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Paranormal Activity by a fairy princess 02/21/2010, 6:30am PST
Short review:

Positive! On the scale of fake documentary horror movies I would put it above Blair Witch Project and below REC, probably right around Cloverfield.

It's an obviously ultra-low budget film but that's a strength, since ghosty movies are scarier when you can't see the ghost. They do a great job of ratcheting up the terror based on scary noises and shit happening out of sight. They made the right decision when all the stuff that happens out of the camera's view is also out of the characters' view, so it never feels like you can't see things because they cheaped out.

It suffers from the same problem as Blair Witch Project in that you end up wishing that all the daytime scenes were replaced by a title card that says "A day passes: they argue about stupid shit and make decisions no sane person would make..." but you can pass the time distracted by Katie Featherston's excellent rack. It differs from Blair Witch in that the annoying daytime scenes go by pretty quickly and also in that the camera is stationary for a lot of the movie; those who had to run to the bathroom during Cloverfield (*sob*) will probably have no trouble here.

Recommended for horror fans.


My only complaint about the movie is that I saw the Theatrical Cut which has a shitty ending that was apparently suggested by Steven Spielberg. Apparently the original version ended with Katie smiling at the camera and then slitting her own throat after killing Micah off-camera, and there's another cut where she stands still for several days before being gunned down by the cops.

Either of those would be way, way better than the super cheezy OMG DEMON FACE last 2 seconds of the Theatrical Cut, which was a big letdown after they had done such an excellent job of getting me all riled up without using any special fx at all.
Paranormal Activity by a fairy princess 02/21/2010, 6:30am PST NEW
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