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Quick breakdown and analysis of Kamiya/Kotaku twitter War by Worm 01/09/2013, 11:05pm PST
Hideki Kamiya(@PG_kamiya) decided to -- for some reason -- to reply to every fucking tweet he receives now. This led to a question about Valve where he responded that he didn't know much about them and had no interest in PC Gaming (

Since PC gaming is the most important thing ever Kotaku took time to try to leech hits off someone else's marketing explain the Japanese perspective on PC gaming as if it's wildly different from our own (

They used the word clueless which Kamiya I guess took as an insult, or who knows really the guy literally is tweeting at superhuman speed. So when he's tweeted about the article he calls Kotaku douchebags, this is completely factual, they are douchebags (

Luke Plunkett(@LukePlunkett) incredulous that someone could find issue with these 600 great words of hard hitting journalism -- which totally weren't written by some Skynet ultra computer that writes about whatever is trending -- asks if Kamiya read the article (

Kamiya asks Luke if he eats shit (

Luke assures he wasn't being a smarmy little shit with that line and states again that these are 600 really well written words (

Kamiya says that characterizing his whole nation with his tweets is inaccurate, or declares himself Emperor of Japan I can't tell (

Why is this exchange great? Well, first of all I think Rock Star egos are something gaming needs again. Secondly he treats Kotaku like the shitlords they are right from the beginning, absolute fucking contempt. Finally, the beauty in directly equating reading Kotaku with eating shit, because it really is eating shit when you read that awful fucking website.
Quick breakdown and analysis of Kamiya/Kotaku twitter War by Worm 01/09/2013, 11:05pm PST NEW
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