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they ded 2024 NT by laudablepuss 02/28/2024, 11:00pm PST NEW
    Richard Lewis NT by laudablepuss 02/28/2024, 11:01pm PST NEW
    Carl Weathers NT by Mysterio 03/01/2024, 5:34am PST NEW
    My enemies NT by HBomberguy 03/05/2024, 11:40am PST NEW
        if you believe that post by laudablepuss 03/05/2024, 11:51am PST NEW
            Which post, this is in reference to "chatter" NT by HBomb the conqueror 03/05/2024, 12:01pm PST NEW
                I see. The "chatter" is about this by laudablepuss 03/05/2024, 12:07pm PST NEW
                    Re: I see. The "chatter" is about this by Mysterio 03/27/2024, 12:23pm PDT NEW
            Update, his addition to this thread may be premature by laudablepuss 03/10/2024, 10:55am PDT NEW
    Akira Toriyama NT by Mysterio 03/23/2024, 3:27pm PDT NEW
    Certain FDA tweets NT by laudablepuss 03/26/2024, 5:44pm PDT NEW
        I generally put in a link by laudablepuss 03/26/2024, 10:17pm PDT NEW
            Not as many people croaking at the same rate this year NT by gay theatre kid musicals (unrelated 03/27/2024, 11:49am PDT NEW
    Toby Keith NT by gay theatre kid musicals (unrelated 03/27/2024, 11:32am PDT NEW
    Joe Liberman NT by gay theatre kid candidate 03/27/2024, 3:40pm PDT NEW
        Good Riddance. Hope he takes "No Labels" with him. NT by Mischief Maker 03/27/2024, 5:35pm PDT NEW
            Is there anybody you won't shit on after they die by Mysterio 03/27/2024, 6:38pm PDT NEW
                No, fuck him by Mysterio 03/27/2024, 8:09pm PDT NEW
                All the other names in this thread? NT by Mischief Maker 03/27/2024, 8:14pm PDT NEW
                All the dead people I've shit on in the 2023 thread: by Mischief Maker 03/27/2024, 8:29pm PDT NEW
                    Also, MM did not shit on Matthew Perry last year. by Gaige Grosskreutz 03/27/2024, 8:43pm PDT NEW
                    Did Hitchens ever recant supporting the Iraq war? NT by just curious 05/05/2024, 3:03am PDT NEW
                        Dont think so. Crazy how easily the Atheist horsemen became crusade cheerleaders NT by Mischief Maker 05/05/2024, 9:52am PDT NEW
                Why don't we talk games! Post mortem civility! by You spineless bootlicker 03/27/2024, 11:10pm PDT NEW
        Today America lost a man NT by it never really needed 03/27/2024, 5:38pm PDT NEW
            He honestly doesn't seem that different than the other old Democrats by blackwater 03/28/2024, 1:54am PDT NEW
                Well one campaigned against Obama and the other was his VP NT by jfc dude 03/28/2024, 7:03am PDT NEW
                    So he's kind of like your Mitt Romney. by blackwater 03/28/2024, 5:03pm PDT NEW
                        Re: So he's kind of like your Mitt Romney. by Niles 03/28/2024, 6:37pm PDT NEW
    Louis Gossett Jr. NT by laudablepuss 03/29/2024, 8:35am PDT NEW
    Magical elves killed OJ Simpson by laudablepuss 04/11/2024, 3:37pm PDT NEW
        NOBODY SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM! NT by trumpee piss babies 04/11/2024, 9:02pm PDT NEW
            Haha NT by Geryk 04/12/2024, 6:56am PDT NEW
    Terry Anderson. NT by Mysterio 04/23/2024, 4:44pm PDT NEW
    Bill Tobin. "Who in the hell is Mel Kiper anyway?!" guy. NT by Mysterio 04/23/2024, 4:46pm PDT NEW
    Dickey Betts, 80, American Hall of Fame musician (The Allman Brothers Band) NT by Mysterio 04/23/2024, 4:47pm PDT NEW
        An all-man band? Sounds PROBLEMATIC. NT by Not a Boomer 04/24/2024, 12:24am PDT NEW
            You're fooling no one with that Boomer-ass pun! by Mischief Maker 04/24/2024, 5:26am PDT NEW
                Gah! I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids NT by Old Man Withers 04/28/2024, 1:12pm PDT NEW
    Paul Neary by Mysterio 04/25/2024, 1:58pm PDT NEW
    Boeing Whistleblowers NT by Geryk 05/02/2024, 9:14pm PDT NEW
        This one died of MRSA though. No conspiracies please! NT by Lars 05/02/2024, 10:16pm PDT NEW
            He died of MRSA alright by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/03/2024, 9:10am PDT NEW
        Much like great moments in wikipedia writing history you FAGGOTS are ruining NT by this thread with your reddit memes 05/05/2024, 1:56pm PDT NEW
            Haha, yeah by Geryk 05/06/2024, 11:01am PDT NEW
    Bernard "King Theoden" Hill NT by Mysterio 05/05/2024, 1:57pm PDT NEW
    Roger Corman :( NT by laudablepuss 05/13/2024, 9:14am PDT NEW
        Dude lived a great healthy life all the way up to the end doing what he loved NT by we should all be so lucky 05/13/2024, 6:58pm PDT NEW
            Absolutely NT by laudablepuss 05/13/2024, 7:15pm PDT NEW
            Yeah no he was great NT by Paul Schrader 05/24/2024, 12:40pm PDT NEW
    David Sanborn by Fuck you Michael Brecker 05/13/2024, 9:01pm PDT NEW
    Morgan Spurlock - the man who made documentaries a joke like Reality TV NT by See you in Hell you lying S.O.B. 05/24/2024, 12:38pm PDT NEW
    Dabney Coleman by ghosted 05/24/2024, 9:14pm PDT NEW
        Cloak and Dagger was a huge movie to me as a kid NT by laudablepuss 05/24/2024, 9:26pm PDT NEW
            Fantastic film, same director as one of the Psycho sequels and FX/2 by Richard Franklin 05/25/2024, 12:02am PDT NEW
    Donald Sutherland NT by laudablepuss 06/20/2024, 2:50pm PDT NEW

These people are now dead. 2023. NT by Yaris 01/04/2023, 6:44am PST NEW
    NASA Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham Has Died At Age 90. NT by Yaris 01/04/2023, 6:46am PST NEW
    James "Buster" Corley of Dave & Buster's NT by Fullofkittens 01/04/2023, 7:00am PST NEW
        By his own hand, no less. by blackwater 01/05/2023, 10:23pm PST NEW
            He'd had a stroke and was struggling in the aftermath. :( NT by Fullofkittens 01/06/2023, 10:01am PST NEW
                I heard he shot himself in the head and by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/06/2023, 3:29pm PST NEW
