisses off the Ms. Grundy types by blackwater 12/31/2018, 12:19pm PST

Tesla playing Pole Position like game by Ichabod 12/22/2018, 9:10am PST

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