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Just finished Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition. Random thoughts & spoilerz by Mischief Maker 02/11/2012, 1:08am PST
If I hadn't built my system with Witcher 2 specifically in mind, I'd have been seriously tempted to quit sometime around Chapter 3. WAAAAAAAY too much time spent faffing around in slums and sewers before the game finally kicks into high gear. Worse, really interesting plot developments in the latter part of the game whiz by in a blur and I can't help but wish they'd excised Chapter 2 entirely (especially that stupid fucking detective story) to flesh out the exciting stuff that starts happening at the end of the game. Wait, what? The bad guys can bring dead people back to life as mutant frankensteins? Tell me more... oops, time for the ending! Good thing I spent the longest part of the game getting to know each and every thug and lowlife in the slums who had zero effect on the larger plot driving the game.

The combat system works a million times better in the overhead camera modes than first person.

I meant for my character build to emphasize swords over magic, but once I put enough leftover points into the fire spell I was clearing entire rooms in seconds without even drawing my sword.

Assholes, if you're going to have drawn out "finishing move" animations, don't let the enemies continue to wail on me while I'm doing it. Your life or death hangs on whether the game decides to have you do the quick beheading stroke, or the drawn out, slash knees, slit throat, shake the blood off your blade move.

Ugh! Has there ever been an RPG whose experience was improved by the addition of a limited slot inventory screen? Finding a treasure chest should be fun, not Sophie's Choice!

What a jarring experience when chapter 4 starts and after 20 hours of crawling through sewers and swamps I suddenly find my monitor displaying a magical scene of wonder and fantasy that I would actually want to escape to!

Strange that in a game of universally dismal voice acting they would pick their absolute WORST voice actor to be the singing poet bard. Then again, I can't argue with their instincts to put their best voice actor to work as the relentlessly foul-mouthed fence who was the one bright point of light in that miserable cocksucking chapter 2. Please tell me they change the bard's voice actor in part 2.

That said, once the plot finally kicked into gear, things got interesting, the combat system could easily be turned into something great, and I'm anxiously awaiting my DL of part 2. Player reviews that bitch about part 2 not being as long and "epic" as part 1 are music to my ears. That means more time interfering in conflicts that nations rise and fall over, less time patching up domestic disputes between nobodies who live in the sewers.
Just finished Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition. Random thoughts & spoilerz by Mischief Maker 02/11/2012, 1:08am PST
    All that said, still more fun than any Elder Scrolls game I've ever tried. NT by Mischief Maker 02/11/2012, 1:59pm PST
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