                    If you make me enjoy the site like this I will have to keep coming back :( NT by Entropy Stew 01/14/2023, 11:14pm PST NEW
    Jeff Beck NT by :( 01/11/2023, 7:06pm PST NEW
    Bobby Caldwell. Lance Reddick NT by Mr. Eo 03/17/2023, 1:28pm PDT NEW
        Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. by Mischief Maker 03/17/2023, 4:06pm PDT NEW
    E3 NT by ding dong 04/04/2023, 10:51pm PDT NEW
    Tina Turner by Master Blaster 05/24/2023, 5:52pm PDT NEW
    Jim Brown NT by Mysterio 05/27/2023, 9:24pm PDT NEW
    Pat Robertson croaks during Pride Month. NT by Mischief Maker 06/08/2023, 8:28pm PDT NEW
        Which pride month NT by Seedy Rohm 06/08/2023, 9:28pm PDT NEW
            the one faggots and corporations celebrate NT by and nobody else 07/31/2023, 12:39pm PDT NEW
        he really was awful NT by laudablepuss 06/09/2023, 8:50am PDT NEW
    The Iron Shiek NT by Mysterio 06/09/2023, 9:10am PDT NEW
    Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. NT by Mischief MKUltra 06/10/2023, 1:47pm PDT NEW
    Kevin Mitnick, hacker NT by Yaris 07/20/2023, 7:56am PDT NEW
        Huh! He was doing knowb4 training videos by laudablepuss 07/20/2023, 8:42am PDT NEW
    Tony Bennett sp NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/21/2023, 11:58am PDT NEW
    Paul Reubens :( NT by laudablepuss 07/31/2023, 11:07am PDT NEW
        70 years old by Older than my folks! 07/31/2023, 11:56am PDT NEW
        Re: Paul Reubens :( by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/31/2023, 2:43pm PDT NEW
            I didn't even know he was sick NT by I know you are but what am I 07/31/2023, 4:43pm PDT NEW
    The Milker NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/31/2023, 2:43pm PDT NEW
    Randy Meisner of the Eagles NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/09/2023, 9:30pm PDT NEW
    Hot dog vendor, gangster, Putin's caterer, and the face of Wagner PMC, Prigozhin by Mischief Maker 08/23/2023, 11:29am PDT NEW
        It was only a matter of time after he marched on Moscow. by Jerry Whorebach 08/23/2023, 11:35am PDT NEW
        If you come at the king (Putin) you best not by oh source video for meme provided 08/23/2023, 11:48am PDT NEW
        Re: Hot dog vendor, gangster, Putin's caterer, and the face of Wagner PMC, Prigo by laudablepuss 08/23/2023, 8:29pm PDT NEW
        The one place Putin couldn't have gotten to him would have been in Ukraine NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/23/2023, 10:21pm PDT NEW
    Bob Barker made it to 99 NT by laudablepuss 08/26/2023, 8:12pm PDT NEW
    Diane Feinstein by Yaris 09/29/2023, 12:08pm PDT NEW
        We'll remember you said that NT by Vested Id 09/29/2023, 2:38pm PDT NEW
            Why do none of your posts ever make a lick of sense? NT by Yaris 09/29/2023, 5:13pm PDT NEW
                That'll be the day NT by Vested Id 09/29/2023, 5:35pm PDT NEW
                    Lol NT by laudablepuss 09/29/2023, 6:40pm PDT NEW
                Re: Why do none of your posts ever make a lick of sense? by laudablepuss 09/29/2023, 6:44pm PDT NEW
                    Re: Why do none of your posts ever make a lick of sense? by Mysterio 09/29/2023, 7:19pm PDT NEW
    Dick Butkus NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/07/2023, 6:16pm PDT NEW
    Keith Giffen NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/12/2023, 1:18pm PDT NEW
    Piper Laurie NT by Catherine from Twin Peaks 10/15/2023, 3:13am PDT NEW
        And some other stuff NT by Lmao 10/15/2023, 4:50am PDT NEW
    Suzanne Somers NT by Balley the Dog 10/15/2023, 2:00pm PDT NEW
    Burt Young, Paulie from "Rocky" NT by Mischief Maker 10/19/2023, 5:58am PDT NEW
        Oh, Paulie, won't see him no more. NT by Clemenza 10/19/2023, 5:21pm PDT NEW
        He was only 36 in Rocky??? NT by holy fuck 10/28/2023, 4:59am PDT NEW
    Bull from Night Court NT by Richard Moll 10/27/2023, 7:08pm PDT NEW
    Chandler NT by laudablepuss 10/28/2023, 6:21pm PDT NEW
        nothing of value NT by was lost 10/29/2023, 12:09am PDT NEW
            People have been terrible on this one by Perry Heir 10/29/2023, 11:14pm PDT NEW
                He put out an autobiography where he came off like a dickhead. NT by Fullofkittens 10/30/2023, 5:37am PDT NEW
                    Ah, and so it's good that he's dead? I see. (dutifully writing down notes) NT by PLEASE HAVE THIS PERSON COMMITTED 10/30/2023, 6:55am PDT NEW
                        No, but that kind of thing brings out the Takes when you do die. NT by Fullofkittens 10/31/2023, 5:46am PDT NEW
                            You're telling me. NT by Anne Frank 10/31/2023, 7:33am PDT NEW
                            Things gone happen to ya NT by Fullofchicken 10/31/2023, 9:53am PDT NEW
                He forgot it wasn't the '90s anymore and badmouthed Keanu. by (Gunther also died, you guys.) 10/30/2023, 8:22am PDT NEW
            Re: nothing of value by Yahtzeek 10/30/2023, 8:54am PDT NEW
            Of all the people that have ever died and been posted here, it's Chandler Bing t by hat brought the shits out 10/30/2023, 9:06am PDT NEW
    Henry Kissinger. Finally. NT by Mischief Maker 11/29/2023, 10:07pm PST NEW
        MM making a Wile E Coyote hole in the wall rushing to post this after reading NT by A User Awarded you Reddit Gold! 11/30/2023, 6:37am PST NEW
            The reddit gold shtick was never clever NT by Leave plz 11/30/2023, 9:28am PST NEW
                If the Snoo fits. What's it say about MM that he's so cringingly predictable? NT by A User Awarded you Reddit Gold! 11/30/2023, 9:30am PST NEW
                    If my posts make you sad, you are free to leave this site for greener pastures. NT by MM's war criminal death cringeathon 11/30/2023, 10:13am PST NEW
                        How will MM fill the Kissinger-shaped void in his life now? Oliver North NT by deathwatch? 12/01/2023, 6:38am PST NEW
                            But you're the one with the creepy obsession. by fuck off 12/01/2023, 7:36am PST NEW
