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The cave chapter of Dear Esther is the best video gaming moment of all time NT by And there's nothing to actually do 11/18/2012, 11:08pm PST
    They should tell you the narrative is randomized so you can replay it and NT by not understand different parts 11/20/2012, 5:10pm PST
    Dear Esther's cave was bested by Scanner Sombre, but just barely. by pinback 06/12/2022, 3:07pm PDT
        I feel like Scanner Sombre had more going on as a game. by blackwater 06/12/2022, 7:00pm PDT
            No question about it. Also a (slightly) more cohesive narrative. NT by pinback 06/13/2022, 4:59am PDT

Dear Esther by Rafiki 05/31/2022, 10:32pm PDT
    Haha NT by laudablepuss 06/01/2022, 5:13pm PDT
    falling simulator NT by *rimshot* 06/01/2022, 7:08pm PDT

I CANT STOP FARTING!!!!!!!!!!!? by Yahoo! Answers 01/14/2014, 2:07pm PST

Is the coast clear by Vested Id 06/02/2013, 4:37pm PDT
    Braid really did ruin indie games by fabio 06/02/2013, 5:32pm PDT
        Oh yeah it's also by the guys who did Pathologic by fabio 06/02/2013, 5:40pm PDT
        Wow, what's going on here? by pinback 06/02/2013, 6:45pm PDT
            I've heard nothing negative against Dear Esther by Vested Id 06/02/2013, 9:47pm PDT
        I disagree that Braid ruined games by Vested Id 06/02/2013, 10:14pm PDT
            "ruined indie games", my bad NT by Vested Id 06/02/2013, 10:51pm PDT
    Horrible NT by Roop 06/03/2013, 6:41am PDT
        The cave sequence (chap. 3) is awe-inspiring and stunning, and if you don't agre by e then your soul has died, which it 06/03/2013, 1:47pm PDT

Dear Esteban (it's satire!) by el durgo 11/20/2012, 11:58am PST

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