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Maybe the worst game in the world by Fussbett 07/05/2010, 1:36am PDT
I bought this on an impulse after finishing up a big project, thinking I'll enjoy the unwind of just making myself in another video game, as is my way, plus I thought I might also make a few characters from The Wire to run around playing cops and robbers.

Well that was me thinking of a way to have fun in an MMO, which as far as I can tell is the anti-fun genre of video games. Instead of letting me have fun, APB locks all the dress-up features and you must grind them out. The character editor is the only good part of the game, so it's hilarious to see it restricted. Restrict the 1999 gameplay instead, guys! Let me play dollies for 3 hours before discovering that your game sucks. Remember how Spore even released the creature creator stand alone? They knew what was up. Instead, APB makes me play their shitty game for 3 hours before I could unlock sunglasses. Remember, sunglasses add no gameplay value or competitive edge like the better weapons, the sunglasses just make me happy -- so it's fucking PSYCHOTIC to keep those things away from me.

The gunplay is sub-Counter Strike shallow, the driving/shooting is sub-GTA IV multiplayer, the city is boring and nondescript and lightly modeled, it runs like garbage on my system (a system which runs Battlefield games just fine), looks like shit on my system, and I would've supplied screenshots for this post but I currently can't play the game without a hard computer lock up after 1 minute. ONE MINUTE.

tl;dr: Everything bad about MMOs merged with the gameplay of Quake 3 mod Urban Terror.
Maybe the worst game in the world by Fussbett 07/05/2010, 1:36am PDT
    I'm sure theres lots of omars in the game NT by Sword of Justice 07/05/2010, 9:17am PDT
        If Omars = Juggalos and Heath Ledger Joker, then yes. NT by Fussbett 07/05/2010, 10:07am PDT
    Re: Maybe the worst game in the world by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/10/2010, 8:17pm PDT
        The best APB game is Armed Police Batrider, BTW NT by Fussbett 08/10/2010, 3:09pm PDT
        I can't believe how bad War for Cybertron was, by the way. by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/27/2010, 12:29pm PST
            I made a category called "Fucking Garbage" for precisely this reason. NT by The Happiness Engine 12/27/2010, 6:40pm PST
    Shortest MMO span ever. by Fortinbras 08/13/2010, 8:29pm PDT
        They let go of staff? It must have been very successful. by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/15/2010, 8:53pm PDT
            You forgot the "sue developers" part NT by Randy Pitchford is Bobby Kotick 08/16/2010, 1:58pm PDT
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    Ex-employee leaves angry explaination of how they wasted $100M by ex-RTW 08/21/2010, 6:34pm PDT NT by Servers closing today 09/16/2010, 11:34am PDT
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        "A fantastic journey." NT by Souffle of Pain 09/22/2010, 4:26pm PDT
            Re: "A fantastic journey." by Souffle of Pain 09/22/2010, 4:27pm PDT
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