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Dungeon Defenders by Rafiki 11/01/2011, 12:55pm PDT
3rd person Sanctum + Diablo loot level grindin'.

I liked Sanctum too, but it only had about 5 maps so it got old a week later. Like Sanctum, Dungeon Defenders is a multiplayer tower defense game you can play with up to 4 people. Unlike Sanctum, it's 3rd person, there's 4 classes to choose from with different abilities, and it doesn't have Sanctum's text-to-speech feature which turned out to be a completely awesome idea so long as you play with people that will definitely abuse it but not relentlessly. (who wouldn't want to hear a disembodied robot voice deadpan EIGHT EQUAL SIGN EQUAL SIGN EQUAL SIGN EQUAL SIGN EQUAL SIGN DEE TILDE TILDE TILDE TILDE TILDE TILDE TILDE LAWL. The answer is "everybody," which is why you should spam it.)

Unlike normal tower defense games, most of the classes don't have all towers, but things like barricades, traps, and auras. You're also not confined to building on specific tiles, and enemies don't route around your defenses. They follow their one pre-determined path, and just destroy anything in the way. You can also build new stuff and repair existing things during combat. This is a lot harder than it sounds.

You also gain levels and earn points to customize your character.

Enemies drop weapons and armor Diablo-style all over the level during combat that upgrade you and your defenses.

There's 4 difficulties.

In addition to a bunch of maps, there's a couple of challenge maps with different goals.

It looks like they might be regularly providing content updates. The game was released like 2 weeks ago, and they already pushed down a Halloween patch that added some challenges and new character outfits. I think they're also going to release a patch soon that provides both genders for every class so you can have the prettiest dolly in all the land (armor doesn't affect character appearance, though).

For a simple pick up and play co-op game I like it. Characters only having 4 abilities doesn't really provide a lot of depth so it gets kind of old in that respect. But it's pretty much expected that you participate in combat and repair towers during the match, so with higher difficulties it makes it more frantic and fun than a typical tower defense game where you build defenses and then sit back and wait to see if you'll succeed or not. Hard to know how I'll feel in a month, I could be under the Co-op Effect where anything with co-op is automatically more fun because you're playing with other people. For example, Dead Island would be a boring pile of shit if it were single-player only, but with co-op it merely sucks.
Dungeon Defenders by Rafiki 11/01/2011, 12:55pm PDT NEW
    Pretty fun co-op. Modestly interesting lootquest. by laudablepuss 11/09/2011, 10:14pm PST NEW
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