                                lol NT by Yahtzeek 12/01/2023, 7:49am PST NEW
                                Re: But you're the one with the creepy obsession. by RIP BOZO 12/01/2023, 10:31am PST NEW
                                    Hey, that's my word of the day! by Urban Dictionary 12/01/2023, 10:38am PST NEW
                                    Did not load. Can you try posting it again? NT by Respiv 12/01/2023, 11:29am PST NEW
                                        Oh sure by RIP BOZO 12/01/2023, 12:19pm PST NEW
                    Re: If the Snoo fits. What's it say about MM that he's so cringingly by MASTERFUL GAMB(etc) 11/30/2023, 11:30am PST NEW
                        Re: If the Snoo fits. What's it say about MM that he's so cringingly by Mr. EO 11/30/2023, 12:05pm PST NEW
                            Re: If the Snoo fits. What's it say about MM that he's so cringingly by nah. dumb take. 11/30/2023, 2:25pm PST NEW
                                Kissinger's death should have brought us all together. NT by Mysterio 11/30/2023, 2:52pm PST NEW
                                    Unless you pull a blackwater and start licking his dick NT by Vested Id braintrust 11/30/2023, 3:43pm PST NEW
                                How is it dumb if he's right? NT by Yaris 11/30/2023, 7:02pm PST NEW
                                    Because nobody wants this ATHHHUALLY shit here, that's why NT by fuck off 12/01/2023, 6:30am PST NEW
                                        The only thing worse is being in your 40s and still being hung up on Nixon stuff NT by Get out of your parents basement 12/01/2023, 6:44am PST NEW
                                            It's not a competition to type the dumbest shit imaginable here. by fuck off 12/01/2023, 7:35am PST NEW
                                                Yes yes we're unworthy of this pure pristine forum where 90% of the posts are by angry about Elon Musk/Trump 12/01/2023, 7:38am PST NEW
                                                    Nobody wants you here. Just by fuck off 12/01/2023, 7:48am PST NEW
                                            I apologize for PREDICTABLY announcing a death on the designated death NT by announcement forum -MM 12/01/2023, 7:42am PST NEW
                                                Re: I apologize for PREDICTABLY announcing a death on the designated death by Mysterio 12/01/2023, 7:57am PST NEW
                                                    I've decided to stop fighting my nature and embracing the cringey predictability by MM 12/01/2023, 8:09am PST NEW
                                                    you dumbasses really can't resist doing whippits with your own farts can you by Mysterio 12/01/2023, 8:25am PST NEW
                                                        Thanks, skinsuit. Spare my family NT by Mysterio 12/01/2023, 8:27am PST NEW
                                                            All I did was support a war criminal and creepily stalk the best reviewer here by And you people hated me for it 12/01/2023, 8:29am PST NEW
                                                                That's not fair. I also defended Derek Chavin. NT by A User Awarded you Reddit Gold! 12/01/2023, 8:33am PST NEW
                                                                    Hot take: People have a right not to get shiv'd in prison. NT by OHHH THIS SHIT IS EDGY RIGHT HERE 12/01/2023, 10:18am PST NEW
                                                                        So you support prison abolition? NT by MM 12/01/2023, 11:23am PST NEW
                                                                        Nobody was arguing otherwise. NT by Mysterio 12/01/2023, 11:55am PST NEW
                                                                        Chavin to convict with a sharpened toothbrush: "EXCUSE ME, SIR, I HAVE RIGHTS!" NT by Mysterioso 12/01/2023, 12:11pm PST NEW
                                                                            lol by MASTERFUL GAMB(etc) 12/01/2023, 1:34pm PST NEW
                                                            Guess how many of these posts were me ;) NT by Gasoline 12/01/2023, 11:55am PST NEW
                                                                Shut the fuck up and leave. NT by Mysterio 12/02/2023, 7:19am PST NEW
                                            Nixon love is for people in their 20s and 30s old man by An easy pickup 12/01/2023, 10:10am PST NEW
                            "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." - Hank Kissyfur by Kim Cat-trall 12/01/2023, 10:15am PST NEW
        "Kissinger was an OK guy I guess" - The New York Yankees by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/30/2023, 11:56am PST NEW
    Frantz Fanon NT by Mr. EO 12/07/2023, 5:37pm PST NEW
    Andre Braugher NT by laudablepuss 12/15/2023, 2:46pm PST NEW
    Shecky Greene. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/09/2024, 5:40pm PST NEW

These people are now dead, 2022 NT by laudablepuss 01/02/2022, 3:27am PST NEW
    Dan Reeves by laudablepuss 01/02/2022, 3:30am PST NEW
    Richard Leakey NT by laudablepuss 01/02/2022, 8:38pm PST NEW
    Bob Saget by counterbalance to Norm McDonald 01/09/2022, 5:15pm PST NEW
        He was great, he just overcompensated later on NT by No signs of drug use or foul play 01/09/2022, 5:54pm PST NEW
        He seemed a little shook up about the news by Roop 01/12/2022, 1:41pm PST NEW
    Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner? NT by zing 01/12/2022, 10:40am PST NEW
        And Lincoln's got a bad headache. NT by pinback 01/12/2022, 11:32am PST NEW
            I thought he was already dead. Then I discovered he was alive. Then dead. NT by grumans chinese theatre 01/17/2022, 8:21am PST NEW
    Ronnie Spector NT by Fullofkittens 01/13/2022, 6:31am PST NEW
    Terry Teachout NT by RIP 01/13/2022, 3:18pm PST NEW
