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You should still buy it by Fortinbras 03/14/2010, 11:48am PDT
Bad Company 2 is Battlefield 2.1, with a single-player intro tacked onto it.

My favorite map in BF2142 was Cerbere Landing. Just a crazy, brutal house-to-house fight with shells raining down around your ears whenever the commander called in orbital artillery. A lot of maps in Bad Company 2 have that same feeling, with the other half or so feeling like Battlefield Vietnam or Desert Warfare. At first I thought I'd really hate the player cap, I know for sure I would have never enjoyed Bad Company 1 with 24 player max, but 32 just seems to be the sweet spot.

One thing that always kept me from enjoying Battlefield to its max was the long hikes you could have to the front line, even if you had a nearby point you had captured. The learning curve could be pretty unforgiving. This was improved upon in Battlefield 2/2142 when they introduced the squad leader reinforcement pod, which allowed you to respawn via drop-pod right next to your squad leader, and allowed you to spawn in dropships. Bad Company 2 takes this a step further and now allows you to spawn on ANYONE in your squad. This produces a huge incentive to squad up, and I honestly think having the checkbox for "YES, PUT ME IN A SQUAD" is redundant thanks to that. Battles, especially on Rush are always fast paced and there's always a firefight, there's no downtime waiting for some random schmuck to try and show up and stealth-cap your point. The introduction of the combat knife to the middle mouse button instead of having to switch to it is a feature that warrants so much praise and respect that there isn't enough room on this page for it. Vehicles are pretty heavily rationed, you'll get maybe 2 tanks and a helicopter on a really big map, and maybe one IFV per side on smaller ones. Though it also seems like it takes a lot of AT rounds to take them out, and a couple of engineers hopping out and using power tools on its backside can just turn it into a fucking juggernaut. P.S. Drivers: If you see your health going UP, will you STOP so I don't have to CHASE AFTER YOUR ASS with a power drill?!

The Destruction 2.0 thing of course is the big sell, and almost all the classes have a way to blow shit up, with the exception of the Medic. Jeez, would it have been that hard to allow the Medic to swap his medkit or shock-pads for C4? I guess so! Last night I had a moment that really stands out in my mind when I was playing Recon and I was getting irritated with the shitload of trees blocking my view in the last stage of Valparaso. FUCK YOU TREES! One mortar strike later and I had a perfectly designed killzone all set up. Fussbett's gripe about most of the maps being way too linear is accurate, but once you do a little remodeling of the level through mass destruction it can clear that up and give you a few more options. In fact, you kind of have to unlearn your standard FPS behavior to STOP firing once a guy ducks behind a wall. Instead you say FUCK THAT and aim a 40mm grenade launcher at his piece of cover, blowing it away and taking him out with it.

My only real gripes with the game aren't so much the gameplay but just stupid player behavior and stupid choices in class design. Forcing the Medic to grind 1000-2000 points for his medkit is absurd. Why anyone would intentionally pick a gimped Assault class instead of going full Assault is beyond me! Team-stacking occurs a lot when it's clear one side is getting rolled, and no servers seem to carry scripts to prevent it. HEY DICE MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A TEAM BALANCING OPTION IN THOSE SERVER SWITCHES? Similarly, turning off Friendly Fire was a long time coming, and don't you dare turn it back off, since there's ZERO incentive not to teamkill. One guy flipped his keyboard so hard at what he viewed as spawn camping he switched teams and did nothing but teamkill for 45 minutes. The only penalty is losing -15 points, which, considering you win 200 points simply for winning the round seems a lame-ass way to try and discourage griefing. Then of course there are the gripes about the server browser, the way I have to keep adding Entropy Stew to my friends list each night because the game EATS MY FRIENDS LIST, and the way some servers just leave you with a PLEASE WAIT.... loading message and then nothing. But these are all just minute details that could be fixed with a 1.1 patch and don't really kill the enjoyment of the game.

