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Massive Assault, Phantom Renaissance by Mischief Maxim 01/04/2013, 8:47am PST
I think there are at least 4 games in the Massive Assault Series, and Massive Assault Network 2 is its current incarnation and the place to be for multiplayer, but Phantom Renaissance is both the cheapest and (reputedly) most singleplayer-oriented title in the series, so that's the one I picked up.

The concept of the Massive Assault games is a turn-based strategy game of slightly broader strategic scope than Advance Wars. The basic game is a "world war" that takes place on a continent divided into several countries of 20-40 hexes each. A third of the countries are neutral, a third are held by the Free Nations Union, and a third are held by the Phantom League. However, only one of your held countries is visible to the enemy at the start of the game, all the rest of them are "secret allies" that appear to be neutral. A country can only produce (finite) resources if there are no enemies on any of its hexes, so the ideal strategy is usually a line of cheap units backed up by heavy artillery. The games signature "move" is flanking one of these formations by revealing a country on an unguarded border to be one of your secret allies and producing a strikeforce to pour in next round to cut off their supplies and take out the artillery. Of course, what if that secret ally you just used was itself bordered by a secret ally of the enemy? etc. etc.

The tactical combat itself is entirely dice-free, in fact you can blow up enemy units and still rewind every move of your turn if you think there was a more efficient method of attack. Units do a certain amount of damage at a certain range and have a certain amount of hit points. A 1-HP enemy is just as damaging as a full-health one. Terrain brings no defensive bonuses, only movement penalties and impassible barriers. You can't move through a hex containing the wreckage of a destroyed unit until 1 round after it dies, so cheapo units will hold the line while you wait for reinforcements to come from overseas, at least until the country's resources run out. Tactical-only scenarios and campaign missions have pretty much zero replay value, but they're basically a collection of tutorials and puzzles to prepare you for "world war" mode anyway.

Graphically it's inconsistent. The units are nice and sharp and blow up in big chunky explosions, but the land textures tend to be muddy and low-res and some of the weapon effects, particularly from the techier phantom league look and sound awful. The music is pretty decent for military videogame music. The writing and voice acting in campaign mode goes beyond awful to David Lynch surreal, like when the main character is introduced to his artillery officer and you hear an ESL programmer proclaim in an energetic monotone, "Hee hee! A dwarf!"

You can buy this game off steam and gamersgate. This game was originally released on disk in the states under the way less cool title "Domination." If you missed it when it hit the shelves you were smart because it shipped with a box full of AIDS, as well as Starforce copy protection. I bought it off gamersgate and can't find any trace of Starforce on my machine, so I assume it's now clean. Be warned that the multiplayer in this version is non-functional so if you weren't looking for a singleplayer strategy game, play Massive Assault Network 2, instead.
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