    Who is This? by Rafiki 01/21/2022, 4:08am PST NEW
        Meat Loaf nooooooo NT by laudablepuss 01/21/2022, 7:03am PST NEW
        Re: Who is This? by GoblAm 01/21/2022, 12:57pm PST NEW
        ope, the story now is that it was covid NT by Fullofkittens 01/21/2022, 1:59pm PST NEW
            He was anti vax NT by Anti-biotic free beef 01/25/2022, 9:32am PST NEW
    Louie Anderson by Fullofkittens 01/21/2022, 7:38am PST NEW
        So you made assistant manager? NT by Don't leave us hanging. 01/21/2022, 9:24am PST NEW
    Thich Nhat Hanh NT by pinback 01/21/2022, 3:27pm PST NEW
        A one-man Hanukkah NT by RIP 01/21/2022, 5:46pm PST NEW
    Ivan Reitman, director of "Ghostbusters" NT by Mischief Maker 02/13/2022, 8:55pm PST NEW
    John Clayton NT by Mysterio 03/19/2022, 12:04am PDT NEW
    Madeline Albright by First female Secretary of State 03/23/2022, 12:12pm PDT NEW
    Over 24 hours and no one's updated with Gilbert yet? by truth 04/13/2022, 10:00am PDT NEW
        His Twitter account was hacked by hO 04/13/2022, 2:56pm PDT NEW
        Nobody seemed to notice PJ O'Rourke buying it by laudablepuss 04/13/2022, 6:00pm PDT NEW
            It feels like we’re in the end credits of life, so it doesn’t really matter NT by the order in which we die. 04/16/2022, 6:37am PDT NEW
    Mike Bossy NT by Horus Truthteller 04/15/2022, 9:32pm PDT NEW
    Neal Adams and George Perez by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/07/2022, 9:46pm PDT NEW
        Re: Neal Adams and George Perez NT by John Byrne, sweating heavily 05/08/2022, 12:01am PDT NEW
        Ron Lim is still okay though, right? NT by Right? RIGHT? 05/08/2022, 9:33am PDT NEW
    Vangelis NT by Mischief Maker 05/19/2022, 10:06am PDT NEW
    Ray Liotta NT by pinback 05/26/2022, 9:24am PDT NEW
    Dave Smith, MIDI dude NT by THE FART MASTER 06/02/2022, 7:14am PDT NEW
        RIP. This guy was the guy NT by Entropy Stew, circa 2022 06/03/2022, 8:30am PDT NEW
    Hidekazu Yukawa, Dreamcast NT by Respiv 06/06/2022, 10:07pm PDT NEW
    Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's Uhuru NT by MM 07/31/2022, 8:09pm PDT NEW
    Sark NT by Yaris 07/31/2022, 8:23pm PDT NEW
    And now my watch is over. NT by Clu Gulager alert 08/06/2022, 10:30pm PDT NEW
    Vin Scully, baseball announcer NT by Horus Truthteller 08/08/2022, 4:49pm PDT NEW
        Family have requested that in lieu of flowers, you should send sausage casings. NT by They're going to need a lot of them 08/09/2022, 8:56am PDT NEW
    Roger Mosley by laudablepuss 08/09/2022, 3:15pm PDT NEW
    Olivia Newton John NT by laudablepuss 08/09/2022, 3:16pm PDT NEW
        Let's Get Ethereal NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/09/2022, 3:40pm PDT NEW
            This was good. NT by Kudos 09/29/2022, 7:02am PDT NEW
    kiwifarms NT by Rest in Piss 09/07/2022, 2:38pm PDT NEW
        Not yet NT by Fuck you tranny chaser 09/07/2022, 2:56pm PDT NEW
            Cope NT by Harder 09/07/2022, 3:28pm PDT NEW
                Yes, cope NT by I love censorship, thank you collap 09/07/2022, 3:49pm PDT NEW
                    They should be censored tho by They Think Wrong? 09/07/2022, 7:15pm PDT NEW
                        SWAT-ing, fake pizza orders, and bomb-threats are speech? NT by The Collector Community 09/07/2022, 7:24pm PDT NEW
                            Swatting may have been fake by Gavin McInnes 09/07/2022, 7:40pm PDT NEW
                                Yeah, it's not like Kiwifarms would lie, or has a history of untoward behavior. by The Collector Community 09/07/2022, 11:24pm PDT NEW
                                    The fake would be a matter of who called it in NT by Gavin McInnes, signing out 09/08/2022, 10:31am PDT NEW
                                        So out of morbid curiosity, who do YOU think framed poor innocent Kiwifarms? NT by The Collector Community 09/08/2022, 6:41pm PDT NEW
    Acasia Artemis NT by Mysterio 09/08/2022, 7:30am PDT NEW
    Queen Elizabeth NT by Mischief Maker 09/08/2022, 11:02am PDT NEW
        But also, more recently, Queen Elizabeth II. hur hur NT by laudablepuss 09/08/2022, 11:37am PDT NEW
            I heard it was her annus horribilis :( NT by Tomb of the Unknown Poster 09/08/2022, 1:01pm PDT NEW
                I don't want to hear about her anus, ok? NT by laudablepuss 09/08/2022, 5:15pm PDT NEW
        Fuck!! Not in a car accident I hope??? by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/08/2022, 4:43pm PDT NEW
            Why did Princess Di cross the road? NT by cuz she wasn't wearing a seatbelt 09/08/2022, 8:18pm PDT NEW
    Jean-Luc Godard NT by Vested Id 09/13/2022, 5:07pm PDT NEW
    Ken Starr NT by Vested Id 09/13/2022, 5:08pm PDT NEW
        Little known fact: he's Tiffany Starr's dad by laudablepuss 09/13/2022, 11:15pm PDT NEW
    Coolio by Rafiki 09/28/2022, 11:09pm PDT NEW
    Hagrid NT by Snape? 10/14/2022, 10:46am PDT NEW
        All male britons take one step to the left NT by Jeremy Clarkson, you are now Hagrid 10/14/2022, 11:06am PDT NEW
            Where is button to emoji in support of this post? NT by Entropy Stew 10/15/2022, 1:12pm PDT NEW
                The validation is in your heart. In the smile that spreads across your face. by Ursula von der Leyen 10/15/2022, 1:21pm PDT NEW
                    I can't tell how many levels of irony we're on here, but I genuinely enjoyed tha NT by Entropy Stew 10/16/2022, 12:44am PDT NEW
    That Julie & Julia hack bitch NT by lol 11/02/2022, 10:41pm PDT NEW
    Max Maven NT by Yaris 11/04/2022, 6:13pm PDT NEW
    Gallagher NT by Fullofkittens 11/11/2022, 8:24am PST NEW
    Kevin Conroy NT by Entropy Stew 11/11/2022, 2:28pm PST NEW
    Mimi Parker :( NT by laudablepuss 11/11/2022, 10:01pm PST NEW
    Jason David Frank aka. Tommy the Black Power Ranger by MM 11/20/2022, 1:06pm PST NEW
        It's Mortis time! NT by Black Power Ranger 11/22/2022, 1:22pm PST NEW
        I knew him as the Green Ranger. by Injustice 09/10/2023, 6:19am PDT NEW
