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Good Hair by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 12/22/2009, 9:21pm PST
"I'm a part-time stripper AND I do hair!"

Good Hair is a great movie, but by no means is it for everyone. I'll try to help you decide whether or not it's worth your time and bandwidth.

DO WATCH Good Hair if:

  • You've wondered about the beauty secrets of black women; specifically, their hair.
  • You want to see evidence of the politicization of hairstyles on everyday individuals and how it directly influences their value systems.
  • You spent an entire Game Boy's worth of batteries waiting with your moms at the hair salon.
  • You can't tell the difference between Chinese people and Korean people.
  • You've wondered what Billy Mitchell would be like if he was chubby, black, gay, and did hair.
  • You are Fussbett.

    DON'T WATCH Good Hair if:

  • You don't find black women attractive.
  • Scenes set in India give you crippling flashbacks to thieving gypsies and being bullied by eight year olds.
  • You think that watching this movie will put points toward your ghetto pass.
  • You think that a Brokeback Mountain parody called "Broke Front Mountain" could ever be funny in any context.
  • You aren't prepared for some of the wisdom Ice-T has to dispense.
  • You are QuĂ©tinbec.

    Positive. Entertaining as fuck. Torrent link.
    Good Hair by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 12/22/2009, 9:21pm PST NEW
        breasts like tennis balls NT by irony 12/22/2009, 9:30pm PST NEW
        Fuck you, my Mum is a hairdresser. I'll watch this next year. NT by QuĂ©tinbec 12/22/2009, 11:33pm PST NEW
            But is your mom BLACK? NT by Fortinbras 12/24/2009, 1:08pm PST NEW
                In an amazing turn of events, YES! NT by irony 12/24/2009, 3:02pm PST NEW
                    Worst new poster of 2010 NT by Couldn't you have waited for the ne 12/24/2009, 5:35pm PST NEW
                        I thought irony was Jsoh =/ NT by Fortinbras 12/24/2009, 9:52pm PST NEW
                            He's too deep undercover! In his attempt to defeat Jsoh, he has BECOME Jsoh! NT by YAAAAAAAAH! Maker 12/24/2009, 10:37pm PST NEW
                                That's like the story of almost everyone we've trolled. :( NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/24/2009, 10:41pm PST NEW
                                    Except it's actually jsoh and he's changed nicks cuz atoring makes him cry. NT by Worm 12/25/2009, 6:41am PST NEW
                                        wrom's projecting as hard as he can (it ain't workin). NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 12/25/2009, 8:37am PST NEW
                                            fag NT by Worm 12/25/2009, 11:31am PST NEW
                                                what is this irony thing I don't even know someone clue me in NT by wrom 12/30/2009, 6:21pm PST NEW
                                    My mistake, I thought "irony" was "discuss" NT by YAAAAAAAAH! Maker 12/26/2009, 12:19am PST NEW
                                        there's a pretty easy way to tell the difference NT by wrom 12/30/2009, 6:22pm PST NEW
                                            Re: there's a pretty easy way to tell the difference by E. L. Koba 12/30/2009, 7:09pm PST NEW
            I guess QB never got around to watching this? NT by Caltrops is not surprised 04/22/2011, 9:31am PDT NEW
                They don't have TV in Bahrain prisons NT by WITTGENSTEIN 07/29/2013, 7:56am PDT NEW
        This was good by Lizard_King 12/30/2009, 4:48pm PST NEW
            This was exactly my reaction. by Fussbett 12/31/2009, 3:25pm PST NEW
                Re: This was exactly my reaction. by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 12/31/2009, 4:24pm PST NEW
                    Re: This was exactly my reaction. by Fussbett 01/01/2010, 3:26am PST NEW
                        but if ice-t is giving 'points' for ass, coco wins by volume by up with pod people 01/01/2010, 10:38am PST NEW
                            Braiding is cheaper, less time-consuming, but still too black. by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 01/01/2010, 8:17pm PST NEW
                                Re: Braiding is cheaper, less time-consuming, but still too black. by Choson 01/02/2010, 3:34pm PST NEW
                The asymmetrical style reveal by Lizard_King 01/01/2010, 11:11am PST NEW
                More black appropriation of white culture: The Voice on NBC by Fussbett 04/22/2011, 2:58am PDT NEW
                    Another white subculture sighting in super black music video by Fussbett 07/29/2013, 5:08am PDT NEW
        Re: Good Hair by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 01/01/2010, 3:02pm PST NEW
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