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NDD plays FF13: the first hour and a half. by Noi Dau Don 03/10/2010, 9:32am PST
I didn't buy it! That's my excuse. I'm not gay! I did however play it as soon as I got up this morning.

1. It is beautiful. Everything looks like a cutscene. It's just ridiculously good looking. Opening cutscenes indicate that this game functions as a guided tour of previous Final Fantasies, I counted 7, 8, X, and 12 on the ride in, with 9/6 incipient. Characters from 7 and 12 with dashes of 9 for rural flavor.

2. Battles: there's an auto-battle command and basically no reason not to use it. The only important decisions you can make during fights at this point in the game are: when to use potions, who to target. Overall resembles hybrid of X-2 and 12 while, sadly, featuring none of what made either system interesting to the pro grindar.

3. The Black Guy. He is sensible, he has an adorable baby chocobo, and everything he does will make you think of this post. It's hard not to read him as Symbolic Negro when he appears to be the only non-albino in the game.

4. Cutscenes - maybe it's just because it's the opening of the game, but there's a cutscene for every two fights so far. Opening scenes heavily quote the opening of X by way of Midgar.

5. Hope you like genre tropes, they occur at a spectacular rate. But it's a Final Fantasy, right? We're not here for narrative innovation, we're here to see the same old shit done in the best possible way.

I was kind of pleased to see airships getting the big wiff while trains - which feature as prominently in Final Fantasies as airships ever did, but don't seem to get half as much credit... DESPITE FINAL FANTASY UNLIMITED BEING TRAIN-CENTRIC AS FUCK - are the opening carrier of choice.

I'm sure there's a plot in there somewhere but we're still in the Happy Introductions part of the game. Looks pretty 7y though.

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NDD plays FF13: the first hour and a half. by Noi Dau Don 03/10/2010, 9:32am PST
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