    Lt. Saavik by laudablepuss 12/05/2022, 7:55pm PST NEW
    the Sight & Sound poll NT by TNY Front Row 12/12/2022, 6:09pm PST NEW
    Angelo Badalamenti by Mischief Maker 12/16/2022, 7:35am PST NEW
        Beautiful. RIP NT by Entropy Stew 01/14/2023, 11:12pm PST NEW

These people are now dead, 2021 NT by laudablepuss 01/19/2021, 1:07pm PST NEW
    Sheldon Adelson, casino kingpin and Republican megadonor NT by laudablepuss 01/19/2021, 1:08pm PST NEW
    Phil Spector NT by laudablepuss 01/19/2021, 1:08pm PST NEW
    Oh lord, I'm retarded. ICJ can you help undo my stupids here by laudablepuss 01/19/2021, 1:09pm PST NEW
        Let's, ah, wait 22 hours and make sure nothing crazy happens by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/19/2021, 1:23pm PST NEW
            So far so good . . . NT by laudablepuss 01/20/2021, 2:45pm PST NEW
                ...BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! Wrong Forum! I'm gonna eat your liver! HOMPH GLOMPH!!! NT by Organization Orcs 01/20/2021, 4:38pm PST NEW
                    I was afraid of this. The Dr said I was at increased risk of liver-eating orcs NT by laudablepuss 01/20/2021, 5:42pm PST NEW
    WRONG BASE!! NT by The Wrong Base Fairy 01/20/2021, 5:23pm PST NEW
        Thanks for fixing, ICJ :) NT by laudablepuss 01/20/2021, 7:19pm PST NEW
            He ain't sheeet man I'm running things here now by The Grim Sleeper 01/20/2021, 7:23pm PST NEW
    Mira Furlan NT by Mysterio 01/21/2021, 9:21pm PST NEW
    Hank Aaron NT by laudablepuss 01/22/2021, 1:54pm PST NEW
    Larry King NT by I thought he'd outlive us all 01/23/2021, 6:24am PST NEW
    Screech NT by Rafiki 02/01/2021, 2:08pm PST NEW
    Hal Holbrook NT by Deepthroat 02/02/2021, 1:30pm PST NEW
    Larry Flynt by Rafiki 02/10/2021, 7:51pm PST NEW
    Marty Schottenheimer NT by laudablepuss 02/10/2021, 10:32pm PST NEW
    Cara Dune NT by huhuhuhu 02/11/2021, 4:33am PST NEW
        MandaWHORErian! NT by zing of the day 02/11/2021, 5:01am PST NEW
    Rush Limbaugh NT by 02/17/2021, 10:50am PST NEW
    Rush Limbaugh, father of the modern batshit-insane Republican party. NT by Ghost of Vince Foster's conspiracy 02/17/2021, 10:51am PST NEW
        Michael J. Fox accuses Rush Limbaugh of exaggerating cancer. NT by The joke everyone made today 02/17/2021, 11:12am PST NEW
        He did his party one last solid by making all the bluechecks on Twitter talk NT by about him instead of Texas 02/17/2021, 11:12am PST NEW
    Cinefex and Fry's Electronics NT by Vested Id 02/23/2021, 8:49pm PST NEW
        Oh and Lawrence Ferlinghetti NT by Vested Id 02/24/2021, 12:33am PST NEW
    George Segal by laudablepuss 03/24/2021, 7:05am PDT NEW
    Jessica Walter :( by Mysterio 03/25/2021, 12:55pm PDT NEW
    Larry McMurtry by laudablepuss 03/26/2021, 1:40pm PDT NEW
        Horseman, Pass By is what I'll always remember him for NT by Mysterio 03/26/2021, 2:13pm PDT NEW
    Beverly Cleary by laudablepuss 03/29/2021, 1:09pm PDT NEW
    Yaphet Koto NT by laudablepuss 03/29/2021, 3:57pm PDT NEW
        Kotto, oops NT by laudablepuss 03/29/2021, 3:58pm PDT NEW
            No one cares NT by Just another brother in a headband 03/29/2021, 4:07pm PDT NEW
                Same dumb fucker as in the Balance of Power forum? by laudablepuss 03/30/2021, 7:55am PDT NEW
                    Both of u keep ur poli bs in the right forum no need to shit up where nice by people hang out 03/30/2021, 3:24pm PDT NEW
                        Re: Both of u keep ur poli bs in the right forum no need to shit up where nice by laudablepuss 03/30/2021, 3:35pm PDT NEW
                    Relax, it's a troll NT by Mysteri'ole Boy 03/30/2021, 5:24pm PDT NEW
                    Wasn't me by Dumb Fucker 03/30/2021, 10:53pm PDT NEW
    G gordon liddy getting blown by Limbaugh in hell NT by good news for good folks 03/30/2021, 8:54pm PDT NEW
        Excellent! This is a good day for America. Fuck you, Luddy by Mysterio 03/31/2021, 7:28am PDT NEW
            Liddy should have been executed for sedition years ago. NT by ITS TRUE 03/31/2021, 10:32am PDT NEW
                Liberals love to celebrate death by Roop 03/31/2021, 8:47pm PDT NEW
                    Empathy? by huh 03/31/2021, 9:11pm PDT NEW
                        O NO FAT PEOPLE IN T-SHIRTS! THEY ALL SHOULD DIE! by Roop 03/31/2021, 9:28pm PDT NEW
                            Nausea? by MM 03/31/2021, 9:43pm PDT NEW
                                Re: Nausea? by Roop 03/31/2021, 9:44pm PDT NEW
                    holy shit you've become a living Poe's Law by so much for the TOLERANT LEFT! 03/31/2021, 10:01pm PDT NEW
                        Roop didn't say anything white supremacist! Is some reverse-trolling by jsoh? NT by MM 03/31/2021, 11:01pm PDT NEW
                            "BLM COMING TO BURN DOWN MY HOUSE!!!" by subtext, motherfucker! 04/02/2021, 11:39am PDT NEW
                                Oh, you're doing that twitter thing of bringing long-ago posts into the present. by MM 04/02/2021, 1:59pm PDT NEW
                                Re: "BLM COMING TO BURN DOWN MY HOUSE!!!" by Oh 04/02/2021, 2:11pm PDT NEW
                                    The cops NT by Who are to blame 04/02/2021, 9:12pm PDT NEW
                                        Actually, not the heroes fighting the rioters. ;) NT by guess again 04/02/2021, 9:21pm PDT NEW
                    Lets ping your stupidity again by so much for the TOLERANT LEFT! 03/31/2021, 10:23pm PDT NEW
                    I'm the ITS TRUE guy by ITS TRUE 04/01/2021, 9:40am PDT NEW
    Prince Philip NT by Jack Bauer 04/09/2021, 11:52am PDT NEW
    DMX NT by MM 04/09/2021, 12:37pm PDT NEW
        The Day The Muzak Died NT by Good riddance 04/09/2021, 2:15pm PDT NEW
            Can't say I've ever heard a muzak version of DMX playing at a convenience store. NT by MM 04/09/2021, 2:32pm PDT NEW
                DMX is/was an old muzak company NT by "Digital Music Xperience" 04/09/2021, 2:47pm PDT NEW
