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Rainbow Six Vegas & Vegas 2 are incredibly boring and I regret purchasing them by Fortinbras 06/14/2009, 12:44am PDT
Can we put this franchise to rest now? It's just not working out.

There's been about 9 times that I ever wanted to keep Infiltration turned on instead of "Shoot everything that moves" for teammate commands. Once every two hours you have to flashbang a single fucking room to rescue some hostages. Otherwise it plays like Gears of War without any interesting scenery, up to and including having to scrape your AI teammates asses off the pavement.

For firearm-lovers who want to circlejerk each other in a discussion about what's the best gun, I guess it's great, since they give you a LOT OF GUNS to choose from and you can get attached to whichever one is your favorite. They even have the Arctic Warfare Magnum! SMG's, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Light Machine Guns. All other differences are mostly trivial. Also you have a pistol but I don't know why they even bothered except for DEAGLE faggots because there's a 2-ton green box of ammunition every two blocks where you can completely change your loadout. With 10-20 magazines on your weapon, I've only been starved for ammunition twice, and even then a fresh stack of ammunition is just picking up a dead guy's weapon away.

For a Tom Clancy game, Vegas & Vegas 2 have terrible, bordering on non-existent writing, not that you'll be able to hear it because the voice audio of your teammates/chopper pilot/intel officer sound like they were recorded inside a cats ass. I had to turn the sound/music down to 6 just to be able to hunch over and press my ear into the speakers and be able to make out what they were saying. The only characters who speak clearly and audibly are your protagonist and people in your little vid-window of plot forwarding.

Ubisoft Montreal managed to make Las Vegas boring. That's fucking failure. Every encounter is just a duck-behind-cover gunbattle. Even cool things like rappeling down and busting in the window are just cosmetic touches, suited to your personal style of how you want to shoot people. Hostage situations are rare. And jesus christ, how many fucking people have I shot? I must have killed like 3,000 fucking guys between both of these games. Every warehouse and backstage area just look alike.

How is the multiplayer? I don't fucking know, because Ubisoft insists I register my product with them. However I already registered Prince of Persia for some stupid reason and I entered some bullshit info and I can't for the life of me remember it. Well, they won't re-send your password unless you guess your birthday. Problem is I gave them a bogus birthday and promptly forgot about it. And if you want to re-register you have to fill out a fucking SURVEY about your purchasing habits as well as have a new e-mail address, because they won't do multiple usernames on the same e-mail address. Who does this shit anymore? My CD-key and a callsign aren't good enough to get into your official list servers? Fuck you, Ubisoft. Just get on the Games for Windows LIVE bandwagon and be done with it.

Awesome, highly detailed character generation in Vegas 2 though! What camo pattern do you want? Do you want it mismatched? Paint your shoulders urban, your legs russian, and your head desert! Do you want ridiculously huge shoulderpads but no kevlar vest? Go ahead! No one will judge you.

Rainbow Six Vegas & Vegas 2 are incredibly boring and I regret purchasing them by Fortinbras 06/14/2009, 12:44am PDT
    It's also the ugliest Unreal Engine 3 game I've played by Ethan Steele 06/14/2009, 8:13am PDT
    Let me tell you about the multiplayer by Lizard_King 07/20/2009, 7:27pm PDT
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