What I really think has come out in Bad Company 2 is a Battlefield title that has stripped away a lot of the headaches and high learning curve of a regular BF game, and left you with a fairly streamlined if a bit paired down product that serves as a great lead-in for moving on to Battlefield 3 (whenever it comes out). The kind of design decisions on display here are the same that TF2 made in creating a more enjoyable game and removing shit that just didn't work but the genre took for granted.
This game is superior to Modern Warfare 2 IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE NT by Fortinbras 03/06/2010, 1:30pm PST NEW
    Easily the Sound FX of the Year winner NT by Entropy Stew 03/06/2010, 6:43pm PST NEW
        Things to fix in multiplayer by Fortinbras 03/07/2010, 3:01pm PST NEW
            Oh yeah and... by Fortinbras 03/07/2010, 4:16pm PST NEW
                Re: Oh yeah and... by Entropy Stew 03/07/2010, 6:48pm PST NEW
                    Also just clip them with a UAV NT by Worm 03/07/2010, 8:03pm PST NEW
                        I put down some AT mines, switched classes, 3 minutes later got an AT mine kill! NT by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 10:58am PST NEW
                            This is the kind of weapons system that Fort excels with NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 10:32pm PST NEW
                                I want to find a 24/7 Panama Canal server and keep laying AT mines by Fortinbras 03/09/2010, 8:03am PST NEW
                if anything hits the roters you go down instantly by irony 03/08/2010, 4:21pm PST NEW
            Re: Things to fix in multiplayer by E. L. Koba 03/07/2010, 10:30pm PST NEW
                I'm STILL using the Thompson SMG on Medic and Engineer. NT by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 1:48am PST NEW
                    Have you gotten the first MG unlock for the medic yet? NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 10:37am PST NEW
                        PSH yeah but it seems to be about as effective as the first one NT by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 10:54am PST NEW
                            oh so you just suck really bad then, the saw happens to be murderer by irony 03/08/2010, 4:23pm PST NEW
                                Nobody asked for YouHURRRRRR opinion. NT by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 4:30pm PST NEW
                                    The M249 is pretty sweee by E. L. Koba 03/08/2010, 5:23pm PST NEW
                                        It takes too many shots for my liking. by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 5:30pm PST NEW
                                            Crouch, aim, and turn off Yakety Sax NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 10:30pm PST NEW
                                        The unlocks are often worse than the first gun. by Fussbett 03/09/2010, 10:53pm PST NEW
                                            Thanks to id Software for teaching an entire generation of gamers NT by the wrong word for "minigun" 03/09/2010, 11:42pm PST NEW
                                                I also sometimes say gun instead of rifle like I didn't EVEN go to boot camp. NT by Fussbett 03/09/2010, 11:51pm PST NEW
                                            Where did you get the dropoff info? by Entropy Stew 03/13/2010, 3:18pm PST NEW
                                                Late reply :( by Fussbett 04/05/2010, 3:04pm PDT NEW
                                            the higher level unlocks are superior in every way to the default gun by irony 03/13/2010, 7:19pm PST NEW
                                    The retard is 100% correct. You just suck NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 10:29pm PST NEW
                                        What else is new? 8) NT by Jhoh Creexul (custom software) 03/09/2010, 3:18am PST NEW
                        Wouldn't that be the health pack? and the second is the defib. by Worm 03/08/2010, 4:42pm PST NEW
                            Really, the Thompson SMG and M1911 are all the guns you need. by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 4:53pm PST NEW
                Fastest way to level as a Medic: by Fortinbras 03/08/2010, 4:54pm PST NEW
                    When the man in the FRONT dies, the man in the REAR PICKS UP THE RIFLE! NT by Der Kommisar 03/08/2010, 6:51pm PST NEW
                    That's the fastest way to level up period by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 10:36pm PST NEW
                        Re: That's the fastest way to level up period by E. L. Koba 03/08/2010, 11:00pm PST NEW
                            Or you could just rez a couple guys in 4 seconds NT by Entropy Stew 03/08/2010, 11:03pm PST NEW
                            RPG's don't do enough damage, they can still hop out. AT Mines all the way by Fortinbras 03/09/2010, 8:04am PST NEW
                                I enjoy firing a tank shell into a pack of AT mines to blow them up and roll pa NT by irony 03/09/2010, 8:25am PST NEW
                                    Thankfully most of my opponents aren't jobless retards so I think I'm safe 8) NT by Fortinbras 03/09/2010, 8:52am PST NEW
    m1 garand is back, m1 rating 10/10 NT by irony 03/09/2010, 5:42am PST NEW
        and it's gone this unlock is for EA employees only plz step aside by irony 03/09/2010, 8:24am PST NEW
    I heard it was a 10-hour game in single-player mode. Confirm/deny? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 03/13/2010, 7:31pm PST NEW
        Yes, it's crap. 10 hours if you play it on Normal. 3-5 if you play it on Easy. NT by Fortinbras 03/13/2010, 7:37pm PST NEW
        I beat it on normal in about 4 hours maybe less, sp is very short NT by irony 03/14/2010, 4:05am PDT NEW
        but here is a part of the single player campaign that might convince you to buy by irony 03/14/2010, 4:06am PDT NEW
            Haha thanks, now I don't have to buy it. NT by Eurotrash 03/14/2010, 5:23am PDT NEW
                You should still buy it by Fortinbras 03/14/2010, 11:48am PDT NEW
                    K.O. Double Perfect Reveiw NT by Entropy Stew 03/14/2010, 6:00pm PDT NEW
                    the "too linear" complaint about the maps doesn't even apply by irony 03/15/2010, 3:19am PDT NEW
                    Re: You should still buy it by Fussbett 04/05/2010, 3:17pm PDT NEW
                        Oh you stupid fucking faggot by Fortinbras 04/05/2010, 4:38pm PDT NEW
                            There is a difference, but it's one of those subtle differences that escapes you NT by Like in the wikipedia thread. 04/05/2010, 5:10pm PDT NEW
                                Only Fussbett would be such a fucking pedantic shithead. NT by Fortinbras 04/05/2010, 8:02pm PDT NEW
                                    You don't know what it's like to be misquoted because you've never been quoted. NT by Fussbett 04/05/2010, 11:36pm PDT NEW
                            I don't believe you should call men niggers, Fortinbras. NT by Gentleman Jim Browser 04/07/2010, 12:00am PDT NEW
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