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More complaints about single-player (you can skip this post) by Jerry Whorebach 12/09/2013, 7:36am PST
They took out the endurance races that were in Forza 2. There are literally hundreds of races in Forza 4, and not ONE of them is long enough for tire wear to become a factor. Who cares how good their fucking tire damage simulation is if I can't actually use it?! What's worse, Forza 4 includes all the functionality to create custom races to your own specifications - complete with CPU opponents - but it's officially considered a part of multiplayer, and locked behind the Live Gold paywall. Disgusting shit like that is why I will never, ever pay for Xbox Live.

Another problem with the very short races in Forza 4: they don't give you enough time to reach the front of the pack unless you drive like an asshole or show up in an overpowered car. This is why Forza 2 allowed you to run a qualifying lap to determine your position in the starting grid - a realistic, skill-based mechanic that gave competent drivers the chance to enjoy closer competition. Forza 4 no longer includes qualifying laps; instead, your grid position is based solely on your FUCKING DRIVER LEVEL. Want a better starting position? Grind a hundred hours. Grind a hundred hours and you always win.

There is an achievement that requires owning a Kinect. There are ten achievements that require purchasing DLC. There are no achievements that require raising the difficulty above the very easiest setting.
This is so much better than GT3 by Entropy Stew 10/07/2011, 11:22pm PDT
    Christ, you weren't kidding. by Jerry Whorebach 10/10/2011, 7:37am PDT
        It's worth buying a steering wheel for :( NT by Entropy Stew 10/10/2011, 10:52am PDT
    I've been playing the copy of this that came with my most recent 360. by Jerry Whorebach 12/09/2013, 3:33am PST
        More complaints about single-player (you can skip this post) by Jerry Whorebach 12/09/2013, 7:36am PST
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