    Bernie Madoff NT by not emotionally INVESTED 04/15/2021, 3:17pm PDT NEW
    Walter Mondale NT by MM 04/20/2021, 6:51pm PDT NEW
        I heard he died....................................... by Mysterio Cabal 04/20/2021, 7:18pm PDT NEW
    Shock G / Humpty Hump by Rafiki 04/23/2021, 9:08am PDT NEW
    Juan Joya Borja. Yes you do know him. by Mischief Maker 04/28/2021, 5:08pm PDT NEW
        That guy is cool! NT by Dad on wheels 04/28/2021, 6:01pm PDT NEW
        Re: Juan Joya Borja. Yes you do know him. by E. L. Koba 04/29/2021, 11:02am PDT NEW
    Charles Grodin by Mischief Maker 05/19/2021, 11:10pm PDT NEW
        The Busby Berkeley pool sequence remains one of cinema's greatest achievements by Fullofkittens 05/20/2021, 8:26am PDT NEW
    Tawny Kitaen NT by laudablepuss 05/20/2021, 5:37am PDT NEW
        The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak is a legitimately good movie by Brody Wilder 05/20/2021, 3:19pm PDT NEW
            Beth was SO much cuter than Gwendoline NT by Cliffy B 05/21/2021, 7:23pm PDT NEW
                Yeah, it's a good thing she's not dead. NT by Brody Wilder 05/22/2021, 9:02pm PDT NEW
    Paul Mooney NT by RIP 05/20/2021, 8:21am PDT NEW
        Another victim of The Closet NT by Otis Ferguson 05/20/2021, 1:23pm PDT NEW
    John McAfee NT by Vidinfox 06/23/2021, 3:38pm PDT NEW
    John McAfee by blackwater 06/23/2021, 11:00pm PDT NEW
        oops, double post by blackwater 06/23/2021, 11:02pm PDT NEW
            He didn't die of a virus, meaning my 90s software choice was correct NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/24/2021, 7:29am PDT NEW
                But what if it was a virus that caused him to be crazy? NT by laudablepuss 06/24/2021, 7:41am PDT NEW
        How to delete McAfee by a classic 06/24/2021, 11:16am PDT NEW
    This is a redundant thread by Just go to this fucking link on JC 06/24/2021, 8:44am PDT NEW
        The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum NT by No that thread is redundant 06/24/2021, 8:50am PDT NEW
        Are all the drooling shitposter rejects wandering in from JC? NT by get your house in order, ICJ 06/24/2021, 11:06am PDT NEW
            no we were here first then left this dumpster fire by out of disgust 06/24/2021, 5:18pm PDT NEW
    Donald Rumsfeld dead, still not confirmed or denied if he was a lizard. NT by Mischief Maker 06/30/2021, 3:24pm PDT NEW
        War criminal, sexual predator NT by Ronald Dumbsfeld 06/30/2021, 6:22pm PDT NEW
    Director Richard Donner by Mischief Maker 07/05/2021, 4:54pm PDT NEW
        Simply the dumbest take imaginable by Otis Ferguson 07/05/2021, 6:37pm PDT NEW
            I know this is a common view but it's completely backwards NT by Otis Ferguson 07/05/2021, 6:46pm PDT NEW
                #releasethelestercut by Mischief Maker 07/05/2021, 7:32pm PDT NEW
            You're just asking to be grabbed by the throat, dude. by Mischief Maker 07/05/2021, 7:29pm PDT NEW
                Snarkcast gives this one three out of four golden plungers by Otis Ferguson 07/05/2021, 8:14pm PDT NEW
                    Have you even seen the Donner Cut? by Mischief Maker 07/05/2021, 10:10pm PDT NEW
                        Re: Have you even seen the Donner Cut? by Otis Ferguson 07/06/2021, 1:33am PDT NEW
                            So you haven't seen it. Why argue all night about a movie you haven't seen? NT by Mischief Maker 07/06/2021, 7:20am PDT NEW
                                Why share clips if you think I've seen it? NT by Otis Ferguson 07/06/2021, 10:12am PDT NEW
                                based on "what you've posted" NT by STOP FUCKING SKIMMING 07/06/2021, 10:37am PDT NEW
                        Re: Have you even seen the Donner Cut? by laudablepuss 07/06/2021, 10:29am PDT NEW
                            I think people made hybrid cuts after the donner cut came out. by Mischief Maker 07/06/2021, 10:48am PDT NEW
                                Ha, no guesssing required by laudablepuss 07/06/2021, 1:16pm PDT NEW
    Biz Markie by Rafiki 07/17/2021, 11:31am PDT NEW
        He's just Makajelly NT by Install NT 07/17/2021, 1:27pm PDT NEW
    Trevor Moore, Whitest Kid U Know by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/08/2021, 7:57pm PDT NEW
    Michael K Williams aka Omar from The Wire NT by Rafiki 09/06/2021, 4:49pm PDT NEW
    Jean-Paul Belmondo by star of Breathless (1960) 09/06/2021, 5:03pm PDT NEW
    Norm MacDonald NT by :( 09/14/2021, 11:32am PDT NEW
        Fucking BULLSHIT by Rafiki 09/14/2021, 12:53pm PDT NEW
            Norm's fake sketches by Entropy Stew 09/14/2021, 8:52pm PDT NEW
        RIP :( NT by Entropy Stew 09/14/2021, 7:52pm PDT NEW
    Colin Powell by Mischief Maker 10/18/2021, 6:13pm PDT NEW
        Re: Colin Powell by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/18/2021, 7:07pm PDT NEW
            Wouldn't be the first deadly falsehood he helped to spread. NT by Mischief Maker 10/18/2021, 7:15pm PDT NEW
    "Bob Dole's dead." NT by Bob Dole 12/05/2021, 2:22pm PST NEW
        Beloved Freemason, Viagra spokesperson, and WWII veteran NT by dr. no 12/06/2021, 12:45pm PST NEW
        Re: "Bob Dole's dead." by laudablepuss 12/06/2021, 1:16pm PST NEW
            Babylon Bee officially better than The Onion by Vested Id 12/07/2021, 11:34am PST NEW
                "Preteen invents 56,324 new genders during twitchstream" NT by Hilarious. 12/07/2021, 11:42am PST NEW
                    Yes, it burns. God gives us comparisons to show us truth. by Vested Id 12/07/2021, 12:52pm PST NEW
                The Democrat Party by laudablepuss 12/07/2021, 12:52pm PST NEW
                Re: Babylon Bee officially better than The Onion by Vested Id 12/09/2021, 4:26pm PST NEW
                Last one by Vested Id 12/10/2021, 9:56am PST NEW
        I can't believe he outlived me! NT by Norm MacDonald 12/20/2021, 1:39pm PST NEW
    My alibi NT by Jussie Smollett 12/09/2021, 4:33pm PST NEW
