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Virtual Desktop programs by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/18/2007, 8:35pm PST
    Linux NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 11/18/2007, 8:45pm PST
        Well, the latest build of Linux removes multiple desktops, so I'm back to XP NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/18/2007, 8:48pm PST
    Sharpe Shell by Worm 11/18/2007, 8:48pm PST
        Do you use this program? Or know anyone who does? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/18/2007, 8:49pm PST
            I was just trying to top linux as a terrible obtuse suggestion. by Worm 11/18/2007, 10:56pm PST
    Re: Virtual Desktop programs by Motherhead 11/18/2007, 9:15pm PST
        Thank you, you are the only one in this I don't want to uncontrollable murder by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/20/2007, 1:13am PST
            [sad emoticon] by motherfuckerfoodeater 11/20/2007, 9:48am PST
                Francesca, why do you want to be Canadian? by Bruno Puntz Jones 11/20/2007, 2:29pm PST

the HMS Cingular by Entropy Stew 11/28/2005, 2:31pm PST

Burnout 3 sequel preview by binkbot 04/13/2005, 5:44pm PDT
    Fussbett is binkbot?! by Shocked and awed 04/13/2005, 7:14pm PDT
        Who would have ever thought. NT by bink 04/13/2005, 7:20pm PDT
        I'm about 10% of the binkbots. NT by Fussbett 04/13/2005, 7:26pm PDT
            That adds up perfectly to the percentage that they're remotely humorous. NT by Bill Dungsroman 04/13/2005, 11:59pm PDT
                Binkbot is a strong character. Fuck you for getting in his way. NT by Mysterio 04/14/2005, 9:01am PDT
                    Then I'll get out of his way (the internet is narrow). NT by Bill Dungsroman 04/14/2005, 9:25am PDT
                        While you ... are fat. NT by binkbot 04/14/2005, 9:49am PDT
                            Thus spake the other 90%. NT by Casual observer 04/14/2005, 10:55am PDT
                                80%. NT by binkbot 04/14/2005, 11:06am PDT
                            So utterly crying and wiping my eyes with my blubber ;-; NT by Bill Dungsroman 04/14/2005, 4:48pm PDT

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