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Super Mario Galaxy 2 by Rafiki 09/20/2010, 10:39am PDT
So some sites were handing out perfect scores for this game. Those sites are ridiculous. It's a great game, but I wouldn't call it perfect.

Pretty much everything good about the first game is in this one. Yoshi has been added, and while it doesn't provide an amazing new addition, the controls are dead-on so the game doesn't lose anything either. Come to think of it, that's one thing I can say about Nintendo games. I can't think of the last time I ever hated one because it was unplayable. I didn't like Mario Sunshine or Yoshi's Story, but they were just boring.

The game also continues in the correct direction of not really trying to have a story because who cares. You good, dragon bad, turn backflips through a dream world to save the princess. It's fun! Try it.

Maybe I just had my expectations too high, but I was a little underwhelmed by the level design. Can I hold my own expectations against the game? Yes, I'm a jerk. I kind of figured that with the engine and controls and most of the artwork, ET CETERA, already completed that the designers would be able to spend their time experimenting and exploring the limits of the level design. Instead, the last game felt more innovative whereas this one felt more focus-grouped. I guess the first time they were trying to figure out what worked, and then this time they tuned it to customer feedback. Pssh, they running a business or something? It's supposed to be about the ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......TUH. Anyway, this time around there seems to be less emphasis on hurtling through space and running upside-down and all over, and instead playing a more traditional 3D platformer.

The worst part of the game has to be the overuse of those FUCKING minibosses that chase you around on a single tiny planet. I refuse to believe people found these fights so compelling they had to repeat them so many times.

WORST NEW POWER-UP: Cloud Mario. More like Clod Mario. More like Boring Mario. More like Press Pause and Switch to Another Level Mario. Here's how Cloud Mario works: Sometimes the platforms you have to walk on are clouds. You can't do this with Fatty Mario, only Cloud Mario. Walking on clouds is identical to walking on everything else. You don't bounce or sink or anything that might be different or interesting, you can just walk on clouds now. There's no strategy between using Cloud Mario or Fatty Mario. Either you want to finish the level or you don't. Cloud Mario also has the ability to spawn up to 3 cloud platforms whenever you want. Most of the time when you're expected to use this, though, you'll realize you can make the gap with a long jump. So Cloud Mario is basically just a handicap for stupid people. It's not fun and could have been removed and the game would have lost nothing.

BEST NEW POWER UP: Yoshi's chili pepper. I'm partial to the moments where you defy gravity, and the chili pepper lets you run up walls at mach speed.

BEST LEVEL: The Bowser ones are always the best. Maybe they should just make a game with 85 Bowser levels.
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