    Demarius Thomas by laudablepuss 12/10/2021, 3:28pm PST NEW
    Dick Marcinko, subject of the 2009 docugame Rogue Warrior. by Jerry Whorebach 12/27/2021, 1:16pm PST NEW
        Re: Dick Marcinko, subject of the 2009 docugame Rogue Warrior. by laudablepuss 12/27/2021, 7:32pm PST NEW
    John Madden NT by :'( 12/28/2021, 5:02pm PST NEW
    Harry Reid by laudablepuss 12/28/2021, 7:31pm PST NEW
    Betty White NT by laudablepuss 01/01/2022, 6:32pm PST NEW

Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka? by According to twitter 11/10/2021, 7:20pm PST NEW
    RIP Lowtax by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/10/2021, 9:10pm PST NEW
        One of his ex-wives sez he shot himself. NT by Nostromo 11/11/2021, 5:21am PST NEW
            Right after a court basically ruled she was owed everything NT by What a fucking mess 11/11/2021, 6:12am PST NEW
    I didn't even know he was sick. NT by Tuey 11/11/2021, 6:40am PST NEW
    Re: Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/13/2021, 8:24pm PST NEW
        Well, you know how that saying goes. by Norm Macdonald 11/14/2021, 12:34pm PST NEW
    Ran here to post this… by blackwater 11/14/2021, 1:02pm PST NEW

These people are now dead. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/17/2020, 9:22am PDT NEW
    Fred Willard by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/17/2020, 10:01am PDT NEW
        WTF none of the obituaries so far have once mentioned Fernwood Tonight by Roop 05/17/2020, 12:25pm PDT NEW
            Excellent catch NT by Vested Id 05/17/2020, 12:45pm PDT NEW
            Re: WTF none of the obituaries so far have once mentioned Fernwood Tonight by Vested Id 05/30/2020, 1:38pm PDT NEW
                That makes me feel better NT by Roop 05/30/2020, 10:40pm PDT NEW
    Jerry Stiller by Vested Id 05/17/2020, 12:55pm PDT NEW
    Well hello Mrs. Cleaver by JPG Man 05/18/2020, 5:17pm PDT NEW
        Someone from Leave it to Beaver was only 76? NT by laudablepuss 05/18/2020, 7:15pm PDT NEW
    I just found out the kid who sang Walk Away Renee is dead. by Steve Martin (not the), 1948-2020 05/19/2020, 7:30am PDT NEW
    Jerry Sloan, coach of the Utah Jazz NT by Mysterio Jazz 05/22/2020, 5:53pm PDT NEW
    Re: These people are now dead. by Ichabod 06/19/2020, 11:19am PDT NEW
    Grant Imahara by JPG Man 07/14/2020, 6:01am PDT NEW
    John Lewis by John Gulp 07/18/2020, 12:23pm PDT NEW
        That's the other guy by Vested Id 07/18/2020, 1:19pm PDT NEW
    Michael Brooks by Mischief Maker 07/20/2020, 5:35pm PDT NEW
        Agreed. RIP Brooks. Too bad for the rest of us. NT by saltphone 07/21/2020, 7:23am PDT NEW
        Re: Michael Brooks by Mischief Maker 07/21/2020, 8:10am PDT NEW
    Herman Cain just died of Covid. Lines up w/ Trump's Tulsa rally. by Masked Maker 07/30/2020, 12:05pm PDT NEW
        Sad reminder that this disease mostly kills black people NT by Vested Id 07/30/2020, 2:51pm PDT NEW
            Re: Sad reminder that this disease mostly kills black people by Masked Maker 07/30/2020, 3:02pm PDT NEW
                Re: Sad reminder that this disease mostly kills black people by JPG MaN 07/31/2020, 1:31pm PDT NEW
            Re: Sad reminder that this disease mostly kills black people by laudablepuss 07/31/2020, 1:40pm PDT NEW
                Re: Sad reminder that this disease mostly kills black people by Vested Id 07/31/2020, 1:45pm PDT NEW
                    Ok the wording was quite strange by laudablepuss 07/31/2020, 3:10pm PDT NEW
                        Cain 1) had a heavy travel schedule, 2) went to a rally NT by Vested Id 08/01/2020, 11:31am PDT NEW
                            Hahaha you're fun NT by laudablepuss 08/01/2020, 4:11pm PDT NEW
                            And 3) relied on dummies to handwave over his death that Trump caused NT by funny 09/19/2020, 9:50am PDT NEW
        That pic has them all sitting in their own section NT by Saltlord 08/01/2020, 7:48am PDT NEW
            How'd they get to those seats? NT by laudablepuss 08/01/2020, 4:12pm PDT NEW
            Re: That pic has them all sitting in their own section by laudablepuss 08/01/2020, 4:15pm PDT NEW
                It just doesn't matter by Roop 08/01/2020, 8:29pm PDT NEW
                    Re: It just doesn't matter by Bob Bobar 08/01/2020, 8:36pm PDT NEW
                        Re: It just doesn't matter by Roop 08/02/2020, 12:15am PDT NEW
                            Re: It just doesn't matter by laudablepuss 08/02/2020, 1:07am PDT NEW
                                Roop is a dumb hillbilly conspiracy moron and not worth my time. by Bob Bobar 08/02/2020, 11:39am PDT NEW
                            Dumb fake doctors (who are fake) troll only Roop. by The Happiness Engine 08/02/2020, 12:36pm PDT NEW
                my point was mostly that the rally looks effectively segregated in this shot NT by Saltlord 08/02/2020, 7:51am PDT NEW
                    I count at least 20 people in that tiny photo. NT by Bob Bobar 08/02/2020, 11:40am PDT NEW
    Wilford Brimley dead at 185 by laudablepuss 08/01/2020, 10:47pm PDT NEW
        He was 47 when The Thing was shot and could have passed for 60. NT by Kumail Nanjiani 08/31/2020, 8:07am PDT NEW
        He had... (intake of breath) by blackwater 08/31/2020, 4:28pm PDT NEW
        He was the only thing stopping people from messing with the post office. by Jerry Whorebach 09/06/2020, 9:36pm PDT NEW
            haha I'd forgotten this! NT by laudablepuss 09/07/2020, 5:57pm PDT NEW
    Chadwich Boseman by John Gulp 08/31/2020, 7:46am PDT NEW
        Not chad dick boner man :( by Jerry Whorebach 08/31/2020, 8:35am PDT NEW
            Imagine CB's ghost floating over jsoh as his eulogy devolves into sputtering NT by nerd rage over rival fan theories. 08/31/2020, 10:02am PDT NEW
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We are so fucked. by Mischief Maker 09/18/2020, 5:06pm PDT NEW
