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500!!! by Hans Clastorp 01/31/2011, 5:15pm PST
Well I finally broke 500 hours in TF2 after a few years of on-and-off play. I'm quite certain it remains the very best multiplayer online game in existence, although to be fair I don't usually even bother with multiplayer modes in shooters, and have never played an MMORPG except for about 10 minutes of the really indescribably shitty APB open beta. Here is reflections on the game upon reaching this important milestone:

- Around 1/3 my playtime is as Demoman, which I played almost exclusively for the first year or so.

- My highest single-round point score is 28 as Soldier, which was achieved fairly recently during a Badwater attack run with myself and another soldier riding the cart and chaining Buff Banners and generally fucking up everything and everyone in our path. My lowest score is Pyro at 15, even though it's my third-most played class.

- I have 70% of the achievements, all organic. I have never grinded (ground?) or joined an idle server for unlox or achievements. I take pride in this fact because it demonstrates a certain amount of maturity, self-control, perspective, etc..

- I've spent about $15 on crate keys. I'm not proud of this. But I also don't begrudge Valve a few extra dollars for providing me with so much free entertainment over the years.

- I only play on 24-man servers with default respawn. Instant respawn is for small children w/o patience or impulse control. I have vastly more faith in Valve's ability to balance the game than I do in random server admins and gripey bitches who complain about having to wait for 6 - 12 seconds. PROTIP: when you're dead, cycling through the spectator cams to get a sense of where your team is can provide valuable strategic intel.

500!!! by Hans Clastorp 01/31/2011, 5:15pm PST NEW
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