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Save all your component loot. Also - Positive! by Fortinbras 03/10/2010, 11:27pm PST
You'll be tempted to sell it for money thinking that it's like the Bazaar system in FFXII BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. You'll get at least 25 phoenix downs by chapter 4, which is 20 more than you'll ever need, just sell them off to give yourself a decent margin. The components are used in lieu of buying new weapons every chapter to upgrade your weapons, which ups their stats: Strength and Magic. One's for physical attacks, the other's for magic. Other than HP these are the ONLY NUMBERS in the game. I really was nervous about this at first because I really wasn't in the mood to deal with some Dark Cloud bullshit where you have to print out a 100-page GameFAQ just to make sure you don't sell off critical components to late-game uberswords, but thankfully it seems they've explicitly marked items devoted solely for making weapon transformations as non-sellable/useable in upgrades.

Most of the characters are alright. Hope is grating, mostly because his range of emotions run from Insecure Weenie to Really Insecure Weenie. Even Milli Vanilli doesn't seem to grate on me like a Yuffie or Selphie might. The story concept is really interesting but you will have no clue what's going on for the first few chapters unless you read every Datapad entry that gets added to your Not-Codex.

The pacing of the game reminds me most of FFX, you're pretty much on rails the entire time, running along narrow paths with few branches, and the Crystalium levelling system is almost a carbon copy of the Sphere system. The hardest choice in exploration you'll have to make is whether you take the detour to a nearby dead-end which always yields a treasure chest (in case you're wondering the answer should always be yes). Also there's no talking to random NPC's on the roads, or shops. The only shops are located at each save station, which pop up fairly regularly Still, it's kind of weird to be in a Final Fantasy game with no generic NPC's to talk to and no shops. I've been told that (much like FFX) it opens up near the mid-late game allowing you to explore and do side quests and grind to your heart's content. As long as the levelling grind is able to keep me decently prepared to deal with the bosses I really don't mind, but it's like the only flaw some people could come up with. That, and they took a track from Leona Lewis's album to be the obligatory real-world music in the game. LEONA LEWIS.

Gameplay-wise, I have mixed feelings on the Paradigm system. I'm glad that they've retained the hands-off approach that made FFXII so enjoyable to play, but some of the archetypes really don't gel well. The dedicated buff/debuff archetypes are only useful for two turns, and they don't have any other skills they can use in that archetype-mode like attacking or casting damaging magic, so you're wasting valuable killing-time by keeping them in that mode. The whole point of the system was that I wouldn't have to do much meddling with individual commands, if you're going to force me to turn on/off my buffing and debuffing at the beginning of every round just give me back individual control, or better yet bring back the Gambit system. It was and still is the best system Square-Enix has ever come up with, but this may be because FFXII was the best Final Fantasy game yet created. The only other gripe I have is that when your "leader" character become KO'd it's an instant game over, even if your other two characters are perfectly alive and kicking. This threw me for a loop on my first major boss battle as I was trying to figure out why the FUCK I kept on getting a game over message when I was absolutely positive that at least two of my characters had more HP than said boss's mega-laser took off. You'll find yourself watching the leader's HP like a hawk, whereas while it might be a serious concern on another Final Fantasy title, you're not absolutely SCREWED if Squall Leonhart or Cloud Strife goes down in a fight.

Bottom Line: If you liked FFX, you'll like FFXIII, you might even like it more than FFX since it lacks both furries and obnoxious main characters who narrate like Fred Savage from The Wonder Years. If you liked FFXII, you'll find that FFXIII retains a lot of the no-bullshit facets of FFXII that I liked so much. There are no Gold Saucer minigames and no twitch-reflex minigames for dodging lightning bolts in exchange for ultimate weapons/accessories. If you liked FF7 and FF8 the most, you'll be pleased by FFXIII's futuristic styling. There's a lot to like here and not a lot to bitch about, other than Hope, because he really is just a fucking cookie-cutter weeaboo.

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