        inject this shit into my veins NT by this is what liberals deserve 09/18/2020, 6:50pm PDT NEW
            Re: inject this shit into my veins by funny 09/18/2020, 7:29pm PDT NEW
            Corporations will note your political stance and refrain from fucking you for $. NT by It's just gonna affect liberals! 09/18/2020, 8:04pm PDT NEW
                Yes the Obama era was so good to poor people NT by this time it'll be different 09/18/2020, 8:32pm PDT NEW
                    Better than it's gonna be now! NT by MM 09/18/2020, 9:08pm PDT NEW
                    Yeah, it was great. 31 unemployed due to Trump Virus by funny 09/19/2020, 9:50am PDT NEW
        Possibly the end of prison bottom surgery by Vested Id 09/18/2020, 7:26pm PDT NEW
            Take that, libs and trannies! Now I'm off to mandatory arbitration. NT by Does my corp. serfdom trigger you? 09/18/2020, 8:07pm PDT NEW
                vote for neoliberalism to own the cons NT by you fucking faggot 09/18/2020, 8:40pm PDT NEW
                    Trump is a neoliberal. NT by MM 09/18/2020, 9:07pm PDT NEW
                        Horseshoe theory in full effect NT by you fucking faggot 09/18/2020, 10:48pm PDT NEW
                            Neoliberalism means Reaganomics, not "bad democrat." NT by MM 09/18/2020, 11:31pm PDT NEW
                                No it doesn't by Vested Id 09/19/2020, 10:12am PDT NEW
                                    Who'd you get THAT definition from? Dave Rubin? NT by My brain is still in recovery mode! 09/19/2020, 11:18am PDT NEW
                                        Lesbians give me a boner, simple descriptions give me a headache! by Vested Id 09/19/2020, 12:53pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: No it doesn't by funny 09/19/2020, 2:15pm PDT NEW
                                    Neoliberalism means gay phones. NT by TIL 09/20/2020, 12:18am PDT NEW
                                    I guess it's the new talking point I was not yet aware of. by Mischief Maker 09/22/2020, 2:06pm PDT NEW
                                That famous radlib Joe Biden NT by politics makes you retarded 09/19/2020, 10:30am PDT NEW
                                    He dropped Larry Summers. That ain't nothing. NT by My brain is still in recovery mode! 09/19/2020, 11:19am PDT NEW
        I agree, but what the fuck was she thinking not retiring? by Fuck 09/20/2020, 11:55am PDT NEW
            I was scolded in another forum for saying she should have "played BS politics" NT by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 12:05pm PDT NEW
            I don't know if you remember this by Merrick Garland 09/20/2020, 12:08pm PDT NEW
                The only person Barack Obama ever campaigned hard for was Barack Obama. NT by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 12:21pm PDT NEW
                    Very Democrat of you to blame it on a Democrat and not on Mitch McConnell. NT by Fullofkittens 09/20/2020, 1:42pm PDT NEW
                        SCOTUS question by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/20/2020, 2:33pm PDT NEW
                        I'm too tired to tell my personal Obama story today. by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 2:47pm PDT NEW
                    Wasn't perfect, but he was a better president than Bernie bros and NT by Chapo dirtbags deserve 09/20/2020, 2:46pm PDT NEW
                        Corporations will note that you're a centrist and refrain from fucking you for $ NT by Mischief Maker 09/20/2020, 2:51pm PDT NEW
                Its almost as if she could have retired BEFORE the last minute NT by Thanks, genius 09/20/2020, 3:17pm PDT NEW
                    Ginsburg AND Breyer should have retired in 2014 by "I don't FEEL like retiring, lol" 09/21/2020, 12:31pm PDT NEW
                        Trot out another empty troll by The Happiness Engine 09/22/2020, 3:02pm PDT NEW
                            The very next line: "It will also, to some degree, be fair." NT by Mischief Maker 09/22/2020, 3:11pm PDT NEW
                            Seeing Happiness Engine's wife post for him is sad NT by Need to get her more box wine 09/22/2020, 6:45pm PDT NEW
                            What are you talking about by Vested Id 09/22/2020, 7:40pm PDT NEW
                            You're saying we WOULDN'T be better off had she been replaced in '09 or '14? by feels as shields 09/22/2020, 10:04pm PDT NEW
    Eddie Van Halen NT by Mysterio 10/06/2020, 5:55pm PDT NEW
    Jeff Bridges has lymphoma NT by FUCK 10/20/2020, 6:12am PDT NEW
        He's old NT by Goodbye 10/20/2020, 7:49am PDT NEW
        "These people are dead" NT by Posts living person 10/22/2020, 2:02pm PDT NEW
            Catch cancer and die NT by you pedantic faggot 11/08/2020, 2:37pm PST NEW
    The Amazing Randi NT by Mysterio 10/22/2020, 2:03pm PDT NEW
    Sean Connery NT by Mischief Maker 006.9 10/31/2020, 7:16am PDT NEW
    And every one of them somehow NT by voted for Biden 11/05/2020, 1:05pm PST NEW
        Huh? NT by Wha? 11/05/2020, 1:52pm PST NEW
            The art of the deal vs. NT by The dark art of the Steal 11/05/2020, 3:03pm PST NEW
                This is why the Repub. legislatures in those states didn't allow early counting. NT by Instant Conspiracy Theory! 11/05/2020, 3:46pm PST NEW
    Who is Alex Trebek? NT by Mischief Maker 11/08/2020, 9:57am PST NEW
        So hang on, if he held out longer than Connery, that means he won right by laudablepuss 11/08/2020, 7:54pm PST NEW
    Sheldon Adelson, casino kingpin and Republican megadonor, finally died. NT by Mischief Maker 01/12/2021, 6:47am PST NEW
    Phil Spector, disgusting twig NT by sexual predator 01/18/2021, 10:39am PST NEW
        Ouch. NT by Phil Spector's loved ones 01/18/2021, 11:10am PST NEW
        Should we make a new 2021 thread? NT by laudablepuss 01/19/2021, 9:08am PST NEW
            Please do so ;) NT by The Grim Sleeper 01/19/2021, 10:40am PST NEW

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