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Dragon Age II Demo by Dr M Schadenfreude Von Katze, PhDD 03/08/2011, 7:45am PST
Am I the only one who thought the gameplay was horribly broken? I'm fairly new to this generation of RPGs, my experience with the genre jumps from the early Fallout's and Torment to Bloodlines, then to Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol, Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Now, I think all of those range from fairly manageable to downright beautiful to play. I tried the DA2 demo, though, and I found the combat to be a chaotic nonsense where I would just randomly hit the occasional monster while struggling with the real enemy: The wonky camera that insisted on having me looking at a vast plain of nothingness while all the action took place behind my character's back (or in front of her, but outside the screen anyway).

It felt like the game wanted me to move the character with an analog stick while clicking on stuff with a mouse. Some travesty.

Also, the cleavage on that wizard girl? Are we *still* doing this? In fact, isn't this one of those games that wants to be taken seriously? I'm all for having pretty girls on my games; in fact, give more pretty girls in my games, I say, but COME ON. This is Lara Croft-tackiness we're talking here.

Dragon Age II Demo by Dr M Schadenfreude Von Katze, PhDD 03/08/2011, 7:45am PST
    mmmm, yes i'm going to call fag on this one by bombMexico 03/28/2011, 9:14pm PDT
        I think he also might be a fag because he likes dudes. NT by and the penises of dudes 03/28/2011, 11:16pm PDT
            Varric exaggerating her cup size was intentional. She's much flatter after he's NT by asked to tell the story right 04/01/2011, 11:12pm PDT
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