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Trenched by The Happiness Engine 06/24/2011, 11:24pm PDT
As Brutal Legend was a "first person RTS", Trenched is "first person tower defense." There is a rather insane amount of customization: you can change the chassis (weapon slots, emplacements, armor, speed), legs (special abilities), and clothes (funny hats!). Then load your mech with a variety of weapons and emplacements. You buy/sell/keep copies of each individual weapon, so if you want to use 2 super huge guns you better buy an extra. You're put on a map, waves spawn, you kill them and collect money that you use to make/upgrade emplacements, which you can drop anywhere. Boss battles are just a straightforward shoot the thing and don't die. I'm only a little ways into it, but I am enjoying it. Then again I don't think I've ever disliked a Doublefine game.

Trenched by The Happiness Engine 06/24/2011, 11:24pm PDT NEW
    Renamed to "Iron Brigade" due to crazy Europeans, survival mode, new guns. NT by The Happiness Engine 12/07/2011, 7:54pm PST NEW
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